Joseph H. Gamet

Student Health Service Director

February 17, 1955
To Members of the Faculty:

Dr. Joseph H. Gamet, Director, Student Health Service, passed away this morning, February 17, 1955, at St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester, Minnesota. We are saddened by this information. He was a very capable and respected member of the college staff.

Dr. Gamet came to Iowa State Teachers College as Student Health Director on July 5, 1949. Prior to his service here, he was a general practitioner from 1929 through 1939 in Illinois, served in the U. S. Army Medical Corps from 1939 through 1946; and from 1946 through 1949 was a member of the Pember Clinic as ophthalmologist at Janesville, Wisconsin.

Survivors beside Mrs. Gamet are Mrs. Joann Giltner, John, Mary Lou, and Betsy.

We've had no information relative to funeral services. Please read the local newspaper for details. Any staff member who wishes to attend these services may do so by making arrangements with his administrative head.

The flag will be carried at half mast today and again during the day when the funeral occurs. The Campanile will be played the afternoon of the funeral as an expression of respect and admiration for Dr. Gamet.

Sincerely yours,

J. W. Maucker, President.

Minutes of the Faculty Meeting

April 4, 1955

Docket No. 526

Resolution on the death of Dr. Joseph H. Gamet, Director of Student Health Service, Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Dr. Joseph H. Gamet, Director of Student Health Service, passed away at Rochester, Minnesota, February 17, 1955. In his death we have lost a capable and respected member of the college staff.

Coming to Iowa State Teachers College in July 1949, Dr. Gamet ministered to the health needs of the college community with a wholesome philosophy of life that manifested reverence for God and man. In his personal relationships with members of the student body and staff, he revealed the essential dignity of the medical profession tempered with an attractive sense of humor. He served us well.

Dr. Gamet was born in Chicago, Illinois, where he received all his education. He was a graduate of Crane Junior College and of the School of Medicine of Loyola University. While in Chicago he met and married Mrs. Gamet.

He was a general medical practitioner in Illinois from 1929 to 1939. He served in the U. S. Army Medical Corps from 1939 to 1946. From 1946 to 1949 he was a member of the Pember Clinic in Janesville, Wisconsin, serving also as Director of the County Public Health Association.

As one who loved life and enjoyed all of its possibilities to the fullest, he brought that kind of spirit into all of his associations. We have lost a skilled hand and a great heart. During the last years of his life, because of a serious heart condition, courage was a great factor In Dr. Gamet's daily routine. This was not the least of his gifts to others.

Be it resolved that we honor the memory of this our colleague and that a copy of this resolution be placed on the records of the Iowa State Teachers College and a copy sent to the family, expressing our gratitude for the life and service of this man.

By: Valiant French, M.D.
Philip Jennings
Harold E. Bernhard

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