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Q&A: Where do you get the last 15 - 20 years of financial statements for a given company?

One way is to look in Mergent Online. It includes the last 20 years or more of financial statements for publicly-held U.S. companies in Excel format, depending on the age of the company. Companies that are going through bankruptcy or have been acquired by other companies are not included. Mergent is listed on the Rod Library home page under Databases A-Z. It's also listed on the Rod Library Business Portal under Company Information Search Tools. To the right of the link to Mergent is a short video that shows how to get the 15 year run of financial statements. To summarize: go to Mergent, click Enter Mergent Online in upper left corner of Mergent screen, enter company name, and pick Company Financials tab when you reach the company entry. There's a limit on how many people can use Mergent at the same time, so it's possible you'll get a "busy signal" if others are using it. For older years and companies that no longer exist, Rod Library has a print source called Moody's Handbook (title changed to Mergent Handbook around 2001) that can be helpful in finding company financial data. It's located in the stacks, third floor of the library, at HG4905.M815. The 1997/97 volume of this title has an entry for Kmart, for example, and includes a table with key income statement figures for 1986-1995. If you look at a later year of the handbook, such as winter 2002/2003, you'll get the income statement figures for 1993-2002. So, in two lookups you'd get 1986-2002 annual revenue figues. Historical financial statements for publicly-held companies also are available through their U.S. Securities & Exchange filings at the SEC, back to about 1993, and via LexisNexis Academic, Business tab/SEC filings, back to about 1987.

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