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The Special Collections staff has created guides to many archival series and manuscript collections. All of these guides are available in the Rod Library Special Collections room. Versions of some of these guides are also available here. As time permits, the staff will add more of these guides to the Special Collections Web pages.

MsC-1 Iowa Educational Media Association. Records. 1921-

MsC-2 Iowa Association for Counseling and Development (formerly the Iowa Personnel and Guidance Association).  Records, 1961-

MsC-3 Iowa Vocational Association. Records. 1949-1977.

MsC-4 Waterloo Urban Ministry. Records. 1968-1978.

MsC-5 College Hill Interdenominational Church. Records. 1926-1966.

MsC-6  Iowa Committee on Secondary School and College Relations. Records. 1911-1965.

MsC-7 Lindsay Seals. Lecture notebook,1839-1840.

MsC-8 The Teacher and the Parent: A Treatise Upon Common-School Education, by Charles Northend, c. 1853.

MsC-9  College Hill Merchants Association. Records, ca. 1968-1978

MsC-10 Diane Brandt, 1938- . Papers, 1974-

MsC-11 League of Women Voters of Black Hawk-Bremer Counties. Records. 1952-1974.

MsC-12 Black Hawk County Medical Society. Records, 1876-1969.

MsC-13 Siberius Y. Saito, 1908-80. Sketches, 1942.

MsC-14 Bryan-Chehock Family History. 1897-1997.

MsC-15 Cottontop Cooperative Society. Records, 1976-1984.

MsC-16 Flora L. Bailey Letters, sketches, 1939-1949.

MsC-17 Iowa Association of Cooperative Education. Records, 1978-1980

MsC-18 Wynegar Oral History Collection, 1970-1991

MsC-19 James T. Martin, Sr.,1916-2006. "Learning the 'Wright' Way" (Memoir of working on Cedar Rock with Frank Lloyd Wright), 1998

MsC-20 Iowa Civil Liberties Union. Records.

MsC-21  Iowa Historical Materials Preservation Society. Records, 1976-1984

MsC-22 Peter Hoffmann, 1930- . Papers, 1962-1968.

MsC-23 William L. Cramer, c. 1955- . Papers, 1973.

MsC-24 Collection of Old Newspapers, 1798-2009 

MsC-25 Steven Maravetz, c. 1957- . Manuscript, History of Minor League Baseball in Waterloo, Iowa, 1904-1918.

MsC-26 Willard R. Hansen, 1931- . Papers. 1971-1981.

MsC-27  Joe Berg Foundation Science Seminar. Papers. 1959-1968.

MsC-28 Ted J. Anderson, 1943-2000. Papers, 1979-1984 .

MsC-29  Elizabeth C. Harnack. Diary. 1907-1908.

MsC-30 Charles E. Grassley Papers

MsC-31 Women in Communications, Northeast Iowa Chapter, 1976-1998.

MsC-32 Farm Crisis Collection, ca. 1979-1989.

MsC-33 Iowa Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, 1952-ca. 2004

MsC-34 Central District, American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, ca. 1933-2012

MsC-35 Iowa Natural History Association. Records, 1980-1994

MsC-36 Ruth Suckow Collection, unknown dates

MsC-37 Wilma Leslie Garnett Collection, ca. 1955-1979

MsC-38 Eugene Francis Grossman Collection, 1896-1965

MsC-39  Ida Dytch. Correspondence, 1900-1901

MsC-40 Louis Krauss and Emil Seifert. Amana Society Account Books, 1890-1932

MsC-41 Papers of Indenture, England, 1667

MsC-42 Grace Myers Elliott. Diaries and Photographs, 1907-1960s

MsC-43 Illinois Central Railroad Rules and Regulations Books, 1920-1940

MsC-44 Betty Jean Furgerson. Interview, 1992

MsC-45 "Century of Progress" Guides and Souvenirs, 1933

 MsC-46 George Poage German Pamphlet Collection, 1848-1961

MsC-47 Grade and Attendance Book, Happy Hollow School No. 9, O'Brien County, Iowa, 1937-1945

MsC-48 Lynn Cutler. Papers, 1972-2001

MsC-49 Donald Dean Avenson. Papers, ca. 1966-1990

MsC-50  Clarence Baldwin, 1896-1988. History of Waterloo Public Library, ca. 1984-1985

MsC-51 June Walters Bryan. "Memories of Clarke County Iowa One-Room Rural School, 1924-1942"

MsC-52 American Federation of Musicians, Waterloo Local 334 and Oelwein Local 483 Papers, 1922-1993

MsC-53 William George Witt. Papers, 1993-2003

MsC-54 Leon Mosley. Papers, 1983-2003

MsC-55 Freisian Family Collection, ca. 1874-1940

MsC-56  Elizabeth Bennett - Harriet Brainard Correspondence, 1896-1897

MsC-57 Roy White Collection, 1998

MsC-58 Citizens for Peace, 1982-1987 

MsC-59 Richard Panek Waterloo Diamonds Collection, 1983-1995 

MsC-60 Irma Dovey Papers, 1918-2003 

MsC-61 William Thomas Pettit Papers, 1949-1995 

MsC-62 Cedar Arts Forum, Records, Publications, and Papers, 1959-1998 

MsC-63 Baby Care Pamphlets, 1951-1961 

MsC-64 Adene Sadie Kerstetter Leupold Papers, ca. 1930-1940 

MsC-65 College Hill Arts Festival, ca. 1978-2014 

MsC-66 Miller Family Papers, 1882-1977 

MsC-67 Practical Discourses on the Virtues and Duties of the Monastic State, by a monk of Melleray Abbey, 1826 

MsC-68 Jerre Tanner Collection, 1963-2010

MsC-69 Harvey J. Hess Collection, 1946-2012

MsC-70 Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union, Track and Field Advisory Committee records, 1968-2004

MsC-71 Agnes Hanus Collection, 1919-1936

MsC-72 Letter from John Ruskin, 1864

MsC-73 Letter regarding first surgical use of ether, 1899

MsC-74 Letter from Clara Barton to Fitzroy Sessions, 1906

MsC-75 Cedar Valley Chamber Music Festival, 2006-2011

MsC -76 Central Association for Physical Education in Higher Education.  Records, 1971-1990

MsC-77 C. Hugh Pettersen papers, 1979-2005

MsC-78 Iowa Mathematics and Science Coalition.  Records, 1990-2011

MsC-79 Ella Pullman's Teaching Certificates, 1876-1901

MsC-80 Hovey Brom Architectural Collection, 1960s-1980s

MsC-81 May E. Francis Collection, 1864-ca. 1968

MsC-82 Robert W. Cox Railroad Collection, ca. 1906-1998

MsC-83 John Paul Thomas Collection, ca. 1948-2001

MsC-84 Wagoner World War II Correspondence, 1935-1946

MsC-85 Mary O'Halloran Papers, 1954-1978

MsC-86 Robert James Waller "Bridges of Madison County" typescript (moved to Archives Record Series 16/01/15, the Robert J. Waller Collection)

MsC-87 Christian F. M. Westphal Immigration and Family Correspondence, 1856-1918

MsC-88 Gary Lettow Collection, 1865-2012

MsC-89 Joy Corning Papers

MsC-90 Iowa Bandmasters Association

MsC-91 Jon T. Crews Papers, 1972-2017

MsC-92 Century of Progress - Chicago World's Fair Collection, 1933

MsC-93 Black Hawk County Toastmasters Records, 1946-1965

MsC-94 Muggletonian Literature Collection, 1822-1880

MsC-95 Allen Ginsberg poem, 1968

MsC-96 Ambassador John Dinger Papers

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