Laboratory School General Photograph Collection, 1958-2012

Collection Overview

Title: Laboratory School General Photograph Collection, 1958-2012

Record Series: 25/21/01

Creator: MPLS

Date: 1958-2012

Extent: 10.84 linear feet, 22 boxes

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: This material is entirely in English.

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Scope and Content

This is a composite collection consisting of material already in the University Archives as well as considerable additional material that came to the University Archives in the summer of 2012, as part of the process of clearing the Malcolm Price Laboratory School building after the school's closing in June 2012.

Boxes 1 and 2 are student and staff portrait photographs.  They consist primarily of photographic sheets with individual photographs of students and staff in each school grade.  Some of the sheets are well-identified, some are partially identified, and some are not identified at all.  CDs accompany the prints of some of the later years.  The processor of this collection has not yet verified the contents of the CDs, but they likely contain the images that appear on the prints.

Boxes 3-15 are photographic prints and negatives relating to the students, staff, and activities of the Price Laboratory School.  There is an extensive note below on the challenges that this excellent collection poses to the researcher.

Box 16 contains photographs of athletics teams and performance groups, such as choirs and bands.

Box 17 contains photographs from small albums and discrete collections apparently made for specific occasions or purposes.

Boxes 18-21 contains unprocessed and unidentified photographs, most fairly recent

Digital copies of a variety of photos can be found Here.

Digital copies of yearbooks can be found Here.


Box 1

Student portraits,1958-1959--2001-2002

Box 2

Student portraits, 2002-2003--2011-2012

Note on Boxes 3-12
Boxes 3-15 are a treasure trove of photographic prints and negatives documenting the students, staff, and activities of the Price Laboratory School from 1984-2000.  When this material arrived in the University Archives in the summer and fall of 2012,  it was in large three ring binders labeled "Photo Log" and "PLS Photos".  Lynn Dykstra and other members of the Price Laboratory School faculty and staff took these photographs and maintained this collection.  Each binder included material in labeled envelopes from a school year or a portion of a school year.  Material was arranged in chronological order.  Brief notes on most envelopes described the general contents of the envelopes:  for example, Beginning Reading Conference or Custodians.  The envelope notes also usually included a date, though this date could be either the date on which an event happened or the date on which the film was developed.

In so far as possible, the processor of this collection maintained the chronological order in which the material arrived.  The contents of each envelope were placed into folders labeled almost exactly according to the notes found on the envelopes.  However, the processor noted that there was not an exact correspondence between the prints and negatives in each envelope.  There were frequently many more negatives than prints, or vice versa, and, occasionally, there were either no negatives or no prints at all.  What is more, the labels did not completely describe what was depicted in the prints or negatives:  there were often more or fewer subjects covered in the prints or negatives than the label stated.

But, at least in the initial stage of arrangement, the processor chose to stay as close as possible to the original envelope notes.  Much more detailed arrangement remains to be done.  Consequently, the researcher will need to be flexible in his strategy.  There may well be considerably more or less on the prints and negatives than the folder label states.---Gerald L. Peterson

