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F. E. Fuller

April 21, 1947

To the Members of the Faculty:

Mr. F. E. Fuller, Assistant Professor of Natural Science, Emeritus, of the Extension Service, a member of the faculty of this college since 1917, passed away Friday evening, April 18, 1947.  Funeral services will be held at 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 22, at the First Presbyterian Church of this city.  Burial will be in Fairview Cemetery.

Any member of the staff who wishes to attend the funeral may do so by making arrangements with his administrative head.  Any student who wishes to attend the funeral service may be excused from attendance at his 1:05 and 2:05 p.m. classes on Tuesday afternoon.

The flag will be carried at half mast during the half day when the funeral occurs and the Campanile will be played at four o'clock that afternoon as an expression of respect for the long period of service rendered so loyally and devotedly by Mr. Fuller.

Please make an announcement of these facts to your students.

Thanking you, I am

Very sincerely yours,

Malcolm Price, President.

Minutes of the Senate
May 12, 1947
Docket No. 422

Dr. M. J. Nelson called upon Mr. Irving H. Hart as chairman of a committee to present resolutions regarding our former colleague, Mr. F. E. Fuller.  Mr. Hart read the following resolutions:

In the sermon delivered at the services held in memory of F. E, Fuller, Dr. W. F. Wills, pastor of the Cedar Falls Presbyterian Church, said, "Let us note that when people assemble, as we have today, it is not because someone has died, but because he has lived, and loved, and labored, and brought forth good fruit.  That which is true, worthy, right, pure, and of good report, we shall think on these things today, and give thanks to God."

"True, worthy, right, pure, and of good report."  We do think of the characteristics suggested by these words as we look back over the thirty years of service which Mr. Fuller gave to this college.  He graduated from Albion College, Michigan, in 1902 and began his teaching career as Principal of the Alton (Iowa) High School in the fall of that year.  In 1903, he became Superintendent of the Alton schools, and, in 1907, was elected County Superintendent of Sioux County, Iowa, a position which he held for ten years.  As County Superintendent, he won statewide recognition for his outstanding success in organizing boys' and girls ' club work.  In 1917, he was called to become a member of the Department of Rural Education in the Iowa State Teachers College, with particular responsibility as supervisor of club work in the affiliated rural schools.  He was transferred to the Extension Service in 1922 and for nearly twenty-five years thereafter he worked with teachers in the elementary schools of Iowa, chiefly in the improvement of instruction in Geography.  For seven years, from 1924 to 1930, inclusive, he was a director of branch summer schools.

In 1935, he received the degree of Master of Science from the Iowa State College (Ames).  His master's thesis was concerned with a detailed plan for the district reorganization of rural elementary education in Black Hawk County (Iowa), a plan which still stands as a model for future realization.

During the period of his service as County Superintendent, Mr. Fuller was Chairman of the Executive Committee and, later, President of the Northwest Iowa Teachers Association.

No such summary of objective facts can give us the measure of a man.  F. E. Fuller lived a life of service to the teachers and pupils of the Iowa schools, the influence of which was always uplifting, not alone in its educational aspects, but in his example of living always in accord with the highest standards of truth, worth, rectitude, purity, and relationship to his associates

May 12, 1947
J. B. Paul
Irving H. Hart
A. C. Fuller

It was moved by Mr. Hart and seconded by Mr. Sutton that the tribute to Mr. Fuller should be placed upon the minutes of the faculty and a copy sent to Mrs. Fuller.



F. E. Fuller passes

F. E. Fuller, a member of the Teachers College faculty since 1917, died April 18, 1947, at the age of 71.  He had been an assistant professor of natural sciences in the Extension Service, retiring in 1946 with emeritus standing.

Born in Battle Creek, Michigan, he received his B. A. degree from Albion College, Albion, Michigan, and his M. S. degree from Iowa State College.

He is survived by his wife and one son, Murrey, an instructor at Iowa State College; one brother, John E. Fuller of Albion, Michigan; and two sisters, Inez L. Fuller of Washington, D. C., and Mrs Elwood Smoll of Wichita, Kansas.  One son, John, died in 1944 while serving with the armed forces.

Adapted from an article in The Alumnus, volume 31, number 2 (April 1947), page 8.

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