Jeannie L. Steele. Papers, 1990-2005

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Title: Jeannie L. Steele. Papers, 1990-2005

Record Series: 13/02/02/03

Creator: Jeannie L. Steele

Date: 1990-2005

Extent: 10 linear feet, 9 boxes

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: Most of this material is in English, but some is in Russian..

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Box 1 - Orava Project

General information and description of the project

Office of Education for Democracy

Time line development

Statement of intent, 1992

IBM proposal

Planning conference

USAID information, University of Northern Iowa plans, 1990-1991

Grants, Charlotte Hubbel correspondence, 1992

Iowa International Development Foundation, 1993

Jeannie Steele's notes on visit to Slovakia, October 1992

Planning, advance team, 1992

Advance team, visioning, timeline, 1992-1993

Planning and goals; early correspondence

Proposals and planning

Agreement of cooperation, State Pedagogical Institute and Orava Association Association fo Democratic Education, Roma education

The Orava Project:  a Slovak Republic/University of Northern Iowa Collaborative National Education Restructuring Program

Addendum to the project, December 1993

Orava Project, 1994-1999, educational collaboration for the 21st century

Presentation on the project, by Jeannie Steele and Kurt Meredith, 1995

Creating civil capacity:  advancing the Orava Project, USAID proposal, March 1999


Formal correspondence

Nitra office records

Grant, extension and expansion, 1996

SK-LIBRIS Slovak library grant proposal

Orava Legacy Initiative, USAID grant proposal

Office of Education for Democracy, proposal and background

Personal correspondence

Slovakia notes, by Jeannie Steele, 2001

Slovak visits, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997

Slovak Ministry of Education visit, 1996

Ambassadors visit1997

Study tour, 2000

Orava Journal

Orava Notes (journal)

Orava Project Newsletter

Annual report

Public relations and background information


Survey responses

Box 2 - Orava Project, continued

Handbook, 1996

Office coordinator position, 1997

Passport to global practice, UNI College of Education International Advisory Committee, c. 1996

Project team members and participants, 1995-1998:  lists, reports, correspondence:  including, but not limited to Chris MacFarlane, Richard Doyle, Penny Beed, Thomas Switzer, Maribelle Betterton, Rick Traw, James Kelly, Deb Beving, Glenn Nelson, Earl Ockenga, Linda Fernandez, Pat Geadelmann, Sue Follon, Sally Beach, Greg Stefanich, Carol Ochs, Kris Coffman, Neil Houser, Dean Damon, Barbara Greene, Teresa Debacker, Robert Koob, Yvonne Koob, Kay Shaw, Jerry Stonewater, Sue Koch, Clare Struck

Project schedule, 1996

Ramec pre kriticke myslenie vo vyucovanie

Metody na podpurer kritickeho myslenia

Citane, pisanie a diskusea vo vyucovacich predmetoch

Dalsie strategie na rozvijanie kriticheho myslenia

Kooperativne ucenie

Planovanie hodinyt a hodnotenie

Pisatelska dielna:  od osobneho prejavie k argumentacii

Ako formovat hlbavych citatelov

Cesty demokracie vo vychovoc a vzdelavani, 1997

Slovak team papers

Leading and learning with computer technology, course outline, Matthew Kollasch

Implementing curriculum for basic schools, course outline

School improvement planning for democratic schools, course syllabus

Districtwide staff development program, essay by Jeanning Steele, 1993

Questioning for critical thinking, essay by Kurtis Meredith and Jeannie Steele, 1996

Learning for understanding, essay by Kurtis Meredith and Jeannie Steele

Planning, preparing, and delivering workshops for colleagues, essay by Kurtis Meredith and Jeannie Steele

Classroom observations


Technical reports

Participant reports

Project evaluation

Box 3 - Orava Project, continued

Research data, spring 1998

Continuation budget

Orava Project Legacy, USAID, briefing, 2001

USAID, general information

USAID, correspondence, Debbie Berns

USAID, correspondence, Gustav Matijek

USAID and related projects

USAID, general correspondence

USAID, strategy and objectives

USAID, guidelines

USAID, monthly meeting minutes

USAID, quarterly monitoring reports

USAID, Project Orava, phase II, evaluation data, 1999

USAID, decals

In-kind contributions

Financial status reports


Budget summaries

Notification of sponsored project award


Cost share

Jeannie Steele, Kurtis Meredith, appointments and personnel matters (Restricted use)

Box 4 - Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Project (RWCT)

Soros Foundation, correspondence and general information

Open Society Institute, implementation plans

General information and studies

Handbook of methods, 1996

Project, brief write-up

Contract between the International Reading Association and the University of Northern Iowa

