North Central Association Accreditation Visit Files, 2001 

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Title: North Central Association Accreditation Visit Files, 2001 

Record Series: 03/01/18

Creator: UNI

Date: 2001

Extent: 3.75 linear feet, 3 boxes

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: This material is entirely in English.

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Scope and Content

List of documents in numerical order; list of documents in alphabetical order; list of reports and material available in resource room; list of files returned to owner


Box 1

100--Educational and Student Services Division

101--Rod Library

102--Athletics Department

103--Academic Affairs Reporting

104--Registrar annual report, 1999-2000

105--UNI Foundation reports

106--UNI Faculty Senate

107--Public Safety

108--Board of Regents calendar of governance reports

109--Student outcomes assessment

110--Technology in the colleges

111--UNI strategic plan, 2001-2006

112--Review of General Education Area V, communication essentials

113--Office of Compliance and Equity Management, 1999-2000

114--University committees

115--Constitution of the faculty

116--Proposed budget, FY 2000

117--Graduating Senior Survey, December 1998-May 1999

118--Physical Plant safety and health report

119--College student experiences questionnaire

120--General Education recommendations

121--UNI Faculty committees

122--Center for Multicultural Education

123--Office of the Registrar

124--Office of Placement and Career Services

125--Collaborative/cooperative interinstitutional projects

126--Master agreement between state of Iowa Board of Regents and UNI-United Faculty, 1995-1997

127--Directory of Referral Resources of Curricular and Career Information, 1999-2000

128--Student organization directory

129--Scholarships at UNI for undergraduates and graduates, 1999-2000

130--Curriculum Review Process Information Handbook, 1998

131--Alumni survey, 1998

132--Alumni relations information forum, October 1999

133--General Education Area V, communication essentials

134--Scholarships at UNI for freshman and transfer students, 1999-2000

135--Persistence at the state universities, fall 1990

136--Programs and courses catalogue, 1998-2000

137--Athletic gender equity review, May 1994

138--UNI/NCA self study report, April 1991

139--Summer school survey, advanced registration for summer 2000

140--Incoming freshman survey, summer 1998

141--Computer, library, and summer school survey, fall semester 1998

142--Graduating senior survey, December 1998-May 1999

143--Graduating senior survey, May 1998

144--Graduating senior survey, May 1997

145--Graduating senior survey, December 1997

146--Student climate survey, advanced registration for spring semester, 1998

147--Profile of students enrolled at UNI, fall semester, 1998

148--No file present

149--Student climate survey, advanced registration for spring semester, 1999

150--Incoming freshman survey, summer 1999

151--Computer and library satisfaction survey, advanced registration for fall 1999

152--Profile of students enrolled at UNI, fall semester, 1999

153--Faculty and staff climate survey, spring semester, 2000

154--Student climate survey, advanced registration for spring semester, 2000

155--Computer and library satisfaction survey, advanced registration for fall 2000

156--Student profiles, 1998-1999

157--Graduate College scholarship, February 1993

158--Schedule of classes, fall 2000

159--Telephone directory, 1999-2000

160--Campus master plan update, 2000

161--Faculty development funding, 1991-2001

162--Humanities major reappraisal, 1992

163--Report to faculty on evaluation of President Koob, spring 2000

164--General Education review policy

165--General Education progress report materials, 1995

166--General Education program review response, category I, 1992

167--A University in Pursuit of Quality, 1996

168--Appropriation request, FY 2001

169--Strengthening undergraduate education, September 1998

170--Third party and public comments on UNI accreditation

171--Institutional response to the 1991 NCA evaluation team report

172--Appleson comments on NCA draft report, September 28, 2000

173--Profile of students enrolled, fall 1995

Box 2

174--Computer and library survey, advanced registration for fall 1997

175--US News and World Report, 2000

176--Information disclosure Web sites

177--Physical Plant Safety and Health Committee program

178--Annual financial report, year end June 30, 1995

179--Annual financial report, year end June 30, 1996

180--Annual financial report, year end June 30, 1997

181--Annual financial report, year end June 30, 1998

182--Annual financial report, year end June 30, 1999

183--Annual financial report, year end June 30, 2000

184--ACT prediction research service report, 1980-1999

185--CSEQ implications for General Education outcomes, October 2000

186--Center for the Enhancement of Teaching report

187--Affirmative action progress report to NCA, 1995

188--Database inventory for NCA self study, July 1999

189--Admission requirements

190--Admission procedures relating to campus unrest

191--Role and scope of Regents institutions

192--Statement of institutional mission

193--Admission requirements, ISD and IBSSS

194--Academic Program Review, Board of Regents minutes, November 14, 1974

195--Appraisal of General Education for UNI/NCA self study

196--College of Business Administration self study report, June 1999

197--Self study plan, Overview 1

198--Review criteria for new centers and institutes

199--Post-audit of new or expanded programs

200--Accreditation reporting

201--Principles and standards for program duplication

202--Academic freedom

203--Calendar changes

204--Campus speakers and programs

205--Credit by examination

206--Extension/continuing education services

207--Patents and copyrights

208--Faculty activity analysis

209--Faculty consulting analysis

210--Withholding student transcripts

211--Policy on academic program termination and reduced admissions

212--Classification of residents and non-residents

213--Distribution of information to prospective students

214--Iowa Coordinating Council for Post-High School Education

215--International agreements

216--Policy on interinstitutional cooperation

217--Strategic planning

218--College-bound program

219--Policies on notification of students of class content

220--Distance education

221--Planning and Policy Committee for IT minutes

222--Student Computing Advisory Committee

223--Student handbook

224--Americans with Disabilities Act policy

225--Prohibiting sexual harassment policy

226--Procedure for resolution of discrimination complaints

227--Retention and persistence to graduation (undergraduates)

