Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Services Department Subject Files, 1910-1979

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Title: Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Services Department Subject Files, 1910-1979

Record Series: 13/06/01

Creator: HPELS Department, UNI

Date: 1910-1979

Extent: 4.8 linear feet, 13 boxes

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: This material is entirely in English.

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Box 1

Examinations & Research Comm. -Dept., 1951; 1970-1975. Advisory Groups Administration

Committee: Professional Preparation -Department., 1972-1976. Advisory Group Administration

Minutes of Department Meetings, 1976-1977. Advisory Groups Administration

Minutes of Department Faculty Meetings, 1977-1978. Advisory Groups Administration

Department of Men's P.E. Staff Meetings, 1963-1976.

Officers of Department Organizations, 1938-1973. Associations & Organizations

Recreation Reports, 1959-1972. Events & Programs

Department of P.E. for Women, 1957-1979. Organization

Local Guidelines, 1974 - Standards; Eligibility; Participation. Policies & Procedures Intercollegiate Sports

Minutes-Department Intercollegiate Committee, 1968-1974. Policies & Procedures Intercollegiate Sports

Schedule, 1972-1974. Intercollegiate Sports

Reports on Activity, 1968-1974 Intercollegiate Sports

Budget, 1972-1975. Intercollegiate Sports

Box 2

1974-1976 Minutes of Department Meetings

1961-1966 Reports on Enrollment of Physical Education Majors in 37:003 and 39:003 (Activity): During this period of time majors enrolled only in 39:006 Freshman Major Activities, 39:007 Sophomores 39:108 Junior, or 39:109 Senior. They attended classes for general education enrollees under numbers 37:003 and 39:003. Therefore, official records of numbers enrolled in the 003 classes are considerably less than the actual class size. These may be the only records which give the correct sizes.

1940 Posture Examination Procedures: For many years prior to World War II every woman student was given a posture examination and foot examination when entering the college. The practice was discontinued during World War II; an effort to get the program started again after 1945 was not successful. Reference to this requirement is probably included in College Bulletins during the 1920's-30's period.

1942-1944 Radio Scripts: These are programs prepared for the newly-established College radio station by the Department staff. Some of the programs seemed to be aimed at broadening understanding of physical education for children. Some are fitness-war effort oriented.

1930-1931, 1949 Rules and Regulations (Policies and Procedures), Department: This document is still revised and distributed each year. The content has changed but the general type of information is in many ways the same.

1927 Report of a Women's Athletic Association State Meeting at ISTC

19291959 Recreation/Intramural Reports

1940-1958 Misc. Reports on student attitudes toward activity, choices, etc.

Curriculum Development Studies

  • 1957 Questionnaire to Universities and Colleges re women's physical education major (time spent in various classes)
  • Undated Study of a Training Course for Summer Camp Leadership with a Recommendation for ISTC
  • 1936 Optional Attendance Study
  • 1941 Proposal for allowing 1 hour credit for physical education activity
  • 1944 Common Basic Skills - Physical Education Major courses
  • 1929-1930 Study on Instructional Load
  • 1945 Study on Physical Education Requirements and Offerings in various colleges and universities
  • 1932 The Objectives of the Department of Physical Education for Women at ISTC

Box 3

Meeting minutes of HPER faculty, August 1979-August 1988.

Box 4

News clippings

High School Senior Day, 1946

County Play Days

Curriculum Report, 1932

Response to 1936 college survey

Monica Wild's class notes, 1910

Drills - Danish gymnastics



Festivals and Pageants


Women’s Physical Education Demonstrations

Box 5

Women's Intercollegiate Athletics - Annual Reports 1968-1977

WIA Committee Meeting Minutes, 1968-1978

WIA Budget, 1968-1978

WIA Schedules, 1972-1978

WIA Procedures & Standards, 1969-1978

Merging of women's and men's Athletics

Box 6

Staff term reports 1939-1940 through 1959-1960

Box 7

Staff term reports 1960-1961

Box 8

Report of the Committee on Basic Movement - July 1958

Orientation to Physical Education - September 1963 (39:1)

Teacher's Guide to Orientation to Physical Education (1966) (39-1)

Orientation to Physical Education (1966-1967) (39:1)

Physical Education for Women - Syllabus for 39:001 and 39:002- 1969-1970

Box 9

Workshops and Special Programs, WPE, MPE, HPER: 1970-1979 (not complete)

Physical Education Department - INTERDEPARTMENTAL Meetings. Advisory Groups. ADMINISTRATION, 1977-1979

Women's Physical Education Department -- Meetings, 1977-1979

Men's Physical Education Department -- Meetings, 1977-1979

General Education Committee -- (P.E. Depts. Coordinating Committee), 1968-1979

Graduate Committee - P.E. Depts., 1955-1979

Health Education Committee, 1973-1979

Leisure Services Committee, 1978-1979

Physical Education Committee - Coordinating, 1972-1979

Test-Out Committee - WPE, 1968-1979

Recreation Coordinating Committee, 1975-1979

Committees - Instructional Areas - W.P.E, 1975-1977

Philosophy & Objectives - Department Policies and Procedures

MSS of speeches relating to P.E. by Prof. White

Criteria for Evaluating a P.E. program, 1940

Box 10

(materials from Elinor Crawford July 1997)

Women's Department Meeting Minutes and Records, 1975-1976

Women's Department Meeting Minutes and Records, 1976-1977

Coordinating Council and Committees, 1978-1979

Box 11

Physical Education for Men: Budget, 1960-1972 and 1979; Summer Budget, 1961-1973

Reorganization of Departments-Plans and Projects, 1974-1979

Articles of Merged Departments, 1974-1977

Testing-out Program for the Required Major Activity Classes, Women’s Department, Revised, March 1974

Box 12

Physical Education Center: Other Campuses' Physical Education Buildings; Planning; Reconsiderations, 1973-1974

Box 13

UNI-Dome: Materials Gathered on Other Covered Arenas; Planning

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