Irving Harlow Hart. Papers, 1913-1956.

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Title: Irving Harlow Hart. Papers, 1913-1956.

Record Series: 26/01/10

Creator: Irving Harlow Hart

Date: 1913-1956

Extent: 15.97 linear feet plus 1 item, 35 boxes

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: This material is entirely in English.

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There are no restrictions on the use of this material. The material in box 35 was recorded using obsolete technology. It has not been transcribed.

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Historical Note

Irving Hart had a long association with Iowa State Teachers College (now UNI). He came here in 1914 as professor of rural education and assistant director of the extension division. In 1918, he assumed the office of Director of Extension Service and served in this capacity until 1948. He then he served as college archivist and historian on an emeritus basis until his death on July 12, 1958.

More biographical information about Mr. Hart may be found here:

Scope and Content

This collection consists of a wide variety of information related to Irving Hart's long career, such as school bulletins, correspondence, reports, statistics, finances, class syllabi, articles written and addresses made by Mr. Hart, historical material, and radio and television work done in collaboration with Herbert Hake.


Boxes 1-3: Iowa Department of Public Instruction:

Box 1: DPI Educational Bulletin

Box 2: DPI Educational Bulletin

Box 3: DPI Publications, bulletins, reports

Boxes 4-5: Work as Coordinator for the Education Committee of the Iowa State Planning Board

Box 4: Files of Education Committee, data

Box 5: Correspondence and reports

Box 6: Material relating to teacher certification and a history of the Iowa State Teachers Association

Box 7: Teachers College Extension Association

World War II campus activities including fundraising events and correspondence courses offered to military personnel

Boxes 8-9: Study Center Records, 1913-1931

Records documenting attendance, courses, teachers, credits earned, and texts used at extension Study Centers throughout Iowa

Box 10: Correspondence, 1944-1945

With county school superintendents concerning consultative service

Box 11: Correspondence and programs concerning educational conferences and institutes held at Iowa State Teachers College

Boxes 12-15: Subject File 1

Subject headings include: Beatty-Bennet Bill, Branch schools, Budget Correspondence, Civilian Morale, Child Development, Committee of Nine, Committee on Code Revision, Curriculum-Intermediate Grades, Enrollment Trends, Extension Improvement Committee (1945-1946), Extension Ledger (1915), Grade Combinations, ISTC Objectives (1936), ISTC Survey (1936), Nelson Correspondence, One Room Schools, Program of Studies, Public Education Development in Iowa (1900-1934), Renewal of Certificates, Salaries of Teachers, Secondary School Evaluation, Secondary School Philosophy, Survey of Extension Services (1937), Teacher Training Survey (1931), Teachers-Evaluation, Teachers-High School, Teachers' Oath

Boxes 16-18: Subject File 2

Statistics, reports, and surveys concerning Extension including a long report on study centers, personnel, and consultative service

Boxes 19-21: Elmer L. Ritter material

Material relating to the Four Quarter Rural Education Program (which Ritter directed), as well as to branch summer school

Yearly reports from Mr. Ritter to Mr. Hart

Box 22: Latham-Hart Correspondence

Also includes material on the Campus School gathered by Professor Lou Shepherd in preparation for a centennial history

Box 23: Syllabi for courses taught by Hart

Also includes material relating to Hart's college committee work

Boxes 24-26: The First Seventy-Five Years: History of I.S.T.C.

Contains notes and mimeographed copied of The First Seventy-Five Years: History of I.S.T.C. by Mr. Hart. Digital copy can be accessed here.

Box 27: Histories of Latham and Price Administrations

Box 28: Chronological Outline of Iowa Educational Legislation

Boxes 29-30: Miscellaneous Reports, Addresses, and Publications

"Academic Freedom" (1936), 8 pages, radio script of program broadcast, September 26, 1936

"Academic Freedom in the Teaching of the Social Studies" (circa 1936), 9 pages

"Acts Incorporating Private Educational Institutions, 1938-1947" (circa 1950), 13 page outline

"The Allocation of State Funds for the Support of Public Education" (1934), 17 page address given to school executives at Marshalltown, Iowa, December 8, 1934

"Athletics in Education" (1938), 5 page address given at Athletics Recognition Convention, May 23, 1938

"The Certification of Teachers in Iowa" (1939), 7 page paper

"Chapel Talk with Athletes" (1937), 5 pages

"Chronological Outline of Legislative Acts Relating to the Support of the State Educational Institutions in Iowa, 1858-1955" (1955), 25 page outline with statistical tables

"Compensation and Qualifications for Non-Resident Extension Instructors" (1929), 4 page abstract of paper given in Cleveland, Ohio, February, 1929

"Coordination Controversy, 1912-1913" (circa 1940), several 20 page papers

"The Difference It Makes" (1933), 10 page address given at Grinnell, Iowa, June, 1933

"Education For Living and Working in a Democracy" (1947), 9 page address given at Epsilon Pi Tau Banquet, May 3, 1947

"Educational Planning in Iowa" (1934), 10 page radio address given November 17, 1934 over WOI

"An Educational Program for Iowa" (1939), 5 page article with appeared in Midland Schools, September, 1939

"The Educational Rank of Iowa" (circa 1923), 8 page paper

"The Extension Service at I.S.T.C." (circa 1925), 10 page paper prepared at request of D.S. Wright

"Extension Service for Teacher Colleges" (circa 1923), 12 page paper

"Extension Summer Schools" (1926), 8 page paper read before Committee on Degree Curriculums, October 26, 1926

