Roger Kueter. Papers, ca. 1975-2005

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Title: Roger Kueter. Papers, ca. 1975-2005

Record Series: 13/00/15

Creator: Roger Kueter

Date: ca. 1975-2005

Extent: 10 linear feet, 8 boxes

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: This material is entirely in English.

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Preferred Citation:  [Identification of item] in the Roger Kueter Papers, ca. 1975-2005, Archives Record Series 13/00/15, [box and folder number], University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa

Historical Note

Roger A. Kueter joined the faculty of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in 1970.  Since that time Professor Kueter has held a number of significant leadership positions in the College of Education, including work in the Price Laboratory School and the Office of Student Field Experience.  He was also the leader of the 2 + 2 Program partnership with Iowa community colleges. 

Professor Kueter gave this material to the University of Northern Iowa Archives in many small increments over the years.  The arrangement of this series reflects this incremental acquisitions pattern.  Researchers should look at the entire collection inventory to assure that they have covered their topics completely.

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            Roger Kueter   

Scope and Content

This collection is an important source for research on almost any important issue in the College of Education from about 1975 through about 2005.  It can be used profitably with the Thomas Switzer papers.


Box 1

Correspondence, 1996-2000

Box 2

Renaissance Group

Teacher center cadre

Kindling patriotism with challenging activities, 1976  (Guy Wagner, Max Hosier, Joan Cesinger)

Blue Ribbon Panel on Teacher Education, 1997

Academic program review, Department of Teaching, Office of Student Field Experience, 1993-1994

Regional centers, annual reports, 2002

San Antonio student teaching program

National Teacher Induction Partnership, 2003

UNI on-line professional development for K-12 educations, 2002

Price Laboratory School

Legislative forums

Des Moines teacher academy project

Campus children's center/child development center

Substitute teaching

Janesville professional development

Peter Yarrow visit

Office of Student Field Experience, annual reports

Diversity conference, 2002


  • Library Media Studies
  • Media workshop
  • Mental health
  • Phi Delta Kappa
  • Print Center
  • Teacher corps
  • College of Education, teacher education
  • National Demonstration Project
  • Drug abuse
  • Department of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Department of Public Instruction
  • Educational Media Center
  • Future Teachers of America
  • Grants and contracts
  • Instructional development workshop
  • Bilingual education
  • Colloquia sessions
  • Miscellaneous

Academic heads--bylaws

TEAMS newsletter

Student teaching centers, concepts, statistics

Teacher licensure alternatives

College of Education, coloring book promotion

College of Education, Human Relations Committee

Teacher help-line

A conversation with Owen Newlin

College of Education, faculty meeting, October 25, 1995

Des Moines project

Distance education strategic plan, 1998

Student teacher leadership, 1978

Office of Student Field Experience, historical documentation

Joan Vandervelde, on-line course

Web classes, administration

Student teaching, 2000-2001

Student teachers follow-up studies, 1965-1966, 1966-1967

Student teaching supervision

Student teaching annual report, 1972-1973

Office of Student Field Experience, strategic plan, 1997-1998

Box 3

Activities related to professional development in Iowa

Preparations for master's degree in professional development

Practitioners' perspective, 1995

Board of Regents, Pappas Group report, 1978

Experimental/temporary courses

Educational Media Center

Desegregation Training Institute, 1974

Faculty research, 1977

Bibliography of faculty publications, 1969-1975

Handbook for sponsor teachers and associate teachers, 1976

Computers for education, 1976

Proposals for communications media program, 1973

Instructional assessment instrument, Pratt and Lamberti

Office of Student Field Experience, agenda and documents, September 24, 1998

Student teaching cadre, 1990

Waterloo Learning Laboratory, 1996

On-line programs

Cross-campus and school-university collaboration, 1990

World conference on teacher education, 1995

College of Education management team retreat, 2002

Student outcomes assessment

Continuing education, 1999

Virtual high school, 2000

2 + 2

Conference on Drug Abuse Prevention, 1974

College of Education Career Opportunity Program

Proposed merger of Educational Media Center and Library, 1975

Student teaching, 1987

State of the College of Education address, Thomas Switzer, 1994

Cooperating teacher handbook, 1999

OSFE faculty meetings

OSFE cadre netwoor, 1999

School transformation, 1991

Direct response marketing course, 1981

Child Development Center, 2001

International study programs, 2002

Romania learning initiative, 1998

Box 4

Correspondence, July 1991-December 1995

College of Education, Dean's Advisory Council, briefing book, 1999

College of Education, budget and enrollment data, 2001-2002

Preparing the professional teacher, 1988

Student teaching curriculum at UNI

Drug abuse prevention grant, 1974--Roger Kueter

FAMU recruitment fair, 1998

College of Education, management team meetings (department heads), March 2001-February 2002