Finance, office, and budget

Mary Melvin

Job descriptions, 1998


Annual report, 1997-1998

Agenda, 1999

Working file

World Bank meeting, 1998

Presentation, step-by-step, Dubrovnik

Stories about literacy, democracy, and teaching

Further strategies for promoting critical thinking, guidebook IV

Cooperative learning, guidebook V (1997)

Lesson planning and assessment, guidebook VI (1997)

Writing workshop:  from self expression to written arguments, guidebook VIII (1997)

Nje strukture per zhvillimin e mendimit krijues e kritick permese kurrikulumit, liber udhezues, I, II

Lugemine ja kirjutamine iseseisva motleja kijunemiseks, kasiraamot II, (1997)

Reading & Writing for Critical Thinking (journal), 1998-1999

Thinking (journal), 2000


Dalsi strategie; k rozvijeni kritickeho mysleni

Jak se deti uce

Ziva skola v pulli cesty, Praha, 1999

Monitoring and evaluation

Educational leadership, course evaluation

Teacher accounts

Critical pedagogy and the construction of civil society, essay by Kurtis Meredith

Box 5 - Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Project (RWCT), continued

Countries summaries studies

Country reports, year one

  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Georgia
  • Hungary
  • Kazakhstan
  • Latvia
  • Moldova
  • Mongolia
  • Ukraine

Year two planning

Country reports, year two

  • Albania
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Lithuania
  • Macedonia
  • Romania
  • Russia

Evaluation and monitoring

Staff meeting, Washington, 1999

Introductory meeting, Atlanta, 1997, free writes

Balaton institutes, 1997, 1998, 2000

International Reading Association meeting, free writes

International Reading Association, presentation by Jeannie Steele and Kurtis Meredith, 1998

Higher education institute, Vilnius, 2001

Reunion institute, Virginia (Washington, D. C.), 1998

Rerunion, Kerepesi, 1999

USAID budget

USAID grant and contract, 1994

Orientation institute, Matrahaze, 1998

Travel arrangements, December 1998

Country folders

  • Albania
  • Algeria

Box 6  - Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Project (RWCT), continued

Country folders, continued

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bosnia
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Georgia
  • Hungary
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Macedonia
  • Moldova
  • Mongolia
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Yugoslavia

Box 7 - Orava Project


  • Orava Project, Betterton/Traw classes, miscellaneous, 1996 (VHS videotape), 2 copies
  • Orava Project, Betterton/Traw classes, schools, miscellaneous, 1996 (VHS videotape)
  • Orava Project, Beterton/traw Vienna, Bratislava, class, Krakow (VHS videotape)
  • Orava Project, Slovak press conference, October 1996 (VHS videotape)
  • Videotape B--Linda M. Nilges, Student creative work, educational dance, educational gymnastics (VHS videotape)

Audiotapes in box labeled Orava Project research tapes

  • Eight audiotapes, labeled as follows:
  • #1--Matilda Abaffyova, Eva Bullova, Elena Babinska
  • #3 and #4--Katarina Kovacova, Katarina Stevonkova
  • #5 and #6--Maria Dudahkova,
  • #7 and #8--Maria Adamosova, Zuzana
  • #9 and #10--Zuzana, Olga
  • #13--Etela Adamcahova, Zdenka Veljacikova
  • #11 and #12--Jana Hrabeakova, Maria Androsova, Roman Matejov
  • Eva Ciernikova, then Luba; Luba after Eva finishes
  • Second part of Luba
  • Diskettes with Orava Project documentation
  • Diskettes with Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Project

Box 8 - Publications relating to local history and scholarship

L'ud oravy v minulosti.  Pavol Caplovic, 1980

Subeznice zivota oravskeho cloveka.  Milan Klen, 1992

Novot.  Peter Huba, 1991

Oravska polhora.  Peter Huba

Vychodna.  Karol Kallay, 1991

Nizna, slovom a obrazom.  Peter Huba, 1994

Dolny kubin.  Peter Huba, 1992

Pizen, univerzitni mesto


Muzeum oravskej dediny, sprievodca po expozicii.  Peter Huba, 1986

English-Czech dictionary.  Jiri Mares, Peter Gavora, 1999

Basic Slovak.  Jozef Mistrik, 1980

Schools in Dolny Kubin District.  1997

Box 9 - Financial data, unprocessed

Processing Information

Collection processed and inventory developed by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, March 2013. Updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, December 2017 and April 2018. Linear feet updated September 6, 2017.

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