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Replacement Copies

When a physical piece such as a book, periodical, map, or DVD in the Library collection is lost or damaged beyond local repair, the title is brought to the attention of the appropriate Collection Strategist Librarian, who decides whether or not to seek to acquire a replacement copy. Exact textual replacements ordinarily are acquired when available. Reprints are acquired when cost and the quality of the copy and binding meet Library standards. New or revised editions may be preferred in some instances. Titles that are not available for purchase may be placed in protective custom-made boxes. When an item is out of copyright and a physical replacement is not available at a reasonable cost, it may be digitized either in-house or by a commercial service.

In obtaining replacement of library materials, changes may be made in format if necessary, particularly in the case of periodical volumes. The Library attempts to avoid acquiring high-use titles in microform and to minimize frequent format changes in serial backsets.

Replacement Fund

Replacement copies ordinarily are charged to a Replacement Fund derived from billings for lost or mutilated materials. A Collection Strategist Librarian may choose, however, to use subject funds for this purpose. Preservation photocopies and titles acquired on the out-of-print market also are charged to the Replacement Fund, as are custom-made boxes and digitization charges. The Resource Management Coordinator also may make special allocations of replacement funds to rebuild the collection with like materials when holdings in a particular discipline or topical area have been heavily depleted by loss or mutilation.

Revised July 2011, March 2018

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