  • Network
  • Membership
  • Background, history, information
  • Cadre, 1991-1993
  • Cadre, 1998
  • Executive summary (Hawkes report), 1998
  • Questionnaire (Rose Shaw), 1998
  • Strategic plan results, 1999
  • Conference, 2000
  • Metro cadre, 1999
  • Report, 1999

Teacher education, scope of programs

  • Teaching endorsements
  • Teaching--other areas
  • Administrative
  • Special Education
  • Support
  • Post-secondary

College of Education, management team (department heads, meetings, April 1996-February 1997

Box 5

College of Education enrollment management, 1989

101 graduates who earned specialist's degrees at UNI, 1960-1978 (Gordon Rhum)

Maximizing educational potential through student advising and mentoring, report, 1989

Teacher Education Coordinating Council, September 1986-March 1989

Early childhood student teacher placement guidelines

Minor licensure, 2.5 requirement

Middle school student teaching

Re-conceptualizing student teaching programs

Professional education waivers and substitutions

Office of Student Field Experience, points of distinction

San Antonio Center Project, 2003

Puerto Rico Project, 2002

Malcolm Price Laboratory School, future?, 2001

Child Development Center

Janesville professional development school, 2000

On-line project, historical

ITV course

In-service education

Renaissance Group

Drug abuse

Board of Regents, reports

Cruising into the Millenium, 1999 (photograph, OSFE)

Long range communication program for teacher education at UNI, 1974

The first seven years; the graduate student in professional education, 1952-1958

Out-of-state and international student teaching program

Master of Arts in Education degree, 1963

Educational Media Center funding

Distance learning

Center for Early Developmental Education

Box 6

Audio-visual high school workshop, 1971-1975

Report on academic planning, c. 1972

Handbook for supervising teachers, 1972

Desegregation training grant, 1973

Teacher education at UNI, fall conference, 1978

Specific learning disabilities proposal, 1973

Mainstreaming certificate proposal

Wartburg-UNI cooperative program in Special Education

Severely and profoundly handicapped students, model classroom

Professional Sequence Task Force, perceptual group, DeKock

Comprehensive Study of Teacher Education, Committee on Criteria

Doctoral program

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

News Briefs, 1978-1979

Multicultural education

Memoranda, 1990

Box 7

Office of Student Field Experience, summary of operations--draft

Office of Student Field Experience, clinical and field experience, 1992

Office of Student Field Experience, international student teaching

Student teacher placement in private schools, 2001

FAMU program

Iowa Child Institute

International activities

Price Laboratory School, facilities

Price Laboratory School, facilities, ICN classroom

2 + 2 program

FINE Foundation

Envisioning UNI, 1997-1999

Experiential learning, 1998-1999

Price Laboratory School, vision and enrollment, 1996-1998

Master of Arts in Education, professional development proposal, 1996

Education reporters, glossary of educational topics

College of Education, department heads retreat, 1998-2000

Des Moines Downtown School potential project, 1998-2000

Regional academy program--Janesville

Iowa Council on Educator Quality

Teacher testing talking points

Alternative routes to licensure talking points, 2000

Price Laboratory School, National Association of Laboratory Schools

National Coalition for Campus Children's Centers

Office of Student Field Experience, Northwest Iowa Professional Development Project, distance supervision, 1998-1999

Office of Student Field Experience, network

Orava Project

Renaissance Group

Office of Student Field Experience, handbook, 1993-1994

Price Laboratory School, handbook and directory, 1995-1996

Price Laboratory School

Price Laboratory School, playground project, 1997-1999

Office of Student Field Experience and Price Laboratory School, possible separation, background

Professional development of Iowa educators, Regents meeting, December 1995

Professional development program, 1995--Linda Quinn

Clinical experiences proposal, 1978

Supervision in student teaching, 1976--Hawkes and Doerzman

Office of Student Field Experience, cooperating centers handbook, 1970s

UNI Field Experience, presentation at St. Cloud State University, 1998

Iowa Community Colleges conference, 2006

Box 8

Field experience, documents for program review, c. 2000

AACTE award for 2 + 2 Program

2 + 2 Program--Dean Jeffrey Cornett

Community college contacts and arrangements

2 + 2 Program--external evaluation, 2006

2 + 2 Program--internal evaluation, 2006

2 + 2 Program--procedures

2 + 2 Program--communications

2 + 2 Program--grants

2 + 2 Program--publicity

2 + 2 Program--advantages to communities

2 + 2 Program--briefing for President Allen, 2006

2 + 2 Program--Western Iowa Technical Community College

2 + 2 Program--Des Moines Area Community College

2 + 2 Program--Robert Koob

2 + 2 Program--Charles Johnson

Professional education proposal, 1986

Mentoring and Induction Institute

Office of Student Field Experience--administrative structure

Council of Academic Department Heads, 1998-1999


Renaissance Group

Recognition Breakfast (Professor Kueter was part of program for many years)

Kueter correspondence, 2001-2003

Photographs, OSFE staff

Processing Information

Collection processed by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, November 2015. Updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, December 2017. Linear Feet updated August 30, 2017.

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