228--By-laws of teacher education faculty and Council on Teacher Education, February 1998

229--Student outcomes assessment plan report to NCA, 1995

230--Academic Advising Task Force report, 1996

231--Grad pact

232--Hiring activities, 1998-1999

233--Constituency relations management plan, 1997-1999

234--Early retirement incentive program and phased retirement program, 1997

235--Minority recruitment activities and data, Graduate College, 1988-1999

236--Policies and procedures on course fees

237--Organizational charts

238--Compliance and Equity Management report, fall 2000

239--Policies and Procedures Manual

240--Credit programs and enrollment data, Continuing Education, summer 1999-fall 1999

241--Distance education report, Continuing Education, October 2000

242--NCA subcommittee report on university issues, November 1999

243--Student outcomes assessment policy, April 1991

244--Policies on interaction with other academic institutions and programs

245--Marketing plan, 2000-2001

246--Strategic plan, Building on Excellence, May 1990

247--Capstone faculty guidebook, General Education program, August 2000

248--Academic program review detailed procedures, 1999-2000 and 2000-2001

249--Academic colleges and departments summary report

250--Policy on English language proficiency (oral communication competence)

251--International Association for Management Education

252--National Association of Schools of Music

253--National Association of Schools of Art

254--Council on Social Work Education

255--American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

256--American Dietetic Association

257--National Association of Industrial Technology

258--National Recreation and Park Association; American Association of Leisure and Recreation

259--No file present

260--National Association of School Psychologists-

261--American Chemical Society

262--American Museum Association

263--Faculty roster, 2000-2001

264--Maintenance plans

265--Student handbook--residence

266--Consortial licenses for remote electronic resources

267--Art and Music library user's guide

268--Student health clinic policy and procedure statement

269--Library tours for school groups policies

270--Library public computers policy for acceptable use

271--Policies for use of Library instruction rooms and study lounges

272--Library users with disabilities

273--Library collections and resources

274--Library-related privileges for university persons

275--Interlibrary loan services, Library user's guide

276--Circulation Desk services, Library user's guide

Box 3

277--Library privileges for non-university persons

278--UNI/NCA Steering Committee minutes

279--Graduate Council minutes, 1998-2000

280--Facilities Planning Advisory Committee minutes, 1998-2000

281--Faculty Senate minutes, 1998-2000

282--Recruitment and hiring guide for faculty, August 1999

283--IPEDS staff survey, 1999

284--IPEDS staff survey, 1997

285--Non-discrimination and affirmative action policy

286--EDUCAUSE award, 2000

287--Criterion V tributary reports

288--Professional and Scientific Council constitution

289--Grants and contracts report

290--By-laws of the University Faculty Senate

291--By-laws of the Council on Teacher Education

292--Graduate faculty constitution

293--Council on Teacher Education

294--NCA report to Malcolm Price Laboratory School

295--Supervisory and Confidential Merit Personnel minutes

296--Articulation agreements

297--Program review reports

298--NCA previous reports/concerns

299--Quality in curriculum

300--Qualities of an Educated Person

301--Student outcomes assessment

302--Graduate College

303--Continuing education/special programs

304--Governmental relations

305--Strategic planning, budgets, and legislative action

306--Intellectual property workshop

307--General Education--Appraisal for NCA self study

308--General Education, category IV, social sciences

309--International programs tributary report

310--Task Force on Internships and Student Work Experience report, December 1994

311--General Education, category III, natural sciences

312--General Education, category VI, personal wellness

313--ACT prediction research service report, 1997-1998

314--Summer school survey, advanced registration, summer 1998

315--Business and Community Services, College of Business Administration

316--Food service master plan, November 1998

317--Pappas Consulting Group progress

318--Student Wellness/Recreation Center study

319--Qualities of an Education Person

320--Student alumni survey, 1998

321--Student health clinic evaluation

322--Student involvement survey

323--Student services policy--residence

324--Study of withdrawing/non-returning students

325--Food service master plan, August 1997

326--Strategic plan progress report to Board of Regents, 1996

327--Curricular and career information directory, 2000-2001

328--Information Technology Services tributary report

329--Graduate College tributary report

330--Professional and Scientific Council minutes, 1999-2001

331--Appropriation request for General Education

332--Registrar's Office NCA self study, January 2000

333--International Programs Office

334--General Education, completion of

335--Accuracy of transcripts

336--Board of Regents strategic plan

337--Budget proposed, FY 2000

338--Development of long range academic plans

339--Academic ethics/discipline

340--Faculty governance

341--Advisory boards

342--Physical Plant Safety and Health Committee minutes

343--University Health and Safety Committee minutes

344--No file present

345--Student outcomes assessment reports, College of Business Administration

346--Budget development calendar, 1999-2000

347--No file present

348--Policy on use of computer resources

349--Policy on World Wide Web

350--Humanites institute report, 2000

351--Financial aid policies

352--Library cooperation agreement

353--Maucker Union governance

354--No file present

355--College of Business Administration self study report, June 1999

356--Library--Regents universities agreements and policies

357--College of Education NCA report

358--College of Humanities and Fine Arts NCA report

359--College of Natural Sciences NCA report

360--College of Social and Behavioral Sciences NCA report

361--Graduate College NCA report

362--Continuing Education and Special Programs NCA report

363--Policies and regulations affecting students, 1990-1991

364--Student complaint log and policy

365--NCA publicity

Processing Information

Material processed and finding aid written by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, January 2006; last modified, April 16, 2012 (GP). Updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, February 2018. Linear Feet updated August 9, 2017.

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