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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan, 2015-2018 (PDF)

Mission Rod Library empowers and inspires our community to discover, imagine, create, and innovate.

Vision Rod Library aspires to be the best comprehensive university library in the country.

ValuesStudent Success   •   Flexibility   •   Intellectual Freedom   •   Diversity   •   Information Literacy   •   Collaboration

Strategic Goals

Provide excellent user experience.
  • Provide high quality services.
  • Provide access.
  • Provide flexible spaces.
  • Provide user-friendly technology.
Spark student success.
  • Promote discovery and diversity. Stimulate imagination.
  • Provide services, resources, and spaces.
  • Promote learning and mastery.
Become a learning organization.
  • Develop a supportive learning environment.
  • Implement concrete learning processes and practices.
  • Reinforce learning through leadership and holistic thinking.
Advocate for Rod Library.
  • Enhance public relations.
  • Continue and expand outreach.
  • Engage in fundraising.