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Rod Library Mini-ComicCon 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 11:00am to 4:00pm
Rod Library, West 27th Street,Cedar Falls, IA, United States

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A  FREE convention!

While we don't require attendees to register, we do recommend that you join our Facebook event page to keep up with updates, give us feedback, and discuss the con with other attendees.  

This page is a work in progress for the 2nd annual Rod Library Mini Con.  Stay tuned for updates as we add Artists, Panelists, Activities and ways to participate.  

Presentations, artists, and events are being added regularly.  Check here, our Facebook Event page, and Twitter for update.

Registered Artists


515 Comics- Graphic novels and mini-comics of my webcomic series Nextuus. 

Anna Withers-Walbridge--8-Bit Baubles: Geek, nerd, and pop culture inspired jewelry!

A to Z Toys and Collectibles- Vintage Toys and Modern Toys, Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, Masters of the Universe, Spawn, Marvel, and many more toys to choose from. 

Aaron Gillespie: Commissioned artwork and graphic novels!

Anthony Hary- ANA Comics: Prints, buttons, and sample comics!

Kyle Benning: Comics and original art!

Matthew Merrick- Black Skull Comics: Vintage comics and comic books for sale!

Timothy Quam-Bodequam Productions: Prints and comics!

​Michael Brammer- Comic books and graphic novels.

Mia-Corey Lester- Chocolates N Stuff: Prints, commissions, and trinkets!

CR Armory- A Cosplay commission company displaying works and work in progress to educate and illuminate others about cosplay.

Alissa Rindels-Dire Atrium: Original Artwork!

Ryan Schrodt-DirtyThird Comics: Comic books, original art, sketch cards, and graphic novels!

Paul Landis-For the Love of Links: Chainmail jewelry!

Gigi Sage-Geeky Delights and Moonies Art: Jewelry and accessories made from upcycled comic art!

Dean Sturtevant-Green Unicorn Art: Magents, keychains, framed artwork, t-shirts, and more!

Harlan's Emporium of the Curious and the Bizarre- Handcrafted fantasy and steampunk jewelry and accessories

Hooked on Anime- Crocheted dragons, griffins, flying pigs, etc. 

B.J. Humphrey: Sketches and prints...commissions encouraged! 

J. Wright- Last Chance Comics: Comic books, prints and artwork!

Matt Menke: Sci-Fi/Fantasy artwork...commissions encouraged!

Kayla Yario- Mocha Alpaca: Handmade crocheted items...accepting requests for custom creations

David Brennan-Nerdy Beadsprites: Beadsprite magnets, coasters, keychains, and art!

Kiki Snell & Coral Thacker-NiCoral: Handmade geeky/comic crafts and Arkham Carnival!

Oak Leaf Collectibles- Comics, toys, Doctor Who items, fun stuff. 

Packaged Rebellion Studios- Sketches and comics to sign. Prints also.

PaJama Love- Pirate & sea life sock dolls; polymer clay dice; leather dice bags; crocheted play food and stuffed animals; crocheted punk cat pins and other accessories. 

Callie J. Paar- Phoenix Dawn Creations: Handmade crochet plush toys, polymer clay jewelry, and paper crafted hats!

Chad Paulsen: 25¢ comics for sale!

Gregg Paulsen: Comic art and prints!

Nathaniel Petersen: Original art, sketches, and prints!

Dann Phillips: Original artwork and published comics!

Pop Heart Superhero jewelry, magnets, pins, keychains, and collectables. Also several pop culture collectables, gashpon, cosplay purses etc.

Mark Tungsiripat: Quirky artwork and prints!

Rainytale Studio- Anime-style artwork, both original and fanart, displayed on badges, buttons, charms, and jewelry. Needlework (crochet and knit) crafts such as blankets, dolls, bags, and cases for electronics will also be sold.

Sakura's Blossoms-Anime/Japanese toys, Asian Dolls, Ball Jointed Doll items (clothing, wigs, shoes, and accessories), Human Wigs, Misc. other Asian items, Geek Jewelry (repurposed toys, super hero earrings and necklaces, steampunk jewelry, kawaii (cute) jewelry and hair accessories), Handmade Clay Creations.

Chris Pellack- The Shield Comics & Games: Back issue comics, comics and movie statues!

Emily Sodergren: Original artwork!

Nick Maida- Super Maida Studios: Prints and graphic novels!

The Three Pegases- Plush dolls, jewelry, fashion related to comics, anime, and general geekery.

Steve Potter- Topps Trading Cards: Prints, artwork, and free sketches!

