Audio-Visual Materials Policy


Audio-visual materials are collected in accord with selection criteria that also are applied to print and other forms of non-print material. In addition, attention is given to the technical quality of the product and the current or planned availability of the necessary equipment to utilize these resources.

The library's holdings include audio recordings, filmstrips and filmstrip kits, DVDs, videocassettes, and slides. Audio-visual materials are acquired with funds allocated to firm order subject lines, the Fine & Performing Arts Collection non-print fund, and the Youth Collection fund. Gifts of audio-visuals also are accepted as appropriate.

This policy does not apply to the audio-visual holdings of Special Collections and University Archives. These collections include materials in diverse formats, including phonodiscs, audio cassettes, tape recordings, wax cylinders, video cassettes, films, and slides.

Audio Recordings

The library maintains an extensive collection of music audio recordings in the Fine and Performing Arts Collection. The present format of choice is the compact disc although LPs also ae collected.  Audio cassettes are not acquired.  Acquisition of new titles is funded through a non-print line in the materials budget. Details about scope and focus of the collection appear in the Fine and Performing Arts Collection policy statement.

Policy on Spoken Word Audio Recordings

The Library maintains a selection of spoken word recordings in support of curricular and research needs of the University community. These materials also may support the particular needs of individuals with disabilities. The spoken word recordings include recordings of authors reading from their own works, literary classics, dramatizations, speeches and debates, interviews with prominent individuals, TOEFL materials, and sound effects. The Library does not seek to duplicate the breadth and depth of the print collection in this format. Acquisition of spoken word recordings occurs at the discretion of the Collection Strategist Librarians, and is governed by the larger Collection Management Policy.

A small collection of audio recordings for children and young adults is maintained by the Youth Collection. This is a static collection.

Filmstrips and Filmstrip Kits

The library's holdings of filmstrips and filmstrip kits are limited to representative children's and youth titles. The collection is maintained by the Youth Collection. New acquisitions are made on a selective basis, and are funded through the Youth allocation. Details about the focus of the collection are included in the Youth Collection policy statement. Larger collections of filmstrips and filmstrip kits are available in the HNI Corporation Instructional Resources and Technology Services (IRTS), within the College of Education and the Center for Educational Technology.

Video Collection Management Policy

The Rod Library acquires materials in video formats in support of the instructional, research, and informational needs of the faculty, staff, and students of the University of Northern Iowa. The selection and acquisition of materials in video formats are governed by the principles of the Library’s larger Collection Management Policy. Development of the video collection is the responsibility of the Collection Strategist Librarians. 

A collection of locally produced videos of ongoing interest that meet criteria outlined in that unit’s collection management policy is maintained in Special Collections and University Archives. The Library also has focused collections of video interpretations of American and British fiction of the 19th and 20th centuries, the development of which has been supported by the Hovet Library Multimedia Endowment Fund, and of movies and documentaries on the Holocaust, the acquisition of which is funded in part by the Holocaust Curriculum Fund.

With the exception of the holdings in Special Collections and University Archives, priority in collection building is given to materials in easily accessible, contemporary formats. The Library acquires only commercially produced videos that meet current copyright restrictions. Performance licenses are acquired on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the Collection Strategist Librarian. The Library acquires closed captioned titles wherever possible. Equipment and related technical considerations are taken into account in the selection and acquisition processes. The existing collection includes titles in a variety of formats, including DVD, Blu-ray, VHS, Beta, and 3/4 " videos, and 16mm films.

In addition to physical holdings the Library subscribes to the Ambrose Video 2.0 and the Kanopy  video streaming services.


Revised December 2000, August 2002, September 2009, March 2018

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