Laboratory School Subject Files, 1918-2012

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Title: Laboratory School Subject Files, 1918-2012

Record Series: 25/00/17

Creator: MPLS

Date: 1918-2012

Extent: 9.08 linear feet, 7 boxes

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.  

Language: This material is entirely in English.

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There are no restrictions on the use of this material.

Preferred Citation: [Identification of item] in the Laboratory Subject Files collection, 1918-2012, Archives Record Series 25/00/17, [box and folder number], University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa  

Scope and Content

This is a composite record series consisting of material that came to the University Archives in the summer of 2012, as part of the process of clearing the Malcolm Price Laboratory School building after the school's closing in June 2012.  The material in this series was scattered throughout well over one hundred boxes before it was united here as a means of assisting researchers.

Material in this series is organized down to the folder level, but processing continues on the contents of the folders themselves.  These folders vary greatly in depth and breadth.  Some present good runs of information; others consist of merely a page or two. 

There is also considerable overlap between and among folders.  For example, work related to public relations, image, and mission appears in a number of places.  Researchers would be wise to look over the inventory of all seven boxes in order to be sure that they cover their topic.

Despite occasional coverage going back as far as 1918, most of the records cover the period from about 1988 through 2012. 


Box 1

Abstract of land titles at Price Laboratory School site, 1945

Activities (news clippings), 1968-1970, and other years

Administrative organization chart, 1995-1996

Administrative team, correspondence, notes, agenda, 1991-2000

President Benjamin Allen visit to College of Education, July 31, 2006

Alma Mater, by Les Hale

Asbestos in the Laboratory School, 1988-1990

Athletics correspondence, 1993-1998

Attendance and open enrollment agreement, 2012

Attendance record book, grades 4-6, 1991-1992

Attendance zones and policy

Audit--internal audit report, 2000

Automated external defibrillator policy and manual, 2011

Basic Educational Data survey, 1986-1995

Beginning Reading Conference, 2001-2003, 2005-2010

Box 2

Benchmarks and standards, c. 2004

Bloodborne pathogens, exposure control plan 2008

Board of Regents, report to, May 1992

Board of Regents, 1994, 1999

Board of Regents, remarks by Jody Stone, c. 2002

Boundary Task Force report, 2004

Budgets, 2005-2010

Budget, 2008-2009

Building Equity Plan, 2000

Butterfly Garden--Eacret Memorial

Callahan recommendations on Laboratory School, October 17, 2002

Career plans of NUHS graduates, 1966-1984

Caring Community, elementary citizenship program, 2001

Cedar Falls Schools, enrollment correspondence, 1991, 1994, 1998

Character awards, 2009

Character--National Schools of Character award applications, 2007, 2008

Child Development Center

Child Development Center, Family Policy and Procedures Handbook, 2011

Child Development Center grant, 2011

Citizenship--Thank you, Elementary Student Council, 2002

Citizenship--Respect, Elementary Student Council, 2003

Class of 1995, Three Year Follow Up, 1999, by Becky Hawbaker

Class officers, 1996-1997

College of Education, memoranda, 1994-1997

Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, 2003-2004

Conflict resolution wheel, Elementary Student Council

Contribution of the college-controlled Laboratory School to teacher education, report to participants, 1960

Culture of Excellence and Ethics assessment, 2011

Curriculum--elementary, c. 2008


Curriculum--social studies, 1945-1975

Curriculum guide--elementary instruction

Defining the relationship; student teacher and cooperating teacher, 1995

Department chair responsibilities

Department of Education, Iowa, correspondence,1992-1997

Department of Teaching on the World Wide Web, 1996

Department of Teaching, Price Laboratory Division, report, 2002

Department of Teaching, reorganization ideas

Director, responsibilities and assessments

Discipline plan recommendations, 1998

Educational Equity Advisory Committee, 2000

Emergency handbook, 1994

Emergency procedures, 2006-2007, 2010

Enrollment, 1923-1945

Enrollment reports to United States Office of Education, 1930-1933, 1938

Enrollment reports to Iowa Department of Education, 1970-1997 (with gaps)

Enrollment reports to Board of Regents, 1995-1998

Equipment inventory, 1946

Equity review, 1996

Equity review report, 1996-1999

Box 3


  • General
  • Maps and floorplans
  • Rooms 4, 6A, 6B remodel for Counseling Service, 1991
  • Fire safety improvements, 1991
  • Heating system replacement feasibility study, 1994
  • Room 39E, 1995
  • Facility improvement study, 2003
  • Model space program, 2003
  • Playground planning, 2004
  • Fieldhouse air conditioning, 2006
  • Pool inspection, 2008
  • Master plan for the UNI Mark Messersmith track and field complex, October 2008 (draft)
  • Petition to eliminate pesticide application, 2010
  • Building information report, 2010
  • Preliminary building concepts; Iowa Research and Development School, 2010
  • Rooms 109 and 110 remodel, 2011
  • Tuckpointing, 2012
  • Butzier Auditorium stage
  • Plan for new school building on UNI campus
  • Proposal for a new Northern University High School
  • Existing facility assessment and preliminary building concepts for a statewide research and development school, Perkins and Will, June 15, 2010--Oversized, located in Box 7

