Rod Library Fourth Floor Addition and Building Renovation Files, 1989-1995

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Title: Rod Library Fourth Floor Addition and Building Renovation Files, 1989-1995

Record Series: 22/01/13

Creator: UNI Library

Date: 1989-1995

Extent: 5.25 linear feet, 11 boxes

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: This material is entirely in English.

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Scope and Content

In the summer of 1993, after several years of planning, construction began on the fourth floor addition to the Rod Library. Many other parts of the Library were renovated during the same period.

Many staff and faculty members on campus and in the library assisted in the renovation and construction planning process. In the library, the Director of Library Services, Herbert Safford, formed a committee called the Building Expansion Committee. The papers collected by four of these committee members, Cynthia Coulter, Gerald Peterson, Patricia Larsen, and Robert Rose, along with Herbert Safford's materials, are grouped here. The papers include correspondence, newsletters, spatial calculations and other documents types.

Box one and part of box 2 contain a subject file collected by Herbert Safford on the building project. Although some of the correspondence is duplicated elsewhere in the series, the file does include many new documents.

Associate Library Director Robert Rose joined the committee after its inception. His papers, found in part of box 2 and box 3, were kept separate from the rest of the Building Expansion Committee. This was because many documents here reflect his actions and decisions he made in his capacity as Associate Director.

Gerald Peterson maintained a chronological file of materials relating to the building of the library's fourth floor. They do not contain Building Expansion Committee files, although he was a member of the committee. He also served as a liaison to the library faculty and staff, keeping them updated with construction newsletters published several times a month. Also included is correspondence from the Director of Library Services to library faculty and staff regarding the construction.

The Building Expansion Committee materials represent the cumulation of papers from committee members Cynthia Coulter, Gerald Peterson, and Patricia Larsen. Some of the correspondence is again duplicated in the other areas of the collection.

Building plans for the project are located in the Special Collections map cases in series 05/06/05.  


Box 1

Herbert Safford: Additional change requests; asbestos abatement; Building Expansion Committee correspondence; Building Expansion Committee notes, post Patricia Larsen, including floor layout materials; carpet; contractor meetings; external correspondence; Facilities Planning correspondence; faculty-staff correspondence.

Box 2

Herbert Safford, continued: Data-power; elevators; fire safety; furniture; moves; plans; schedules; telephones.

Robert Rose: 1989-1991.

Box 3

Robert Rose, continued: 1992-1995; Special Collections-Stageberg; program plan.

Box 4

Gerald Peterson: April 1993-July 1994.

Box 5

Gerald Peterson, continued: August 1994-July 1995.

Box 6

Building Expansion Committee: Meeting minutes; materials 1989-June 1992.

Box 7

Building Expansion Committee, continued: Materials July 1992-1994 and undated; Gerald Peterson notes; Gerald Peterson-Architects; Patricia Larsen notes; contest and prizes.

Box 8

Building Expansion Committee, continued: Program plan, grids, March 1990; Project Manual, volumes 1 and 2; Project Manual.

Box 9

Building Expansion Committee, continued: Program plans-undated, final draft, and March 1991; program statement, 1989-1990.

Box 10

Building Expansion Committee, continued: HVAC Feasibility Study, October 1991; asbestos removal.

Architect Selection Committee; building expansion-historical; Rod Library top floor groundbreaking and dedication video, 1993 and 1995.

Box 11

Building Programs, March 1991; Roof raising information bulletins.

Processing Information

Materials processed and finding aid created by Susan A. Basye, Library Assistant, August 1998. Modified: September 20, 2001 (SB). Updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, January 2018 and April 2018. Linear feet updated on September 20, 2017.

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