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2018 Library Ambassadors Program

The objective of the Rod Library Ambassadors program is to share the library's experience with current and prospective students, their families, and the UNI community. These volunteers will advocate for the perspectives of students through conversation and example. The program promotes the integration of Rod Library into the campus community and serves as a leadership experience for students.


Four undergraduate students are the initial leaders for the pilot program. These students have actively communicated library conversations throughout the UNI campus, participated in library fundraising, volunteered for Panther Days, UNI Now, Bash in the Stacks, and the 2018 RodCon event. Recently, the ambassadors created a two-month photo exhibit of 50 student organizations.

Library Ambassadors BishopNicole Bishop, Chemistry Major, Hometown: Elkhart, Iowa

I joined the Library Ambassadors because I love Rod Library. It's my favorite place to study on campus, due to the access to resources the library has to offer students. I wanted to have the opportunity to help more students take advantage of these resources, as well as providing a student perspective to the library. We hope to help the library better meet student needs and share what is possible with Rod Library to other students.


Library Ambassadors WelshLaura Welsh, Gerontology Major, Hometown: Garner, Iowa

I love being a Library Ambassador and am proud to represent UNI. Libraries offer services and products that level the intellectual playing field. That means we allow people of any income level or background to access high-quality information. Rod Library makes technology and years of knowledge available to all students. This program has made a difference to me as a student, and I know it will be necessary for future generations.


Library Ambassadors AkbarMustafa Akbar, Business Major, Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

Rod Library is my second home; I sleep, eat and study here. And the library staff doesn't seem to mind it. 






Library Ambassadors GregorHannah Gregor, Political Communication Major, Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for libraries because my dad and would go to the Cedar Rapids Public Library every Tuesday for years and it was our sacred time together. When I first arrived at UNI, I was lucky enough to become a student assistant at the library and have been happily working there for three years! I wanted to be a Library Ambassador because libraries have always felt like home, and I want everyone else on campus to have the same experience. 











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