Special Legal and Policy Requirements


In developing and maintaining its collections, the library observes the applicable rules and regulations of the University of Northern Iowa and the State of Iowa. Guidelines that cover particular areas of concern are outlined below.

Fund-raising and Gifts

The Office of Development serves as the coordinating agency for all fund-raising and soliciting of funds in the name of the University of Northern Iowa. All grant applications prepared and submitted by the library must be approved by the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations in the Development Office and the Grants & Contracts Administrator in the Graduate College. Solicitation of gifts and grants from private sources requires the prior approval of the Vice President for Development.

All funds made available for materials acquisition from non-university sources are administered by the UNI Foundation. Encumbrances and expenditures against these funds are tracked separately from those made against the regular library materials budget. Unsolicited gifts in kind and gifts of funds for library materials are reported to the Director for Special Gifts & Assistant Vice-President of Development.

Materials Purchasing

The library will purchase materials directly from individuals (privately published titles, out-of-print material) when necessary. Library materials may be purchased from university employees only under guidelines governing conflicts of interest of Board of Regents employees (University of Northern Iowa Policies and Procedures Manual, p. 41-A-1).


Photocopies of works unavailable for purchase are made for the purpose of adding the title to the library's collections only when it can be determined that the title is not covered by copyright restrictions or when express permission to produce a copy for this purpose is obtained from the publisher or other copyright holder.

Disposition of Withdrawn Materials

Disposition of materials withdrawn from the collection is governed by university policies. Ownership of all property resides with the university (state of Iowa) regardless of how the property was obtained or the source of funds utilized for its acquisition. Departments are prohibited from conducting their own sales of surplus property. (University Policies and Procedures Manual, pp. 97-B-1 - B-4). Withdrawn materials ordinarily are not given to individuals although they may be transferred to other university departments and offices with the approval of the Head of Collection Management and Special Services.

License Agreements

The library abides by all license agreements governing use of materials acquired in electronic format, including payment of simultaneous use fees for titles accessible through the campus network and remote access.

Depository Collections

The library abides by all legal restrictions on the use and disposition of depository materials received from the federal (United States) and state (Iowa) governments. These requirements are outlined in the Documents and Maps Collection policy statement.

Revised December 2000

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