Box 3 - 1984-1991

1984 Classrooms

1985 African visitor

1985 Computers

1986 Computer lab

1986 Classrooms

1986 Microteaching in TV studio

1987 Student entering school

1987 Bob Lee; physical education

1987 Nussle

1987 Sharon's party

1988 Miscellaneous

1988 Sandra Malay

1988 Music

1989 Miscellaneous

1990 Miscellaneous

1990 Retreat house

December 1990 Computers

1991 Miscellaneous

Box 3A - 1991-June 1993

1991 Miscellaneous; threads quilt

March 1991 Summer school; computer labs

Fall 1991 Library and units

1992 Miscellaneous

1992 NALS at PLS

Fall 1992 Fiber optics; telecom; NALS

Fall 1992 Fiber optics transmission; Wright Hall

1992-1993 High school physical education and music

1993 Miscellaneous; display unit; Parents Weekend

1993 Miscellaneous; elementary handbook

1993? Library and classrooms

1993 Classrooms and staff

Spring 1993 Kids with bubbles

Spring 1993? Students; Lynn Schwandt, Glenda Salyer, Judy Vowell

Spring 1993 Classrooms

Spring 1993 Registration handbook

Spring 1993 Hallways and classrooms

Spring 1993 Student Council; Spanish

April 1993 Elementary Student Council; Glenn Nelson; Argelia Hawley

June 1993 Fieldhouse, after fire

Box 4 - Summer 1993-January 1995

Summer 1993 Camp Adventure

September 23, 1993 Mentor meeting

1993 NALS

1993-1994 Classroom activities

1994 Music; Fanelli

1994 Swimming; broomball; auditorium performance

1994 Miscellaneous

1994 Physical education

January 1994 Photo log - Olympics

March 1994 Unit II M. Schneider Transmission

Spring 1994 Unit II Transmissions

May 1994 Regents slides

1994 Miscellaneous; Craig Johnson; Summer school

Fall 1994 Music

Fall 1994 Hawley's class Unit II

Fall 1994 Gore teleconference; D. McCarty

December 1994 Diane McCarty; Music Elementary

1994-1995 Physical education

1995? Creative drama

1995 Family Fest; OSFE

January 1995 or 1996 Fieldhouse interior

Box 5 - February-November 6, 1995

February 1995 Modern Language; Fieldhouse

March 1995 MIMMS project

March 1995 Dennis Kettner; Math

March 1995 Fieldhouse

April 1995 Gail Gibbons & Fieldhouse construction

Summer 1995 Rochetry class; Darrow

Summer 1995 Fieldhouse construction

Fieldhouse dedication

April 1995 Gail Gibbons; Beginning Reading Conference

October 1995 Creative drama, Unit I

October 1995 Creative drama; Barbara Heitzman

November 1995 Language Arts; Creative drama; Ben Meyer's class

November 1995 World Wide Web workshop; Lee Zeitz

November 1995 Kay Treiber - Fiber Optics, Loretta Kuse

November 1995 Michael Fanelli's class

November 6, 1995 Loretta Kuse class; fiber optics

Box 6 - November 14, 1995-June 1996

November 14, 1995 Fanelli transmission; Hallways

November 14, 1995 Parents Weekend

November-December 1995 Child Development Center

December 1995 Child Development Center

December 1995 Outdoor physical education; Neil Phipps

December 1995 Multicultural Council poster

1995 Michael Fanelli, Orchestra

November 1995 Kay Treiber; Loretta Kuse; transmission; Branstad/Koob

January 1996 Faculty/Staff inservice

January 1996 Basketball shots

Spring 1996 Awards ceremony

Spring 1996 Language Arts; Sue Savereide

April 1996 Argelia Hawley's students; Baseball

April 1996 LaVoies class; Daycare

May 1996 Technical Planning Day 

June 1996 Summer math adventure

Box 7 - September-November 6, 1996

September 1996 Broadcasting; Staff

September 1996 Staff

September 1996 Staff; Hallways

Fall 1996 Staff

October 1996 Leonard Upham

October 1996 Daycare; Math

October 1996 Gloria Holmes classroom

November 1996 Cabinets; essay winners; school scenes

November 1996 ICN

November 1996 Peterus; ICN; Graber 

November 6, 1996 MacLennan; Bugs

Box 8 - December 1996-September 1997

December 1996 Custodians

December 18, 1996 Brown bag luncheon; Linda Sharp Renfro

1997 Multicultural education

Summer 1997 Daycare; Summer

Summer 1997 Weight room; Daycare

1997? Physical education

January 1997 Panama;  Pride candy

April 1997 Play;  Mary Guenther;  ICN

May 1997 Unit II play

May 1997 Unit II play

May 1997 Culture Council

May 1997 May Day Festival

May 1997 McCloud pictures

June 1997 Mary Schneider Summer workshop

August 25, 1997 Inservice

September 1997 Child Development Center

September 1997 Democratic Forum;  CDC;  computers

September 1997 Staff;  fair

September 1997  Staff; Classrooms

Box 9 - Fall 1997-January 1998

Fall 1997 Miscellaneous

September 1997  Staff;  Middle School; outdoors

September 1997 Sele's visit; Mary Franken; CDC

September 1997  Staff

September 1997  Staff;  Pep rally

1997 Homecoming

October 1997 ITED

October 1997 Culture Council; Secondary math (John Tarr); Middle School class; Secondary Business Education

