Youth Historical Collection Policy

The collection of historical children’s books in the Youth Collection has been designed to support the study of children’s and young adult literature from the past; the development of instructional units based on historical periods, e.g., pioneer times; and research in the origins and variants of classic stories for children. The collection is representative of past publications. It is not intended to be comprehensive or exhaustive, nor is there an emphasis on collecting materials for the sake of their high monetary value.


Criteria for selection include items not already in the Historical Collection that (1) were originally published thirty or more years ago, (2) appear in major professional resources on the history of children’s literature, and (3) appear to be in reasonably good condition, e.g. no missing pages, excessive pencil or crayola marks. Some wear is expected. Anthologies and reprints are acceptable. No attempt will be made to include complete runs of serials or to collect imprints from specific countries or cultures. However, it is anticipated that the majority of the collection will be written in the English language and of American or British origin. No textbooks will be included other than several of the major basal reader series, e.g., Dick and Jane. Total runs of the Newbery and Caldecott Award books are located in a separate collection, and will not be duplicated.


If limited shelving space becomes a factor, the Youth Services Librarian will determine which materials meeting the criteria will be added or removed from the collection, seeking to maintain balance. Gifts will be accepted with the understanding that items may or may not be placed in the Historical Collection. Some items may be more suitably located in the general library collection, and some may not be included at all. Withdrawn materials in good condition that have some continuing value may be transferred on request to other campus departments and offices or sent to other approved state agencies.  


The Historical Collection may be accessed by asking one of the staff in the Youth Collection to unlock the appropriate case(s). The collection is non-circulating, but on occasion special permission to circulate is granted by the Youth Collection Librarian if the request is justified, e.g. a class presentation. Most materials may be photocopied or scanned subject to copyright law and the condition of the material.


Lucille Lettow, Youth Collection Librarian

February 25, 2005

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