Facts about Price Laboratory School, 1993

Faculty activities, 1992-1993

Faculty, professional contributions, 2000-2001

Faculty and staff information, 2006-2007

Faculty load, 1999

Faculty meetings, 1991-1996 (with gaps)

Faculty publications, 1977

Faculty salary adjustments, 1992, 1993, 1995, 2000

Fees for students, 2011-2012

Field experience, 1968

Field experience handbook, 1992-1993

Fieldhouse (including fire)

First Amendment Schools, information and reports

Box 4

First Amendment Schools, information and reports, continued

Food service, correspondence and reports, 1993-1995

Foreign language study, edited by James Becker

Grassroots Café, 2010

Guidance program, elementary school, by Clare Struck

Harassment policy, 1994

Health services, policies and standing orders

History of the Laboratory School

Impact of the Laboratory School, services, activities, contributions, 1985-1986

Insurance, 2010-2011

Internship handbook, PK-12 principal and supervisor, special education, 2008

Intime--integrating new technologies into the methods of education

Iowa High School Mathematics and Science Summit, 2008

Iowa Peace Institute, 1990-1991

Iowa's Laboratory School, presentation

ITBS, ITED class scores, 1997-2004

Roger Kueter, questions and answers on Price Laboratory School future, 1990

Laboratory schools do make a difference, 1982

Language Arts Department, memoranda, c. 1993

Language arts standards and benchmarks, c. 2001

Malcolm Price Laboratory School, general information

Malcolm Price Laboratory School, planning and data, c. 1993

Malcolm Price Laboratory School and its role at UNI, 1989

Malcolm Price Laboratory School functions and staffing, 1984

Malcolm Price Laboratory School Study Team, new directions, 2001

Malcolm Price Laboratory School survey, 1996-1997

Mathematics survey, 2003-2004

Mathematics information, c. 2002

McElroy Trust grant, 2007

Marketing plan, 2001

Mentoring, 1998-1999

Middle School Senate

Multicultural non-sexist advisory committee, 1997-1998

Music adjudication

Music department, 2006

Box 5

National Association of Laboratory Schools, correspondence, reports, meetings

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, visits and reports

National Schools Fitness Foundation, grant, 2002-2005

Nielsen Fieldhouse Naming Committee, correspondence and planning, 1986-1998

New Hartford Schools, curriculum sharing considerations, 1990-1991

Newsletters, miscellaneous titles and issues

NUHS graduates at University of Northern Iowa

Open enrollment legislation and rules, 1990-1994

Open enrollment policy

Open enrollment, public relations and marketing, 2007-2008

Outdoor education--Corrine Harper

Outreach and Professional Development Team, 2008-2009

Peat, Marwick reports, 1990-1992

People Learning through Study Service, 2002, 2005

Physical education and athletics, correspondence and reports, 1985-1994

Professional Assessment Committee, procedures, 1996

Professional Development for Iowa Educators, 1995-1998

Professional development invoices, 2007-2009

Professional Development School Committee, report to Council on Teacher Education, 2002

Program Committee minutes, 1989-1994

Public relations

Public relations and marketing

Public relations plan, Bonomi and Company, 1990

Responsibility in common areas, 2000-2001

Box 6

Research and Development School ideas, c. 2010

Research, development, and dissemination, December 1989

Reichmann Fund, 1991

Rigor at the high school level, c. 2005

Rigor in mathematics and science

Rigor, relevance, and relationships:  high school reform at Price Lab/NU High

Russian language study

Schedules, 1998-2000

Scheduling classes

School districts using Laboratory School products, 1988-1989

School improvement plan, 1993

Science Activity Fund, ledgers, 1969-1973, 1978-1990

Science education

Science program, impact, 2007

Senior Year Experience, 2002

Standardized tests, Longitudinal studies of, 1991

Strategic plan, 2002-2005

Strategic plan, research and development school, 2011

Strategic planning

Strategic Planning Committee, 2006-2007

Student and parent surveys, 2003-2004

Student teaching handbook, physical education

Student teaching observations, 1918-1947

Student teaching participants, 1966-1968

Student teaching--join the partnership

Substitute policies and procedures, 1996

Task Force on Price Laboratory School, May 1988

Task Force Committee, 1997-1998

Task Force on Price Laboratory School, files, 2007

Teaching centers--student teachers, 1940-1950

Teaching, research, and service, 1986-1989

Techniques and exercises with the pen in biological illustration, James Kelly and John Downey

Ten-point plan, 2008


Transportation, 2011

Waterloo Schools, correspondence, 1968-1989

Whole Child Initiative award assembly

Box 7

Existing facility assessment and preliminary building concepts for a statewide research and development school, Perkins and Will, June 15, 2010

Processing Information

This collection was processed by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, October 2012; updated May 4, 2016 (GP). Updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, January 2018. Linear feet updated on August 31, 2017.

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