"The Field of Teachers College Extension" (circa 1923), 9 page paper

"The Governors of Iowa as Educational Leaders, 1938-1949" (1949), 42 page paper

"Historical Information Relating to the Association for Field Services in Teacher Education" (1956), 32 page report [Hart authorship questionable]

"The Influence of Horace Mann Upon the I.S.N.S." (1937), 12 page paper

"Institutional Ego, Report of Committee on" (1949), 1 page report given at faculty meeting, May 13, 1949

"Iowa College for the Blind" (circa 1955), 3 page paper

"Iowa State Education Association Legislative Program" (1949), 8 page address given to Phi Delta Kappa, Spring 1949

"The Iowa State Education Association (1854-1954): A Summary" (1954), 16 pages, includes map, published in Palimpsest, November, 1954

"Legislative Support of I.S.N.S. and I.S.T.C., 1876-1909" (circa 1950), 8 pages of tables

"Lessons to be Learned from the Experiences of the Lean Years" (1936), 8 page address given at TCEA meeting in St. Louis, February 24, 1936

"A Long-Time Legislative Program for the Improvement of Public Education in Iowa" (circa 1936), 10 page discussion outline prepared for the Iowa State Teachers Association

"A March of Ideas" (1947), 19 page paper on I.S.T.C. history

"National Clinic on Teacher Education, Report on the" (1946), 13 page report on meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, November 3-8, 1946

"The Normal School Idea" (circa 1950), 10 pages of notes

"The Origin and Early Development of Extension Service in Teachers Colleges and of the Teachers College Extension Association" (1954), 8 page paper

"The Origin of the I.S.N.S." (circa 1940), 9 page paper

"The Past: University Extension" (1935), 8 page speech given at TCAEFS conference dinner, May 4, 1935

"A Play About Education in Iowa" (1954), 141 page play script for ISEA centennial [only second episode definitely by Hart]

"Powers and Duties of the Superintendent of Public Instruction in Iowa" (1946), 3 page paper

"Present Status of Public Education in Iowa and Some Needed Legislation" (circa 1938), 14 page paper

"Proposed Appraisal of the Total Teaching Personnel in Iowa" (1929), 4 page paper read at Educational Council Meeting

"Racial Segregation in Iowa Public Schools, 1847-1875" (circa 1950), 4 page paper

"Raising in Minimum Standards for the Certification of Teachers in Iowa" (1940), 15 page radio script of program broadcast November 23, 1930 over WOI

"School Library Legislation in Iowa" (1949), 7 page report given at faculty meeting, May 13, 1949

"President Seerley and Religion" (1951), notes for a Sunday chapel address

"Standards of Teachers' Certificates in Iowa" (1950), 2 page paper

"State Support of Higher Education in Iowa" (cicra 1954), 21 page paper

"State School Administration in Iowa, 1839-1949" (1949), 6 page paper

"State Support of Public Education" (1936), 9 page radio script for program broadcast February 8, 1936 over WOI

"Statistical Data on Enrollment in the I.S.N.S. and the I.S.T.C." (1937), 7 tables

"Stories of Iowa" (1953), 118 page booklet to accompany the radio program of the same name

"Suggestions For Governor Kraschel's Inaugural Address" (1937), 3 page paper

"Teacher, What Now?" (1936), 20 page talk given at a Marshalltown teachers meeting, April 4, 1936

"Tomorrow and the Schools of Today" (1933), 11 page address given at meeting of Iowa Congress of Parents and Teachers, Marshalltown, Iowa, October 26, 1933

"Trends in Teacher Education in Iowa, 1839-1953" (1953), 13 page paper given at AAUP meeting, March 2, 1953

"The Unfinished Work" (1940), 19 page address given at Commencement, August 22, 1940

"We Do Our Part" (1930), 23 page address to the Iowa State Teachers Association, November 3, 1933

"What Should the State Do for the Training of Teachers in Service?" (1929), 17 page paper prepared by Hart for President Latham to Present at NEA meeting in Cleveland, February, 1929

"Who Shall Pay?" (1931), 12 page paper prepared for President Latham

"Your College, In Brief" (1949), 22 page paper

Boxes 31-32: Material relating to Hart's work as Archivist and Historian

Salaries of summer school teachers

Index to Chronological Outline of Educational Legislation in Iowa

Critic Teachers

Apprentice Teaching - Rural Schools (film)


Box 33: Memorials and Tributes to Mr. Hart

Box 34: Illustrations from The First Seventy-Five Years

Box 35 - "Adventures in Archives" radio program recordings with Mr. Hart and Mr. Herbert V. Hake, Summer 1952

Tape 1 - "Regulations at Iowa State Normal School" (Hart)

Tape 2 - "Dormitory Life at Iowa State Normal School" (Hart)

Tape 3 - "Homer H. Seerley" (Hart)

Tape 4 - "C.A. Fullerton" (Hake interviews Hart)

Tape 5 - "Athletics at Iowa State Normal School" (Hart)

Tape 6 - "Drama" (Hart)

Tape 7 - "Military Training at Iowa State Normal School" (Hart)

Tape 8 - "Literary Societies at Iowa State Normal School and Iowa State Teachers College" (Hart)

Tape 9 - "Physical Plant (beginning with Iowa Soldiers Orphans' Home)" (Hart)

Tape 10 - "Extension Service" (Hart)

Tape 11 - "Training School" (Hake)

Tape 12 - "Board of Education" (Hart)

Collection processed by University Archivist

Processing Information

Collection processed by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, 1976. Updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, February 2018. Linear feet updated September 20, 2017.

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