Vicki S. King Grimes. Papers, ca. 1977-2010

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Title: Vicki S. King Grimes. Papers, ca. 1977-2010

Record Series: 06/03/25

Creator: Vicki S. King Grimes

Date: ca. 1977-2010

Extent: 7.5 linear feet, 10 boxes

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: This material is entirely in English.

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All of the material in box 6 has restricted access and is unavailable to researchers. There are no restrictions on the use of rest of this material.

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Historical Note

When Mrs. Grimes retired in 2009, she sent the contents of Boxes 1-6 to the University of Northern Iowa Archives.  In 2012, the Public Relations staff sent the contents of Boxes 7-10 to the University Archives. 

Scope and Content

Vicki S. King Grimes was a member of the Public Relations staff at the University of Northern Iowa from 1970 until 2009.  Most of her regular work assignments dealt with news and feature story writing, but she was also involved in matters relating to affirmative action, student publications, and the Professional and Scientific classification of university employment.  In the course of her work, she accumulated valuable information associated with her writing.  In many cases, that information is not duplicated in other university records, nor is it collected and organized quite so conveniently.

The material associated with Mrs. Grimes's writing assignments is valuable to researchers for several reasons.  First, it offers a good look at the official University of Northern Iowa position on critical matters, such as enrollment trends, state relations, and controversial personnel situations.  Second, the files offer a view of university protocol during special events, such as Arts in April, and special university efforts, such as the capital campaigns.  In some cases, when Mrs. Grimes was personally involved in the arrangement and scheduling of special events, the files are particularly rich in content. 


Box 1

Student Publications Committee

  • Northern Edition
  • Correspondence and surveys
  • Advertising
  • Agendas of Board of Student Pubications
  • Board members and staff
  • UNISA budget requests
  • Constitution and bylaws
  • Financial reports
  • Minutes of Board of Student Publications
  • Bids
  • Membership information:  National Council of College Publications Advisors and Associated College Press

Box 2

Professional and Scientific Council

  • Establishment, agendas, minutes, 1977-1982
  • Nominating Committee
  • Policies and Guidelines Committee, 1981-1983
  • Professional and Scientific Council Pay Plan Input Survey

