Faculty Committees, undated

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Title: Faculty Committees, undated

Record Series: 07/01/03

Creator: UNI

Date: Undated

Extent: Spread out over several collections

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

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Scope and Content

The following list contains the names of the committees for which Special Collections has an archival collection. These collections consist of various documents collected by the committees themselves and given to the Special Collections, and announcements and newspaper clippings collected by the staff.


You may browse through the list of committees by scrolling, or click on one of the following to go to the part of the list containing committees beginning with that letter.

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  • Absence, Committee on
  • Academic Acceleration Committee
  • Academic Computer Advisory Committee
  • Academic Master Plan Committee
  • Academic Organizational Structure, Committee on
  • Ad hoc Committee on Facilitating Faculty Grant Writing
  • Ad hoc Committee on Inter- and Multidisciplinary Programs
  • Ad hoc Committee on Student Assessment Instrument
  • Ad hoc Committee to Examine Administrative Cost at UNI
  • Administration of Clerical Personnel, Committee on - See Also AFSCME - Clerical Advisory Committee
  • Administration Evaluation
  • Administration of Faculty Personnel, University Committee on
  • Administrative Cost at UNI, Ad Hoc Committee to Examine
  • Administrative Reorganization, Committee on
  • Admission and Retention, Committee on
  • Advising, Committee on
  • Affirmative Action Committee
  • AFSCME - Clerical Advisory Committee - See Also Administration of Clerical Personnel, Committee on
  • Annuity Committee
  • Appeal Committee for Non-academic Staff
  • Art and Architecture Committee
  • Artists Series Committee, UNI - See UNI Artists Series Committee; See 12/06/14 Howard V. Jones Papers; See 14/10/10 Herb Hake Papers
  • Asian Studies Committee
  • Athletic Board
  • Athletic Policy Advisory Council
  • Attendance, Committee on
  • Attendance Funds Committee
  • Auditoria Needs, Ad Hoc Committee on




  • Bachelor of Liberal Studies Committee
  • Blood Bank Committee, UNI - See UNI Blood Bank Committee
  • Budget, University Faculty Committee




  • Cable TV (President's Study Committee)
  • Calendar Committee
  • Campus Planning Advisory Committee (FA)
  • Capstone Coordinating Committee
  • Centennial History Advisory Committee
  • Center for the Enhancement of Teaching, Ad Hoc Committee on a
  • Civil Defense Committee
  • Civil Rights Coordinating Committee
  • Clerical Committee
  • Cluster College Planning Committee
  • Coed Housing Committee
  • Collective Bargaining Committee
  • College Hill Neighborhood Association
  • Colombian Interchange Committee
  • Commencement Committee
  • Committee on Committees
  • Committee on Honorary Degrees
  • Committee on Improving the Recruitment of Minority Students at the Regents Universities
  • Committee to Propose Senate and Committee Structure
  • Communication Committee
  • Comprehensive Teacher Education Study Committee
  • Computer Advisory Committee
  • Computing and Information Technology, Committee on
  • Conferences, Committee on
  • Constitution Revision Committee
  • Convocations Committee
  • Copy Center Committee - See Also Copy Equipment Advisory Committee
  • Copy Equipment Advisory Committee
  • Cost Study Committee
  • Council on Teacher Education
  • Cultural and Natural Outreach Programs
  • Curricula, Committee on
  • Curricular Authority of the College, Committee on
  • Curricular Decision and Review, Committee on
  • Curriculum Study Center Committee




  • Danforth Grants, Committee for
  • Department Unit, Committee on the
  • Distance Education, Task Force for
  • Drug Policy Committee




  • Educational Coordination, Committee on
  • Educational Loan Fund Committee
  • Educational Policies Commission
  • Educational Publications Committee
  • Elderhostel Faculty Committee
  • Enrollment Procedures, Committee on
  • Entrance Requirements Committee
  • Ethics and Responsibility, Committee on
  • Evaluation Committee
  • Extension and Continuing Education Advisory Committee




  • Facilities Planning Advisory Committee
  • Faculty Activities Committee
  • Faculty Budget Committee
  • Faculty Constitution Committee
  • Faculty Ethics and Responsibilities, Committee on
  • Faculty Insurance, Retirement and Fringe Benefits Committee
  • Faculty Leader Group
  • Faculty Participation in the Reallocation of Academic Positions, Committee on
  • Faculty Reception Committee, UNI - See UNI Faculty Reception Committee
  • Faculty Rules and Regulations, Committee on
  • Faculty Seminar on Education
  • Faculty Welfare Committee
  • Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards, Committee on
  • Final Examination Committee
  • First Amendment Rights, Special Committee for
  • First Generation and/or Low Income Student Task Force
  • First Year Experience Advisory Committee
  • First Year Experience (FYE) Pilot Program Report
  • Five (minorities) Committee
  • Food Service Committee
  • Foreign Area Faculty Development Committee
  • Foreign Area General Education Committee
  • Foundation Advisory Committee
  • Founders Day Committee - See President Constantine W. Curris Papers, 02/07/20
  • Four-year Graduation Committee
  • Future Development and Administrative Reorganization, Advisory Committee on
  • Future Studies, Committee on




