1974 National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education Review

Collection Overview

Title: 1974 National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education Review

Record Series: 13/01/01

Creator: UNI

Date: 1974

Extent: 2.08 linear feet, 3 boxes

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: This material is entirely in English.

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Historical Note

Professor Waack gave the boxes to the Special Collections in the spring of 1999.

Scope and Content

This series contains materials collected by William Waack and others to prepare for the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) review of 1974. 


Box 1

Exhibit A-College of Education Organizational Chart

Exhibit A1-Faculty Publications, College of Education

Exhibit A2-Professional Development Leaves

Exhibit A3-Faculty Research and Curriculum Development

Exhibit A5-Faculty Workload Study, September 1972

Exhibit A6-The Effectiveness of College-Level Instruction in Freshman Composition

Exhibit A7-Research Project/Establishing Course Requirements for Departmental Majors

Exhibit A8-Campus Environment Studies

Exhibit A9-Graduates Evaluate State College of Iowa, 1964, Report #106

Exhibit A10-Sophomore-Senior Testing Program, 1965, Report #109

Exhibit A11-Sophomore-Senior Testing Program, 1965-1966, Report #115

Exhibit A12-Sophomore Testing Program, 1968, Report #122

Exhibit A13-Grade Point Study, 1967-1968, Report #123

Exhibit A14-Evaluation of UNI Curricular and Instructional Programs by Graduate Seniors, 1967-1968, Report #124

Exhibit A15-Senior Testing Program, 1969, Report #125

Exhibit A16-Predictive Measures and College Achievement, Report #126

Exhibit A17-Classroom Achievement

Exhibit A18- Study of the Entering Class of Undergraduates, Report # 136

Exhibit of Asymmetry on a Procedure for Assigning Letter Marks, Report # 138

Exhibit A20- Some Effects of Differential Option Weights on a Classroom Achievement Multiple-Choice Test, Report # 139

Exhibit A21-Central State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) Report of 17th Annual Planning Conference

Exhibit A22- Fringe Benefits, 1968, CSCU #27

Exhibit A23- Non-Faculty Personnel, 1971, CSCU #36

Exhibit A24- Curricular Offerings, 1971, CSCU #43

Exhibit A25-The Library, 1971, CSCU #41

Exhibit A26-Instructional Load Volume I and Volume II, 1972, CSCU #46

Exhibit A27-Current Expenditures Budget, 1973-1974, CSCU #47

Exhibit A28-Continuing Education and Field Services, CSCU 1974

Exhibit A29-Student Financial Resources, 1968

Exhibit B1-Organization and Management of the Graduate Program

Exhibit B2-The Graduate Student in Professional Education

Exhibit B3-Graduate Faculty

Exhibit B4-Specialist Program/Characteristics of Individuals Admitted

Exhibit B5-Doctoral Program:  Studies and Proposals

Exhibit B6-Graduate Follow-up, Department of School Administration and Personnel Services

Exhibit B7-Graduate Follow-up:  Counselor Education, 1973

Exhibit B8-Graduate Follow-up:  Department of Library Science, 1973

Exhibit B9-Graduate Follow-up:  Department of Physical Education for Women

Exhibit B10-Graduate Follow-up:  Department of Industrial Arts and Technology, 1973   

Exhibit B11-Graduate Follow-up:  Business Education

Exhibit B12-Graduate Students Interviews:  Department of Foreign Languages

Exhibit B13-Agreement for Placement of Intern School Psychologists

Exhibit C-Faculty Manual, 1969

Exhibit C1-Brochures on Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, etc . . . Sponsored By Extension Services

Exhibit C2-Consultant Services

Exhibit C3-Educational Service Publications

Exhibit C4-Off-Campus Classes

Exhibit C5-Conference Scheduled through Extension Service

Exhibit C6-Correspondence Study, 1974-76

Exhibit C7-Educational Media Center Services

Exhibit C8-Educational Media Center Catalog, 1972-73

Exhibit D-Faculty Handbook

Exhibit J-Faculty Promotion and Tenure

Exhibit K-Instructional Costs

Exhibit L-Institutional Cost Comparisons for 1962-63 through 1970-71, Report #132

Exhibit M-Faculty Constitution, Proposed

Exhibit N-Summer Sessions:  Report Comparing 1972 Summer Session with 1973 Summer Session

Exhibit O-An Analysis of Data and Records in the Context of the Admissions Program

Exhibit P-Application Forms

Exhibit R-Doctorate recipients from United States Universities

Exhibit S-Final Report, December 1963

Exhibit S-Appendix to Final Report, December 1963

Exhibit U-Report, Request for Accreditation of Specialist in Education Degree Program, June 1963

Box 2

Exhibit Y-Schedule of Classes, Summer Session, 1974

Exhibit CC-Brochures from Admissions

Exhibit FF-Steps in Teacher Education Program

Exhibit HH-Professional Sequence/Experimental Programs-Probe and Perform

Exhibit JJ-Placement Report for Teacher Education Graduates from Class of 1973

Exhibit KK-Articles Related to the Standing of S.C.I. and U.N.I.

Exhibit LL-Foreign Students in Professional Education

Exhibit MM-The Ungraded Enrollment Program, Report #130

NCATE, 1970's

Evaluation Report, April 14-16, 1970

Original data on the Retention of Students in Teacher Education Part 1, Chapter 2, Section 2

A Profile for the University of Northern Iowa, April 1970

Appendix:  Teacher Education at UNI, April 1970

Basic Institutional Data for UNI, January 1971

Welcome to NCATE Evaluation Team, March 10-13, 1974

Box 3

Spring 1974 Report to NCATE (2 copies)

Appendix to Spring 1974 Report to NCATE (2 copies)

Processing Information

Material processed and finding aid created by Susan Basye, May 1999. Updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, December 2017 and April 2018. Linear Feet updated August 30, 2017.

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