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Materials Gifts for Special Collections

Policies and procedures for handling materials gifts to Special Collections will follow the general library policies and procedures for processing of materials gifts with the variations and exceptions noted below.

The Special Collections Librarian and University Archivist (hereinafter referred to as the Special Collections Librarian) may solicit, negotiate for, and accept materials gifts to Special Collections without the prior approval of the Head of the Collection Management and Special Services Department or other library administrators if all of the following conditions are met:

1. The gift meets the criteria set forth in the Collection Management Policy;

2. The gift has an estimated monetary value of less than $500;

3. The gift will demand a minor expenditure of resources for processing.

If a gift does not meet all the criteria noted above, the Special Collections Librarian will consult with the Head of Collection Management and Special Services and other appropriate administrators before taking any action.

In certain situations, the Special Collections Librarian, library administrators, donors, and other interested parties will execute a formal deed of gift (sample attached) to record a donation transaction. Situations which may require a formal deed of gift might include:

1. Collections of great monetary value;

2. Collections whose ownership or conveyance might be questioned;

3. Collections (such as literary manuscripts) in which ownership of copyright may be a significant factor;

4. Collections which are to be used under restricted conditions.

All restrictions, conditions, or limitations on the acquisition, use, or disposal of the material should be included in the deed of gift.

Materials which are judged to be inappropriate for Special Collections will be forwarded, with information on donor restrictions, to the Head of Collection Management and Special Services for consideration by subject bibliographers.

Materials gifts to Special Collections will generally be received by Special Collections staff and housed in Special Collections areas while they await processing.

The Special Collections Librarian will acknowledge in writing all materials gifts to Special Collections. The Dean of Library Services will also sign that acknowledgment or prepare a letter of his or her own when appropriate. Copies of these letters will be forwarded to the Advancement Office and kept on file in Special Collections.

Special Collections staff will maintain a donor file of relevant correspondence, documentation, evaluation, and other information about donors and potential donors of materials gifts to Special Collections.

For ethical and legal reasons, the Special Collections Librarian may not offer a monetary appraisal to donors or potential donors of materials gifts to UNI. The librarian may, however, point out to interested parties where such information is likely to be found. For internal purposes, such as insurance coverage or annual gift statistics, the librarian may furnish to library administrators or to appropriate university departments either a simple page and volume count or a more precise evaluation of materials gifts.

UNI records, including student and faculty organization material, are generally considered transfers rather than gifts when they are added to Special Collections. The Special Collections Librarian will acknowledge such additions and maintain a file on those transactions.

G. Peterson

February 1992

Updated March 1999

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