Duplication of Formats and Periodical Titles

Rod Library provides access to periodicals in electronic format under several circumstances. These include the bundling of electronic access with an established print subscription, the availability of electronic access through an Internet provider or service as a result of the Library’s having a print subscription (e.g., Ingenta), the selection of electronic rather than print format for reasons of cost, and the licensing of packages of electronic journals. Providing access to periodicals in electronic format allows for simultaneous, multiple uses of the same issue or article, and supports remote access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from offices and dorms, and off-campus locations. It is an important component of a successful distance education program.

Under ordinary circumstances, Rod Library will subscribe to a periodical title in both print and electronic formats only when:

  1. the two formats are packaged and priced as a single entity by the publisher or vendor (print can be discarded at the discretion of the bibliographer);
  2. access to the electronic format is dependent on a print subscription (print can be discarded at the discretion of the bibliographer);
  3. the electronic format lacks features that are part of the print format, such as high-quality graphics;
  4. licensing restrictions limit access to, and use of, the electronic format in ways deemed to be detrimental to study, instruction, and research;
  5. the print format is needed for archival purposes, i.e., the Library has no ongoing rights to access the electronic format should a subscription be canceled;
  6. the look and feel of the print format are perceived to be critical to research (e.g., placement of articles in particular locations in newspapers); or
  7. the Collection Strategist Librarian believes that continued access to the print format is justified at the request of the teaching faculty.

Prepared by the Periodical Oversight Committee, November 2002
Endorsed by the Bibliographers’ Council, November 12, 2002;  Rev. March 2018

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