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Changes to Kanopy Streaming Video Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

We’ve been using Kanopy as our streaming video service for 2 years. Everyone who uses it—faculty, students, staff—loves it. It makes thousands of videos available. Unfortunately, unlimited access is not a sustainable model here at UNI. Moving to mediated access is being adopted across academic libraries nationally.

Kanopy at UNI will change beginning on May 11th, 2019:

The day after spring semester ends, we’ll move from unlimited Kanopy access to the mediated Kanopy model. Under the mediated access, you’ll only see the video titles in our Library catalog that we are currently licensing. You and your students can watch any of those for free. 

If you have a specific title in mind that does not appear in the Library catalog, go to OneSearch! and type Kanopy in the search box, which will provide you with a link to Kanopy’s full catalog. 

Or, you can search the internet for When you find a video in their catalog, click on it and a request form will appear. Any staff, faculty, or student can fill out the request form. The completed form comes to the Library Resource Management Unit where each request will be evaluated for purchase. 

The highest priority will be given to those videos that are essential to supporting the curriculum. Once approved for purchase videos will be available for 12 months from the date they are licensed. Access to those of ongoing interest can be extended, funds permitting. Users are encouraged to explore our DVD, Blu-ray, and other resources to accommodate this change.

If you need one or two specific titles in Kanopy for a course you’re teaching in the 2019 summer sessions, contact the Resource Management Unit directly ASAP with the title and the dates you plan to assign it to your students. In the future, if you ask your students to view films of their choice, please direct them to view our licensed titles rather than request new titles.  If you need a video after the 2019 summer sessions, please contact the Library Resource Management Unit at least two weeks in advance so that we can purchase and provide access to the video.  

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact the Library Resource Management Unit.

Katherine F. Martin
Interim Dean of Library Services

April 15, 2019

Career Titles to be Deselected

The Career Collection, located on Rod Library’s main floor in the northwest section, provides current information about occupations, employment trends, job hunting, and resume writing.  I also purchase eBooks on these topics and link to online job banks.  Each year I update the Career Collection with new resources, funds permitting.  Periodically I review titles in the Career Collection and transfer the older titles to the Stacks or deselect them.  This keeps vital and up-to-date the Career Collection Circulating section (523 titles) and Career Collection Reference section (85 titles with a series of approximately 400 booklets on traditional and unique careers).   

This year I have identified a total of 34 titles which I recommend deselecting.  There are two primary reasons: Rod Library has acquired or links to a newer edition or similar title, or the title is so outdated to be inaccurate.  Additional information about the Career Collection and online employment resources are available in the Career Collection LibGuide ( and in the Career Information & Job Banks LibGuide (   

Barb Weeg, Career Collection Librarian and Collection Strategist Librarian


Career Titles to be Deselected (spreadsheet)


The Collections component includes several Collection Strategist Librarians and support staff.  They are responsible for the selection of resources in all formats; management of the recurring materials budget and other funds, collection assessment and shaping of the collections and resources made available to the University community; preparation of reports on library resources and services in support of self-studies and accreditation reviews, and pursuit of cooperative collection development projects with other colleges and universities.

To identify the Collection Strategists for a particular subject area, please see: 

Collection Strategists

Questions about collections policies and procedures, and support for program and accreditation reviews, may be directed to Katherine Martin, Interim Associate University Librarian for Content Discovery.

Indexes & Abstracts to be deselected

The space for physical library materials is at or near full capacity.  In order to allow for growth in certain areas chosen, the library is planning to deselect a number of indexes and abstracts.  These indexes and abstracts were based on low/no internal or external use within the last five years.  We have retained indexes and abstracts, such as Chemical Abstracts and Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, that are used by classes regularly. You can review short brief title lists of candidates for deselection below. Please let us know by Friday, May 3rd if you have any concerns.  If you wish to view the physical titles, please stop at the Library Services desk on the main (2nd) floor of the library and they will assist you in accessing the titles. 

Indexes & Abstracts Title List

Current Contents Title List

Elsevier Updates

Changes in Elsevier Journals

Changes in Journal Subscriptions

With a static materials budget and competing resource needs, Rod Library has decided to reduce our commitment to Elsevier journals. We have ended our participation in a joint agreement with the other Regent libraries through which we provided access to the journal package known as ScienceDirect Freedom Collection. As a result, the Library will no longer be able to provide direct access to a significant number of journals. The Library has also reviewed active subscriptions to individual Elsevier journals and made changes accordingly, as outlined below.

Specific Details and Lists of Affected Titles

Taking into consideration factors such as cost per use and patterns in article retrievals over the last five years, the Library has cancelled subscriptions to 90 titles with the 2018 volume, at a combined savings of over $209,000.00; these titles are listed here. Content from these titles will remain available from 1995 (or the date they were first published by Elsevier) through 2017.

There are 57 Elsevier journals to which the Library is maintaining individual subscriptions, with access back to the 1995 volume (or the initial publication date if
later); these are listed here.

The Library has initiated new subscriptions, beginning with the 2018 volume, to 13 additional high-use titles that have been accessible only through the Freedom Collection in the past. A list of these titles is found here.

Some ScienceDirect journals include open access content. These articles can be identified and accessed at

Title Changes

In the process of reviewing the content of the ScienceDirect Freedom Collection and assessing input provided through the faculty survey conducted in April 2017, the Library identified a number of titles that have experienced changes in publisher or that, while remaining Elsevier publications, have undergone title changes. This information may be useful to you in conducting research. Those that have had a recent change in title are listed here.   Titles that are no longer published by Elsevier are listed here.

E-mail alerts or SDIs (Selective Dissemination of Information). 

Elsevier does have e-mail or SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information) capability. E-mail alerts enable you to receive e-mail notifications when new issues of journals you have selected (journal alert), articles by specified authors (author alert), or articles on a subject of interest (topic alert), are published.  

To receive these types of messages create an account with Elsevier and provide an email address.  When trying this function, you may want to start with a limited number of journal titles, authors or topics to evaluate the volume of alerts you receive over time. 

For more information on how to get started Elsevier has created a 5-minute tutorial about this function at

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