November 1997 Mistakes and Memories

November 1997  Russian  ICN taping

December 1997 L. Vis; Elementary physical education

December 1997 Earl Ochenga and Vicki Olesen; Math

January 1998 Grade 5; Jan Mitchell

January 1998 Teacher Convocation slideshow classes

Box 10 - January-April 1998

January 1998 Physical education; Recess; Cooking

January 1998 Bakery; 3rd grade

January 1998 Hallway

January 1998  Unit II before remodeling

February 1998  Unit II remodeling

February 1998 Unit II remodeling;  Kettner

February 1998  Don Darrow;  pride items

March 1998  Peer helpers

March 1998  Pep assembly

March 1998  High School students;  graphing calculators;  peer helpers;  writing conferences

April 1998 CDC

April 1998  Greeters

April 1998 Greeters; Science wax museum

April 1998  Greeters;  staff;  bicycles

April 1998  Music

April 1998  Trieber;  technology education;  Library  

Box 11 - April-September 1998

April 1998  Greeters;  Jim Becker

April 1998  Trieber; paper constructon;  Middle School;  Maucker

April 1998  Staff;  BRC;  Book signing

April 1998  Reese transmission;  Citizenship signs

April 1998  Reese/Fanelli transmission

April 1998  Unit II grand opening

May 1998  Office pictures

May 1998  Diversity Day;  Computer lab

May 1998  Honors Assembly;  Ross Nielsen

May 1998  Spring tea

August 1998  Staff

August 1998 Staff

August 1998 Staff; Faculty workshop

September 1998 Staff; Computer lab; ICN

September 1998 Staff

Box 12 - September-December 1998

September 1998 Staff; Ruth Ann Gaines

September 1998 Mentoring session at Hartman

September 1998 Family Fest

October 1998 Korean visitors in Linda Graber's room

October 1, 1998 Homecoming king and queen candidates

October 1998 Korean visitors; ICN; Parents weekend

November 1998 Mentor meeting

November 1998 HP luncheon

November 1998 Des Moines school; American classics; library

November 1998 V. Oleson's students; Japanese display, Sue and Dean

Box 13 - January-April 1999

1999? Beginning Reading Conference

1999? Unidentified

January 1999 Model legislature students

January 1999 Leonard Upham; NCA evaluations

Fall 1998 or Spring 1999 Rosa Findlay cooking with students

February 1999 Washington, D.C.; NALS trip; desert bulletin board; social studies

February 1, 1999 Technical inservice

March 1999 Masks-Art

March 1999 Russian exchange; ICN; Music

March 1999 Hallways; science; elementary music

March 2, 1999 NU Helpers

April 1999 Hallways; Rosa and grandchild

April 1999 Beginning Reading Conference

April 1999 Peer helpers

April 1999 Music Hallways

April 1999 Business education; Social studies; Library

April 1999 Bosnian Day; Leonard Music

Box 14 - May-October 1999

May 1999 Math displays; butterfly garden; computer lab; library

May 1999 Unit II Math displays

Fall 1999 Sheri Hoffman; Meet faculty signs

September 1999 Leesa Talbott's room; Sharlene, Nadene Davidson, Jim Stichter, Drama, Paul Horton

September 1999 Michelle Swanson's class

September 10, 1999 Faculty/Staff; Sherry Mauback

May 1999 Staff

May 1999 Staff  Classrooms

September 1999 Staff, classrooms

September-October 1999 Parents weekend; Assembly

Box 15 - October 1999-January 2000 plus undated and unidentified

October 1999  New Faculty;  Art Auction

November 1999  Polish visitors;  Social studies;  Veterans Day

November 1999  NU Singers;  NALS

November 1999 Fitness Friday

December 1999 Fitness Friday; Geography Bee

January 2000 Gore, Kennedy visit

January 2000 Mark Culver; Artist working with class

undated Leesa Talbot

undated Sharon Hansen

undated Mark Culver

undated Greeters


Box 16 - Athletic team and performance group photos, 1964-1965, 1967, 2001-2012

Box 17 - Albums and collections

Student, staff, and activities, c. 1997

Sixth grade field trip on Gary Paulsen's Hatchet

Laboratory School, 1935-1936; Class of 1939 reunions, 1964, 1994

Reunion, May 1986

Unit III, 1986-1988

Visit to Japan

Internal marketing

Boxes 18-21

Unprocessed and unidentified photographs

Processing Information

Collection processed by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, November 2012; updated, June 1, 2016 (GP). Updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, February 2018. Linear feet updated on August 25, 2017; Updated to include links in Scholarworks by Lydia L. Paklala, June 26, 2019.

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