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Selection of materials, collection evaluation, and related activities are carried out by Library faculty affiliated with the Resource Management Unit in the Content Discovery Division. Learning and Research Services librarians assist in the development of the main Reference Collection under the general direction of the Reference Collection Management Coordinator. For questions, please contact Katherine Martin, Interim Associate Dean, Content Discovery Division, or Jeanne Little, Resource Management. (319) 273-7255

Subject Area Collection Strategists Email Address Telephone
Accounting Kate Martin katherine.martin@uni.edu 273-7255
Anthropology Gretchen Gould gretchen.gould@uni.edu 273-6327
Art Angela Pratesi angela.pratesi@uni.edu  273-6257
Athletic Training Stephanie Kruckeberg skruckeb@uni.edu 273-7092
Biology Barb Weeg barbara.weeg@uni.edu 273-3705
Chemistry Barb Weeg barbara.weeg@uni.edu 273-3705
Communication Studies Clint Wrede clint.wrede@uni.edu 273-3654
Communicative Disorders Stephanie Kruckeberg skruckeb@uni.edu 273-7092
Computer Science Katelyn Browne katelyn.browne@uni.edu 273-6167
Counseling Barb Weeg barbara.weeg@uni.edu 273-3705
Criminology Stephanie Kruckeberg skruckeb@uni.edu 273-7092
Culture & Intensive English Program Leila Rod-Welch leila.rod-welch@uni.edu 273-3730
Design & Textiles Angela Pratesi angela.pratesi@uni.edu 273-6257
Earth Science Gretchen Gould gretchen.gould@uni.edu 273-6327
Economics Kate Martin katherine.martin@uni.edu 273-7255
Education Kate Martin katherine.martin@uni.edu 273-7255
Education: Library Science/Media Katelyn Browne katelyn.browne@uni.edu 273-6167
English Clint Wrede clint.wrede@uni.edu 273-3654
Family Services Barb Weeg barbara.weeg@uni.edu 273-3705
Finance Kate Martin katherine.martin@uni.edu 273-7255
French Clint Wrede clint.wrede@uni.edu 273-3654
Geography Gretchen Gould gretchen.gould@uni.edu 273-6327
German Clint Wrede clint.wrede@uni.edu 273-3654
Health Stephanie Kruckeberg skruckeb@uni.edu 273-7092
History Gretchen Gould gretchen.gould@uni.edu 273-6327
Law Gretchen Gould gretchen.gould@uni.edu 273-6327
Leisure Services Stephanie Kruckeberg skruckeb@uni.edu 273-7255
Library Professional Literature Katelyn Browne katelyn.browne@uni.edu 273-6167
Linguistics Clint Wrede clint.wrede@uni.edu 273-3654
Management Kate Martin katherine.martin@uni.edu 273-7255
Marketing Kate Martin katherine.martin@uni.edu 273-7255
Mathematics Katelyn Browne katelyn.browne@uni.edu 273-6167
Medicine Stephanie Kruckeberg skruckeb@uni.edu 273-7092
Military Science/ROTC Gretchen Gould gretchen.gould@uni.edu 273-6327
Music Angela Pratesi angela.pratesi@uni.edu  273-6257
Other Languages Clint Wrede clint.wrede@uni.edu 273-3654
Philosophy Stephanie Kruckeberg skruckeb@uni.edu 273-7092
Physical Education Stephanie Kruckeberg skruckeb@uni.edu 273-7255
Physics Barb Weeg barbara.weeg@uni.edu 273-3705
Political Science Gretchen Gould gretchen.gould@uni.edu 273-6327
Psychology Barb Weeg barbara.weeg@uni.edu 273-3705
Reading Katelyn Browne katelyn.browne@uni.edu 273-6167
Religion Stephanie Kruckeberg skruckeb@uni.edu 273-7255
Social Science (General) Barb Weeg barbara.weeg@uni.edu 273-3705
Social Work Barb Weeg barbara.weeg@uni.edu 273-3705
Sociology Stephanie Kruckeberg  skruckeb@uni.edu 273-7255
Spanish Clint Wrede clint.wrede@uni.edu 273-3654
Technology Barb Weeg barbara.weeg@uni.edu 273-3705
Theatre Arts Angela Pratesi angela.pratesi@uni.edu 273-6257
Women's Studies Kate Martin katherine.martin@uni.edu 273-7255
Career Collection Barbara Weeg barbara.weeg@uni.edu 273-3705
Documents & Maps Gretchen Gould gretchen.gould@uni.edu 273-6327
Fine & Performing Arts Collection Angela Pratesi angela.pratesi@uni.edu  273-6257
Reference Collection Gretchen Gould gretchen.gould@uni.edu 273-6327
Special Collections & University Archives Jaycie Vos jaycie.vos@uni.edu 273-6307
Youth Collection Katelyn Browne katelyn.browne@uni.edu 273-6167
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