Library Committee List, ca. 1980-2015

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Title: Library Committee List, ca. 1980-2015

Record Series: 22/01/03

Creator: UNI Library

Date: ca. 1980-2015

Extent: 26.39 feet, 26 boxes

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: This material is entirely in English.

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Scope and Content

This collection contains lists of Library committees, task forces, and working groups


Listed alphabetically by the first significant word in the group name

Box 1 - A

Acceptable Use Policy for Rod Library Public Access Computers, Ad Hoc Committee

Access to Library Building, Ad Hoc Committee

Accompanying Materials at the Circulation Desk, Ad Hoc Committee

Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, Task Force (1980)

Arts Interest Group

Assessment Task Force

Box 2 - B

Barcoding Project Committee (1989)

Bibliographic Control of Serials, Task Force

Browsing Room Collection


Building Naming Ceremony Committee

Box 3 - C

CAP Steering Committee

Catherine Haynes Memorial Fund Committee

CD-ROM Committee

Center for the Enhancement of Teaching Space Use, Task Force on

Committee to Study Periodical Procedures

Compact Shelving Space, Ad Hoc Committee on the Use of

Computer Liaison Working Group

Box 4 - D

Data Services Task Force

Database Usage Subcommittee

Dedication of 4th Level Addition to Rod Library Committee

Digitization Strategy Task Force 

Diversity Task Force

Box 5 - E

Electronic Resources Committee, 2010-

Electronic Resources Study Committee, Ad Hoc

Emergency Manual

Employee Development Committee

Exhibits Committee

Exhibit Photos

Box 6 - F

Faculty Budget Committee

Faculty Bylaws Committee, Ad Hoc

Faculty Development Committee

Faculty Evaluation Committee, Ad Hoc

Faculty Evaluation Handbook, Ad Hoc Committee to Revise/Update, Fall 1997

Faculty Evaluation Handbook Committee

Faculty Exchange Study Committee (1980)

Faculty Nominations and Elections Committee

Faculty Senate Exporatory Committee

Faculty Status Committee

Feasibility Study

Fire/Evacuation Committee

Food and Drink Committee

Furniture and Design-4th Floor, Task Force on

Box 7 - G

Government Documents Task Force

Box 8 - H


Box 9 - I

Identification Card, 1998, Committee on the Development of a UNI

Innopac Release 10, Ad Hoc Committee

Institutional Repository Implementation

Box 10 - J


Box 11 - K


Box 12 - L

Learning Commons Task Force

Library Assessment Task Force

Library Hours Study, Ad Hoc Committee

Library Instruction Committee

Library Reorganization Task Force

Library Working Environment Task Force

Box 13 - M

Marketing Committee

May Term, 2001, Ad Hoc Committee to Recommend Library Services and Staffing for the

Micromaterials Location Study Committee

Millionth Volume Celebration Committee

Mobile Website Development Task Force

Box 14 - N

Non-book Materials, 1981, Committee Examining

Box 15 - O

Online Databases, Ad Hoc Committee to Evaluate

Box 16 - P

Paper Recycling Committee

Periodical Oversight Committee

Preservation Task Force

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Public Computers, Committee to Recommend Location of Additional

Public Relations Committee

Box 17 - Q


Box 18 - R

Reference Orientation and Training Committee

Reorganization Task Force

Rethinking Reference

Retirement Party Committee

Box 19 - S

Safety Working Group

Scholarly Communication Committee Planning

Search Procedures Study Group

Serials Task Force

Space Planning Committee

Staff Development Committee

Staff Lounge Committee

Strategic Planning Committee

Student Employment Advisory Committee

Student Computer Fee Funds, Ad Hoc Committee

Student Technology Fee Task Force

Box 20 - T

Technology Futures Design Group

Travel Fund Committee

Box 21 - U

Upward Evaluation Committee

User Interface Task Force (1989)

Box 22 - V

Video Collection, Ad Hoc Committee to Establish Policies and Procedures for

Box 23 - W

Web Advisory Council, 2015-


Web Committee, OPAC, OSICC, Assessment

Web Committee (2003-2004)

Web OPAC, Ad Hoc Committee to Redesign

Wireless Computing for Rod Library, Ad Hoc Committee to Investigate

Boxes 24-26 - X, Y, Z 


Processing Information

List developed by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, October 2010; updated December 9, 2014 by Library Assistant Joy Lynn. Updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, January 2018 and April 2018. Linear feet updated on September 20, 2017.

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