Laboratory School Student Work, ca. 1970-2005

Collection Overview

Title: Laboratory School Student Work, ca. 1970-2005

Record Series: 25/22/07

Creator: MPLS

Date: ca. 1970-2005

Extent: 3.17 linear feet, 3 boxes

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: This material is entirely in English.

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Accessing the Collection:

There are no restrictions on the use of this material.

Preferred Citation: [Identification of item] in the Laboratory School Student Work collection, ca. 1970-2005, Archives Record Series 25/22/07, [box and folder number], University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa

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Historical Note

This material arrived in the University Archives after the closing of the Laboratory School in June 2012

Scope and Content

The material in this collection consists of creative work by students of the Malcolm Price Laboratory School.  The work consists primarily of booklets containing writing and illustration by students in the lower grade levels.  Some of the work was created by a single student or a small group of students.  Other work was the work of an entire class.  The work of Mary Schneider Stichter's Unit II students is most strongly represented.  But there is a small number of other pieces as well. Pieces in Box 1 are mostly 8 1/2" X 11"; pieces in Boxes 2-3 are mostly 12" X 18".


Box 1

Problem solving, 2002

PLS penny problems; Student Council, 2002

The awesome book of Panther cheers; Student Spirit Squad

Brad Denning; photo

Devon Shaver; self portrait

Ashley Wagner

Holocaust images

The doorbell rang; Unit II

High five

Our time book; Mrs. Schneider's Unit II class

The farm alphabet book

When I grow up; Unit II

Family math; Mrs. Schneider's class, 2000

What's your name?; Unit II, 2000

You don't have to be afraid; Unit II, 2002

Anson Poe, Sonny Le; A trip to California

Tessa Michaelsen; America's diary, a dream lived by all of us

Geography riddles; Mrs. Rohret's 4th grade, 2002-2003

Katie Judas; How do I get to the magic forest?

Josh Staebell; The village people

Jenny Schatzberg, Megan Hardy, Deirdre Spray; Piper

Anne Thompson, Bill Thompson; Moon Lake

Ryan Hahn, John Bergman, Tamone Williams; There is something under my bed

Jamie McConeghey, Kara, Amelia; The story of the itty bitty princess

Emily Schlader; To a better life

Lucy Weilein; Girls like boys

Neal Preuss, Shaun Bullock, Brandon B.; The touchdown kid

Joshua Hoppes; The legend

The little boy who wanted to play in the snow

Elaine Newsom, Corey, Dominique; Dinosaur informational ABC book

Brendel; The green plane

Brittany Parsons, Emil Highnam, S. Strever; A sleeping beauty story

Renee Spelley; The crazy maze alphabet

Jenna Davis, Elizabeth Berry, Kelsi Hanson; Princess for a penny

Evan Shanley, Jared, Matt Schoon; My first baseball game

Matt Gersch, John, Rhyse, Keith; The boy who liked soccer

Natt Wieck, Francisco, Taylor, Jared; The bigger picture

Emily Hanson, Katherine Stone, Savannah Ivey; Hannah and the search for her parents

Bailey Leymaster, Ellie Tallakson, Danielle Thompson; Ants

Jason Bruskh; Alex's adventure

Nicky Singh; The alien spaceship

Nicky Singh; What if?

Mary Weber; Raining cats and dogs

Ashley Davidson, Jasmine Singh, Katie Dahl; The land of underground candy

Meagan Schneider, Elizabeth Hoffman; The sleepless princess

Cole, Kara; Cole vs. the giant

RaeVonn Kearns; Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sybil Cox; ABC

Jeremy Nicholls; ABC

Tanner Cooke; ABC flip book

Katie Harshberger; At the center, 1993

Megan Mahan; Ink spots, 2000

Wendy Connor; Orange sunshine, 1995

Scott Westin; Memories of Scott, 1979-1991

Haiku poetry book; fifth grade, Mrs. Lockhart's class, 2005

NU intramural flag football league, business plan for Mr. Dave Smith; Entrepreneurship Class, 2005

NU High Dodgeball Club, business plan submitted to Mr. Dave Smith, Entrepreneurship Class, 2005

Selected recipes from Fundamentals of Home Economics, 1983

Selected recipes from Fundamentals of Home Economics, Nadene Davidson, 1985

The Panther scrapbook, May 1949 (literary magazine), Richard Braddock, Miss Russell

A poetic conglomeration, by the creative half of the Class of 1965, Cathy Southall, Linda Hott, Barbara Hughes, Diana Lott, Deah Pettit

Products of the poetry writing class, Upward Bound, summer 1970

Seventh heaven, booklet of creative writing by students in Sue Savereide's seventh grade class, spring 1990

Malcolm Price Laboratory School notepad with student creative writing printed in lower left hand corner

Box 2

Big book of community helpers; Mrs. Schneider's Unit II class

The paper crane, by Molly Bang; illustrated by Mrs. Schneider's first grade

Goal setting; Unit II

The paper crane, by Molly Bang; Mrs. Schneider's first grade class, 1992

Mufaro's beautiful daughters; John Steptoe

Polar bear, polar bear, what did you hear?, by Bill Martin and Eric Carle; illustrated by Mrs. Schneider's first grade class, 1991

Dance at Grandpa's, by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?, by Bill Martin and Eric Carle; illustrated by Mrs. Schneider's first grade, 1991

Our money stories

Arctic animals; Mrs. Schneider's Unit II class, 1999

Box 3

The very hungry caterpillar, by Eric Carle; illustrated by Mrs. Schneider's first grade

Happy teeth; Unit II, 1999

Unit II rules!!

Class rules; Mrs. Schneider's Unit II, 1999-2000

Baby animals

School bus

The very healthy Unit II students

The runaway pancake; retold by Mrs. Schneider's class

First grade story problems; written by Mrs. S.'s and Mrs. T.s first grade class, 1992-1993

Processing Information

Collection processed by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, February 2013; updated, March 5, 2013 (GP). Updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, February 2018. Linear feet updated September 20, 2017.

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