  • Gender Equity Committee
  • General Education Committee
  • Grading, Committee on
  • Grant Writing Committee (Faculty Senate Blue Ribbon ad hoc Committee on Facilitating Faculty Grant Writing)
  • Group to Advance Women




  • Handicap Awareness, Committee for
  • Headship Study Committee
  • Homecoming Committee
  • Honorary Degrees, Committee on - See Also 11/01/04--13/03/10
  • Honors Board - See Also Presidential Scholars Board
  • Human Relations Advisory Committee
  • Humanities Study Committee




  • Independent Study, Committee on
  • Instruction, Committee on
  • Instructional Experimentation Committee
  • Instructional Research, Committee on
  • Insurance and Retirement Committee
  • Integration, Committee on
  • Intellectual Property Committee
  • Inter-American Studies Committee
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Council
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Policies, Committee to Study
  • Interdisciplinary Studies, Committee on
  • Interinstitutional Affiliation Committee
  • International Exchange Committee - See Colombian Interchange Committee




  • Junior High Major, Committee on




  • Lang Hall Re-Dedication Committee
  • Large Classes, Committee on
  • Latin American Studies Committee
  • Leadership Development, Steering Committee on Studies in
  • Learning Skills Center Advisory Committee
  • Lecture Committee
  • Lecture-Concert Committee (FA) - See Also Herb Hake Papers, 14/10/10




  • Mail Distribution, Committee on
  • Mainstream Committee
  • Martin Luther King Scholarship Committee
  • Merchants Scholarship Committee
  • Merit System Advisory Committee
  • (Department of) Military Science Advisory and Liaison Committee
  • Minority Group Education Executive Committee
  • Multicultural Issues Committee
  • Museum Faculty Advisory Committee
  • Museum Study Committee




  • Naming the College Buildings, Committee on
  • Nonacademic Employee Council
  • Non-Western Studies Committee
  • North Central Association Self-Study Team, 1989-91




  • 125th Anniversary Committee
  • One-Room School Committee
  • Oral History of UNI, Advisory Committee on the




  • Panther Round Table
  • Parking and Traffic Committee
  • Part-time Temporary Faculty, Committee on
  • Philosophy Committee
  • Physical Plant Committee
  • Picnic Committee
  • Planning - Select Committee on University Planning
  • Post High School Programs and Institutional Functions Committee
  • Preceptor Committee
  • Presidential Review Committee, 2012
  • Presidential Scholars Board - See Also Honors Board
  • Presidential Search Advisory Committee - See 02/00/17 Presidential Search Advisory Committee, 1983
  • Price Laboratory School Transition Teams
  • Professional Development Leave Committee
  • Professional Laboratory Experiences, Committee on
  • Professional Screening, Committee on
  • Program Certificates Committee
  • Programmed Instruction, Committee on




  • Quality in the Curriculum, Ad Hoc Committee on




  • ROTC Oversight Committee
  • Reclassification of the Faculty, Committee on
  • Records Management Committee
  • Recreation-Wellness Study Committee
  • Recruitment and Retention, Task Force on
  • Regents Presidential Evaluation Committee
  • Research and Curriculum Development Committee
  • Research and Scholarship Criteria and Standards




  • Safety and Health Committee
  • Scholarly/Creative Activity and Service Committee
  • Science Fair Committee
  • Secretarial/Clerical/Office Employees' Organizing Committee, 1979-
  • Select Committee on University Planning - See Planning
  • Senate and Committee Structure, Committee to Propose
  • Senate Reorganization
  • "Smoking Problem," Committee on the
  • Social Committee
  • Special Committee For First Amendment Rights
  • Standards and Directions, Committee on
  • Student Affairs Committee (Student Affairs Council)
  • Student Athlete Assistance Program
  • Student Computer Advisory Committee
  • Student Conduct Committee
  • Student Efficiency Committee
  • Student-Faculty Discipline Committee
  • Student-Faculty Relations Committee
  • Student Job Classification, Committee on
  • Student Loan Committee
  • Student Outcomes Assessment Committee
  • Student Research Committee
  • Student Teaching Committee
  • Student Welfare Committee
  • Study Facilities, Conditions, Habits, Committee on
  • Study of General Education, Committee for the
  • Superior Students, Committee for




  • Teacher Education Awards Selection Committee
  • Teacher Education Convocation Committee
  • Teacher Education Coordinating Council
  • Teacher Education Standards and Practices, Committee on (University Liaison for Teacher Education)
  • 24 Hour Visitation Committee




  • UNI Artists Series Committee - See Also 12/06/14 Howard V. Jones Papers and 14/10/10 Herb Hake Papers
  • UNI Blood Bank Committee
  • UNI Faculty and Staff for Peace, Committee on
  • UNI Faculty Reception Committee
  • UNI-Dome Policy Board
  • Undergraduate Research and Experiental Learning Committee
  • United Way Fund Drive
  • University Community Relations, Committee on
  • University Film Committee
  • University Forum
  • University Mission, Committee on
  • University Naming Committee
  • University Responsibilities in Minority Group Education, Committee on
  • University Retirement Study Committee
  • University Speakers Committee
  • University Strategic Planning Committee
  • University Writing Committee
  • Urban Study Group
  • Use of Facilities, Committee on the




  • Video Display Terminal Ad Hoc Study Committee




  • Watch and Study Committee
  • Women's Studies Advisory Board

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