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Special History Sites

  • The Internet Classics Archive provides access to about four hundred Greek and Latin texts in translation.
  • Diotima presents materials for the study of women and gender in the ancient world.
  • The Making of America site at the University of Michigan includes full texts of a growing collection of late nineteenth century books and journals.
  • The Iowa Official Register provides information about state office holders, election statistics, and other brief historical data about Iowa from 1860 through 2000.
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center site includes information about this organization as well as teaching resources relating to tolerance and understanding.
  • The National Women's History Project site provides educational and promotional services for women's history.
  • The International Institute of Social History site provides access to information about labor history.
  • The Internet Modern History Sourcebook gathers links to documents and sites relevant to an undergraduate course in modern European history.
  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum site includes teaching materials and archival collections as well as detailed listings of museum holdings.
  • A site relating to the Viet Nam era is: Vietnam: Yesterday and Today.
  • The Public History Program site at Murray State University makes available course syllabi, project reports, and other information about the program.
  • This site provides the text of all State of the Union addresses and also allows scholars to study the frequency and changing meaning of particular words.
  • NetSerf provides links to many sites relating to the medieval world.

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