Chassell Family Papers, 1821-1999. 

Collection Overview

Title: Chassell Family Papers, 1821-1999. 

Record Series: 14/04/03

Creator: Olin Chassell, Frances Ella Buckingham Chassell, Clara Chassell Cooper, Laura Chassell Toops, and Joseph Chassell.

Date: 1821-1999

Extent: 7.75 linear feet, 8 boxes.

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, University of Northern Iowa

Language: This material is entirely in English.

Access and Use

Accessing the Collection:

There are no restrictions on the use of this material. Some of the early correspondence is fragile.

Preferred Citation: [Identification of item] in the Chassell Family Papers, 1821-1999 collection, Archives Record Series 14/02/10, [box number], University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

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Historical Note


William Chassell (1829-1910) m. Frances Arabella Jones (1834-1928)

  • Edward Chassell (1858-1928)
  • Norval W. Chassell (1860-1955)
  • Olin Bosworth Chassell (February 2, 1862-March 27, 1944) [See below]
  • Anstiss Arabella (Belle) Chassell (1864-1944) [Never married?]
  • Harry Jones Chassell (1866-1960)
  •         Naomi Chassell
  •         Frances Chassell
  • John Langdon (Langdon) Chassell (1871-1975)
  •         Helen Chassell [died in infancy]
  •         William Chassell [died in infancy]

Front row: Norval, Belle, Edward, and Olin Chassell

Back row: Frances, Harry, Langdon, and William Chassell

Joseph Buckingham (1814-1906) m. Merrilla Lockey (1833-1911)

  • Virginia (Jennie) Buckingham Spensley (1851-1942)
  •         James Spensely, Jr.
  •         Ella Spensley Kolb
  •         Theodosia Spensley Peterson
  •         Merrille Elizabeth Spensley Ripple
  • Albert Buckingham (1853-1923) [Never married?]
  • Joseph H. Buckingham (1856-1890) [Never married?]
  • Frances Ella (Ella) Buckingham (January 13, 1863-May 3, 1951) [See below]
  • William O. Buckingham (1864-1933)
  • Thomas Buckingham (1866-1939)
  • James (Jim) Buckingham (1867-1932)
  •         Hazel Buckingham [died in infancy]
  •         Bessie Buckingham [died in infancy]
  •         Nellie Buckingham Chambers
  •         Helen Buckingham Powell
  •         Clifford J. Buckingham
  •         Albert Buckingham
  • Junietta (Jettie) Buckingham Pratt (1873-1955)
  •         William H. Pratt 
  •         Ella M. Pratt
  •         Herbert W. Pratt 
  •         Joseph J. Pratt, Jr.
  •         Junietta E. Pratt
  •         Francis Edward Pratt
  •         Howard J. Pratt
  •         Elmer Pratt
  •         Helen J. Pratt

Olin Chassell m. Ella Buckingham, September 1, 1891

  • Clara Frances Chassell (March 24, 1893-December 23, 1992) m. Homer Cooper (1877-1953)
  •         Homer Chassell Cooper (1923- 2014) m. Patricia Irvin (1927- 2015) 
  •         Olin B. Cooper (1925-1984)
  • Laura Merrill Chassell (March 24, 1893-February 13, 1995) m. Herbert Toops (1895-1972)
  •         Thorndike Toops (born 1925)
  •         Edward Chassell Toops (1927-2005) 
  •         Marian Toops Abrell (1930-2015)              
  •         Nona Toops Wylie (born 1931)
  •         Laurence Toops (born 1936)
  • Joseph Olin Chassell (June 13,1900-April 17, 1981) m. Ruth Boardman (1902-1942)
  •         Sonya Chassell Wessel (1926-2002)
  •         Anstiss Chassell Nadler (1935-2002)
  •                                                   m. Margot [birth name unknown] (1911-1996)
  •         Karen Chassell Ringwald (born 1943)
  •         Robert J. Chassell (born 1946)

Scope and Content

The Chassell Family Papers, 1821-1999, are comprised of class notebooks, coursework, publications, and other documents detailing the educational training and intellectual output of the Reverend Olin Bosworth Chassell, his wife Frances Ella Buckingham Chassell, and their children, Clara Frances Chassell Cooper, Laura Merrill Chassell Toops, and Joseph O. Chassell.


Click on links for the inventory of each box.

Box 1: Nineteenth-century correspondence, 1821-1899

Box 2: Twentieth-century correspondence, ca. 1900-1955

Box 3: 1) Twentieth-century correspondence, 1956-1999;

           2) Documents, programs, mementos, newspaper clippings, 1878-1967;

           3) Photographs, ca. 1860-ca. 1990

Box 4: 1) Oversized photographs, 1907-1918;

            2) Iowa Methodist, 1913-1919, pamphlet edited by Olin and Ella Chassell

Box 5: Chassell family writings, 1884-1924: Olin Chassell

Box 6: Chassell family writings, 1883-1978: Ella, Clara, and Laura Chassell, and Homer E. Cooper

Box 7: 1) Chassell family writings, 1893-1938: Joseph and Edward Chassell;

            2) Autograph books;

            3) Miscellaneous brochures, articles, programs, etc.

Box 8: Hardin County School News, August 1902-June1906.

Processing Information

Collection processed and finding aid created by Library Associate Dave Hoing. Updated April 2018 (dh). Linear feet updated September 11, 2017. Essay updated September 12, 2017 (dh).

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