Clifford L. Bishop Papers, 1945-1983

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Title: Clifford L. Bishop Papers, 1945-1983

Record Series: 13/03/02/01

Creator: Bishop, Clifford L.

Date: 1945-1983

Extent: 5 boxes (2.085 linear feet)

Repository: Special Collections & University Archives at Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa

Language: Materials entirely in English.

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Historical Note

Dr. Clifford L. Bishop was born November 13, 1911, in Gerard Kansas. He graduated from Rocky Ford High School in Colorado before attending Western State College of Colorado where he received his B.A. degrees in 1935. He then received his M.A. (1938) and Ph.D. in Education (1947) from the University of Denver and the University of Colorado, Boulder, respectively. Additionally, he did advanced study at the University of Minnesota.

Prior to working at ISTC, Bishop served in the Pacific Theatre during World War II and afterwards taught in several public high schools in Colorado. He additionally worked at Northwest Missouri State University as the head of the education department and director of the laboratory school.

Bishop began working at ISTC (now UNI) in 1950 and was head of the Department of Psychology and Education until 1970. His role in that capacity paved the way for the eventual creation of the Schindler Education Center. During his time at ISTC and UNI, Bishop served on numerous university and professional committees. Additionally, he was a member of Kiwanis, Phi Delta Kappa, the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, and the Iowa State Education Association. He was also a charter member of the UNI Credit Union Board of Directors.

Bishop retired from UNI in 1977.


  • Series 1: Articles, Journals, and Magazines
  • Series 2: Administrative Records
  • Series 3: Correspondence
  • Series 4: Miscellaneous

Scope and Content

This collection contains printed and handwritten material related to the career of Clifford L. Bishop. The collection contains several education journals, which were either owned by Bishop or included articles written by Bishop. The collection also consists of various pieces of incoming and outgoing correspondence from Bishop's time as an educator at the State College of Iowa. Most of the educational material he produced focused on the role the teacher played in educating young people and people training to become teachers. In much of his work, Bishop advocated for a firm but nurturing stance to education.

Series 1, Articles, Journals, and Magazines, contains assorted print materials related to Bishop's educational work. A majority of the items contain pieces written by Bishop, ranging from articles, to recommendations, to book reviews. Topics include teacher certification, teaching internships, and more. The series is arranged alphabetically by journal/magazine title, with the exception of a folder of loose articles. Please see the inventory list for the various titles.

Series 2, Administrative Records, consists of reports, committee information, evaluations, materials related to the Education Center, and other records reflecting Bishop's career at the ISTC/University of Northern Iowa. Also included is a photograph and a copy of his vita. Please see the inventory for a complete list of subjects.

The third series in the collection, Correspondence, dates from 1950-1977 and contains correspondence from Bishop's time at ISTC and UNI. It largely concerns topics related to education and educational development, including educational panels, conferences, and workshops, as well as thank you letters for suggestions Bishop shared, and notes about articles and publications. Correspondents include the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School, various Iowa school superintendents, and the Iowa Department of Public Instructions, among many others.

The final series, Miscellaneous, contains a variety of materials including consultation reports for schools, programs, clippings, reviews, and articles.


Box 1

  • The Alumnus (February 1964) [Series 1]
  • "Curriculum Development in the Secondary School" (1959) [Series 1]
  • "The Development of Human Relations in Teaching Through Field Experiences of Prospective Teachers" (2 copies) (1973) [Series 1]
  • Education (February 1957) [Series 1]
  • Education (May 1957) [Series 1]
  • Education (October 1957) [Series 1]
  • Educational Administration and Supervision (January 1948) (2 copies) [Series 1]
  • Educational Administration and Supervision (1950) [Series 1]
  • The Educational Digest (May 1959) [Series 1]
  • The Educational Forum (March 1949) [Series 1]
  • The Educational Forum (May 1956) [Series 1]
  • The Educational Forum (January 1960) [Series 1]
  • The Educational Forum (January 1963) [Series 1]
  • The Educational Forum (May 1964) [Series 1]
  • Educational Research Bulletin (May 1948) (2 copies) [Series 1]

Box 2

  • Inner City Education: Are We Failing? (1969) [Series 1]
  • "Instruction and Professional Development: 1974-1975 Report of ISEA/UNI Monitoring Committee" [Series 1]
  • Introduction to College (1958) [Series 1]
  • The Iowa Governance Packet (1975) (2 copies) [Series 1]
  • Iowa Parent-Teacher Magazine (1952) [Series 1]
  • Journal of Educational Research (May 1948) (2 copies) [Series 1]
  • Learning Activity Package I: Technological Society, Population, and Education [Series 1]
  • Learning Activity Package II: Pressures on Children and Youth [Series 1]
  • Learning Activity Package III: The Social Roles of Education [Series 1]
  • Learning Activity Package IV: Philosophical Bases of Education [Series 1]
  • Learning Activity Package V: Control, Organization and Support of American Education [Series 1]
  • The National Business Education Quarterly (1959) [Series 1]
  • The Northwest Missouri State College Studies (June 1950) [Series 1]
  • "The Participation of Colleges and Universities in Programs of Internship and Teaching" [Series 1]
  • Pre-Student Teaching Laboratory Experiences for Prospective Teachers (1972) (2 copies) [Series 1]
  • Professional Courses for Teacher Certification (1966) [Series 1]

Box 3

  • Proceedings of the Governor's Conference on Education (1969) [Series 1]
  • Reports of the 4th Workshop on Teacher Education (1951) (2 copies) [Series 1]
  • Reports of the 5th Workshop on Teacher Education (August 1952) [Series 1]
  • Reports of the 9th Workshop on Teacher Education (1956) [Series 1]
  • The School Review: A Journal of Secondary Education (November 1948) (2 copies) [Series 1]
  • The Teachers College Journal (October 1949) [Series 1]
  • Workshop on Teacher Education (1950) [Series 1]
  • Folder 1: Assorted Writings [Series 1]
  • Folder 2: Absence Request Forms [Series 2]
  • Folder 3: Biographical Material [Series 2]
  • Folder 4: ISEA Task Force on Teacher Education [Series 2]

Box 4

  • Folder 1: Committee on Honorary Degrees [Series 2]
  • Folder 2: NCATE Report and Report Appendix [Series 2]
  • Folder 3: Vita & Photograph [Series 2]
  • Folder 4: Committee on Faculty Participation in the Reallocation of American Positions [Series 2]
  • Folder 5: ISEA Monitoring Committee [Series 2]
  • Folder 6: Drake Evaluation [Series 2]
  • Folder 7: USOE Drug Abuse Program [Series 2]
  • Folder 8: Easter Seal Society [Series 2]
  • Folder 9: Cattell Fluency Materials [Series 2]
  • Folder 10: Dedication to Education Week [Series 2]
  • Folder 11: Education Center Dedication [Series 2]
  • Folder 12: Iowa Action Task Force [Series 2]
  • Folder 13: National Committee on the Intermediate Graduate Degree [Series 2]

Box 5

  • Folder 1: Correspondence, 1950-1955 [Series 3]
  • Folder 2: Correspondence, 1956-1959 [Series 3]
  • Folder 3: Correspondence, 1960-1965 [Series 3]
  • Folder 4: Correspondence, 1966-1977; undated [Series 3]
  • Folder 5: Miscellaneous [Series 4]

Processing Information

Collection processed and finding aid created by Nikki Berns, Jeremiah Brockman, and Emily Snodgrass, October 2017. Updated by Research Assistant Keegan Little, June 2018 and Archival Processor Tessa Wakefield, February 2019.

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