Box 3

Affirmative Action Committee, 1973-1983

  • Agendas, minutes, correspondence

Box 4

Affirmative Action Committee, 1984-1989

  • Agendas, Minutes, Correspondence

Box 5

Affirmative Action Committee, 1989-1991

  • Agendas, minutes, correspondence


Correspondence - Affirmative Action 

Affirmative Action Clearance Forms, 1977-1983 

Notes on Affirmative Action Forms 

Box 7

Academic Advising

Accounting--Sells Award

Adult Learning, Elderhostel

Ag-Based Industrial Lubricants--Soy Oil

Ambassadors Tour--Senator Charles Grassley

Articulation Agreements

Arts in April

Bachelor of Liberal Studies

Biological Preserves--An Afternoon in the Park 

Biology--Professor Robert Seager--Taiwanese students 

Burris, Harold

Camp Adventure, Summer 1992

Camp Adventure, Summer 1993

Camp Adventure, Summer 1995

Camp Adventure, Summer 1996

Camp Adventure, Summer 1997

Campus Tour Guide

Cape Coast agreement, 1999

Carpenter position reclassification

Centennial Capital Campaign

Center for the Study of Adolescence

Ceramics Laboratory

Certified Financial Analyst Program

Changing Face of Iowa

China--Professor Lawrence Kavich

China Videotape, 1985

Community Builders presentation

Community visit - Carroll

Community visit - Council Bluffs/Omaha

Community visit - Decorah

Community visit - Dubuque

Community visit - Ft. Dodge, 1996

Community visit - Ft. Dodge

Community visit - Mason City

Community visit - Muscatine

Community visit - Pella

Community visit - Quad Cities

Community Visit - Sioux City

Community visit - Spencer

Competitive advantages and disadvantages of UNI, June 1985

CETA funding error, 1977-1978

Comtemporary Music Festival, 1974

Corning Lecture Series--Thomas Friedman


Correspondence, 1978-1986


Davis, T. Wayne

Davis, T. Wayne - Horatio Alger Award Nomination 

Day Care Center

Debate tournament, 1993

Debate and Forensics

Debate and Forensics

Box 8

Deere and Company

Depression screening, 1995

Doctor of Industrial Technology degree

Dry Run Creek

Dutch Elm disease

Early Developmental Education Center

Eblen Clinic

Editorial Board Meetings

Education for Survival

Educational Opportunities Program Controversy, 1981-1982

Energy conservation--reduction in operations, 1980

Enrollment, 1971-1974

Enrollment, 1974-1975

Enrollment, 1975-1976

Enrollment, 1976-1977

Enrollment, 1978-1979

Enrollment, 1979-1980

Enrollment, 1980-1981

Enrollment, 1981-1982

Enrollment, 1982-1983

Enrollment, 1983-1984

Enrollment, 1984-1985

Enrollment, 1985-1986

Enrollment Limitation, 1986

Enrollment, 1986-1987

Enrollment, 1987-1988

Enrollment, 1988-1989

Enrollment, 1989-1990

Enrollment, 1990-1991

Enrollment, 1991-1992

Enrollment, 1992-1993

Enrollment, 1993-1994

Enrollment, 1994-1995

Enrollment, 1995-1996

Enrollment, 1996-1997

Enrollment, 1997-1998

Enrollment, 1998-1999

Enrollment, 1999-2000

Enrollment, 2000-2001

Enrollment, 2001-2002

Enrollment, 2002-2003

Enrollment, 2003-2004

Enrollment, 2004-2005

Enrollment, 2005-2006

Enrollment, 2006-2007

Enrollment, 2007-2008

Enrollment, 2008-2009

Enrollment, 2009-2010

Environmental Issues Instruction

Environmental Studies

Ethnic Student Promoters

Fields of excellence

Financial Aid for Deserving Scholars

Fire Marshall's report, 1979


Food Drive, 1985

Food Drive, 1986

Freire/Boal Visit, 1996

Gallagher/Bluedorn Performing Arts Center

Garage heat, President's House, 1979

Gilchrist (Old) Hall fire, 1972

Gilchrist Hall fire, 2005

Gilchrist, Fred C.

Girls State, 2001

Girls State, 2002

Grassley, Charles

Grievances and arbitration

Box 9

Hall of Excellence--School of Health, Physical Education and Leisure Services

Handicapped accessibility

Handicapped admissions review, 1979

HiDuke, James

Holocaust programs

Hoopa Indian teaching experience in California--Professor Lawrence Kavich, 1993

Institute for Educational Leadership

International students

Iowa Communication Network

Iowa Sesquicentennial Committee

Iowa Space Grant Consortium

Iowa Waste Reduction Center

Jebe, Noma Rupprich

Kamerick, John

Krause Challenge

Labor and wages--equal pay

Leading, Building, Sharing Capial Campaign

Legislative Communication Program

Marshall Center Schoolhouse


Mathematics, DoDDS Workshops

Measles immunization

McElroy Symposium--Black Heritage Week, 1983

Metal casting

Millenium Lecture Series

Minorities in Teaching

Minority groups


Morin, Robert

NSF Young Scholars Program

Native Roadside Vegetation Center

North American Review

Old Administration Building demolition, 1983

Orava Project

Overseas Recruiting Fair, 1994-1995

Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center

Peat Marwick Main Report, 1989--response

Playgound Safety Program

Pomerantz, Marvin

Powell, Nancy

Presidential Scholars

Presidential search, 1983

Presidential search, 1995

Presidential search, 2006

Box 10

Price Laboratory School, transformer fire, 1981

Print media survey, 1985

Public Relations--office operations

Public Relations--annual report, 1983

Public Information Office meetings

Public Relations staff meetings

Public Relations staff meetings

Public Relations--goals and objectives

Public Relations Prospectus, 1969

Public Relations--television script, 1985

Radell Sisters

Reninger Lecture Series

Reserves Officer Training Corps

Residence on the Hill

Resident assistants

Rose, Gayle Johns

Russian graduate students, 1992

Scholarships-freshman and transfers

School of Business--External Services

Seerley Hall

Short Story Conference

Social Research Center

Social Work

Speech/Art bids, September 1975



Student activism

Student Teaching --Okinawa, San Antonio

Students First Capital Campaign

Telecourses, 1992-1994

Theatre UNI--nudity, 1980

24-hour visitation

27th Street traffic

Tye, Martha Ellen


UNI-Dome--Centennial Fund Drive, 1972



UNI-Dome--OSHA citations, 1979

UNI-Dome--10th anniversary

UNI-Dome--storm damage, 1994

UNI-Dome--new roof, 1998

UNI Online and Campus News Network report, 2002

Van Duyn, Mona

Visitor Information Center

Visitor Information Center


Women in Communications, Inc.

Wright family

Writing Competency

Processing Information

Collection processed and inventory developed by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, with the assistance of Student Assistant Jenna Salzbrenner, April 2013. Updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, November 2017 and April 2018. Linear Feet updated August 25, 2017.

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