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Video Collection Procedures and Policies

In May 1999, the collection of videotapes in VHS format maintained by Information Technology Services for use by University faculty and staff was transferred to Rod Library, along with titles in 16mm, Beta, and 3/4" video formats. On September 27, 1999, Library staff began transferring these videos to locked GemTrac storage cabinets located opposite the MultiService Center on the first floor of the Library. In addition, some videos acquired with Library funds and previously located in the Art & Music or Youth collections were relocated to these cabinets. (Videos directly related to the focus of the Art & Music Collection or the Youth Collection remain there.)

Bibliographic records for the videos in this first floor location appear in UNISTAR, the online library catalog, with the location of "UNI Multi Serv Ctr."  Policies and procedures relating to use of this collection are summarized below. These statements do not apply to videos located in the Art and Music Collection or the Youth Collection for which loan rules and other policies regarding their use may differ.


Videotapes with a location of UNI Multi Serv Ctr circulate to University faculty, staff, and students, and to both related and non-related visitors. Titles may be booked (reserved in advance for use on specific dates). Circulation and booking requests are handled in the order received - on a first-come, first-served basis.  If a patron wishes to check out or "book" a video for which s/he knows the title and call number, the patron should go to the Library's MultiService Center on the first floor. If the patron knows of a video title which has not yet been cataloged and which s/he wishes to check out or "book," the patron should also go to the MultiService Center to ask for that item. Supervisors at the Library Services on the main floor may also be able to assist a patron with booking videos. Assistance in identifying videos, and confirming their availability in the collection, will continue to be offered at the Reference Desk on the main floor.

Loan Rules

The loan period for videos for all categories of patrons is one week (7 days); however, titles will circulate to ICN students for 2 weeks (14 days). A title which has been booked will not be available for circulation during the 24 hours prior to the booking date. Videos may be renewed for one week. If the video is booked, the renewal will be blocked or shortened so that the title will not be in circulation during the 24 hours prior to the booking date. All titles must be picked up in the Library; there is no delivery service available. The Library reserves the right to designate selected titles non-circulating.


Fines for overdue videotapes are set at $5.00 a day. Fines accrue for a maximum of 7 days.

Replacement Charges

The replacement fee for each lost or irreparably damaged video is $75.00.


The return of videotapes to the Library book drop is strongly discouraged. The patron assumes full responsibility for any videotape deposited in the book drop. If it is damaged, a fine will be charged.


Videotapes may be placed on reserve for 3-hour, 3-hour building use, and 3-day loan periods. Library-owned videotapes, as well as personal copies, may be placed on reserve at the MultiService Center. No videos rented from commercial sources may be placed on reserve. The Library may decline to place a video on reserve if it judges that its use in this manner is not permissible under current copyright law. Titles which circulate for 3 hours are subject to a $1.00/hour fine if overdue. Titles which circulate for 3 days are subject to a $5.00/day fine if overdue.

If rights permit, a Library-owned video may be made available over the campus video streamer, which is administered by ITS. All arrangements for streaming of Library-owned videos are handled through the MultiService Center.

Policies related to loan rules, fines, replacement charges, returns, and reserve use were first communicated to University faculty and staff via e-mail from the Dean of Library Services on August 6, 1999. The availability of videos in the Multi Serv Ctr location, and instructions for seeking assistance in borrowing and booking videos were communicated to University faculty and staff via an e-mail message of September 27, 1999; this latter message reiterated the policies outlined in the e-mail of August 6th.

Fall 1999; Revised February 2005

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