Steve Todd-Wandering Mail: Chainmail jewelry and oddities!

Adam J. Whitlach: Paperback copies of his novel!

R.J. Boehmer- Unnecessary Apostrophe Studios: Comics, cards, games, and jewelry!

Willis- Original art and comics alike!

Ike Lewis-W.Y.P.E.: Random Ramblings and Muse for a Minute...promoting geek culture website!

Registered Presenters

Harry Brod- "Superman Is Jewish?: How Comic Book Superheroes Came to Serve Truth, Justice and the Jewish-American Way"

Brandon Dean- "The Controversial Christian Comics of Jack T. Chick"

Bailey Hager- "Surviving Conventions Without Losing Your Mind: The Return"

Zach Lowe- "Down the Rabbit Hole"

Stephen Gaies- "Beyond Maus: Comics and Graphic Novels dealing with Genocide and Human Rights"

Sade Barfield- "Depictions of Muslim Women in Comics" 

Maria Hoekstra, Jennifer Paulsen, Doug Shaw, Paul Siddens, Will Azbill and Joshua Fiser  - "Who'd Win?"  

Scott Coellner- "Star Wars Costuming"

Dr. David Grant, Dr. Siobahn Morgan, and Dr. Joe Gorton- "Pedagogy and Popular Culture"

T.J. Nissen- "Network Nirvana"

Registered Groups/Organizations/Businesses

UNI Chess Club

UNI Gamer Brigade

UNI Harry Potter Club

Catt's Paws Massage- $1/Minute Chair Massage

The Core Comics and Games

Iowa Mercs

​T.N.S. DONALD O. ROD -- The Rod Library Artemis Space Bridge Simulator

UNI Admissions

Tracey Southall - Make it up! FacepaintingFacepainting! Prices range from $5-$12!


General Behavior

  • Don't be a jerk.  Please don't intentionally irritate your fellow attendees or do anything inappropriate or dangerous.  This is an ALL AGES event. Any costumes deemed overly risque, gory, or inappropriate by our staff will be asked to change or leave.
  • All University policies apply, i.e. we are a Smoke Free Campus.
  • Weapons and props must follow the weapons policy found on the Costume Contest page.
  • All participants agree to let Rod Library use their images for promotional purposes, both photographs and video.
  • UNI Parking permits are not enforced on the weekend.  The parking map can be found here.  Rod Library building is #25. 
Info (Parking Information, etc.)

Rod Con is FREE and open to the public!


Parking passes and meters are not enforced on the weekends-this means you can park in any garage or spot that you are legally able to!

Additionally, the two-hour time limit on City of Cedar Falls parking (along 23rd Street) does not apply on Saturdays, either!

To access a map of parking at the University of Northern Iowa, click here. 

The parking lots which are nearest to the Rod Library are (in order from closest to furthest):

Bartlett Lot A

Gilchrist Lot A (Including "G" permit parking)

Multimodal Transportation Center (the parking garage on 23rd Street)

West Gym Lot A

Additionally, there is some metered parking and 32 Handicapped parking spaces behind the Rod Library. 


Here are links to our posters if you would like to download and post.

Costume Contest & Photo Booth


The CORE is once again proud to host the RodCon Magic Tournament!!

This year will be a Standard Constructed tournament. Cost is $6.00 and players MUST register before noon, when the first round starts.

Standard is a format that allows players to use their own decks constructed with the most recent cards. Player may use a deck consisting of at least 60 cards from the following sets:

  • Theros
  • Born of the Gods
  • Journey into Nyx 
  • 2015 Core set
  • Khans of Tarkir
  • Fate Reforged 
  • Dragons of Tarkir

Each player will be grouped with 7 other players and will play in 3 rounds of best 2 out of 3, before the top 2 players compete in one final round for prizes. Each player will receive 1 booster pack for playing in addition to several Promo Cards. The top player of each group will be awarded 5 more packs, with the 2nd place player getting 3 packs.

Registration starts at 11am and MUST be done at The CORE booth at the convention prior to the start of the first round at Noon.


Our Generous Donors

RodCon is sponsored by Rod Library and UNI's Reaching For Higher Ground.  However, this event wouldn't be possible without generous donations.  A big Thank You to the following:

Mikey Babinski
Casey Huff
and to all the hard working Rod Library employees for their time, patience, and flexibility as we put all of this together.



Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all UNI-sponsored events.  If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact Susan Basye, Rod Library, at 319/273-2737 or susan.basye@uni.edu at least one week prior to the event.

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