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University Archives and Special Collections Exhibits

Come and Visit University Archives and Special Collections located on the 3rd floor in Rod Library.

Study Abroad … See the World

Prepared by: Kim Nurre

Students started studying abroad on their own in 1896. John Kleinsorge and W. R. Patterson were two of the first students to Study Abroad.

President Seerley was on a board that recommended teachers to study abroad.
Education Travel Division was created in 1940 to assist students and faculty with studying abroad.

In 1952, other countries started giving grants to American students to study abroad. A year later the senate endorsed the first study tour to Europe.

In 2002, UNI was ranked by the Institute of International Education as fourth in the nation for number of students studying abroad for Master’s Degrees.

Student Arrival … Over the Years
Prepared by: David Glime

Transportation problems at the University today involve parking space. In 1876, when Iowa State Normal School first opened, the city of Cedar Falls was five miles from Campus. Students either had to walk on dirt of “mud” sidewalks or pay someone with a horse and buggy to get to campus. Sometimes students needed to hitch a ride.

An electric street car system was proposed to run between Waterloo, Cedar Falls, and Campus in 1892. It took until 1897 for operation to begin.

The advent of the automobile changed the way students arrive. Help from family was a necessity no matter what the time period. Families now pack student possessions in livestock trailers, grain trucks, pickups, U-Haul’s, and cars. No matter how you arrived on campus this fall…
Welcome Back!

Great Things Come in Small Packages
Prepared by: Amy Yates

Have you ever noticed how many small books are in the library? University Archives and Special Collections has many small books including the following:

  • Children’s Lyceum Manual: With Directions For Children’s Progressive Lyceums, Adapted to the bodies and minds of the Young; containing rules, marches, lessons, envocations, Silver-chain recitations, hymns, and songs. By: Andrew Jackson Davis. Printed in 1867.
  • The Complaint: or, Night Thoughts, by Edward Young, D. D. [printed in the 1800’s]
  • A Sketch of My Friend’s Family: suggesting hints on Religion and Domestic Manners, By: Mrs. Marshall. Printed in 1822.
  • Melodies, songs, sacred songs, and national airs: containing several never before published in America. By: Thomas Moore, esq. Printed in 1836

The following book is written in Russian translated into English and German:

  • Mtsyri = Der Mziri; By: Mikhail Lermontov (1814-1841). Printed in 1993.

Another Russian book:

  •  Epigrammy. By: Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin (1799-1837). Printed in 1984.

A little poetry book:

  • The Sky Stays Behind. By: Gary Hotham, copyright in 2000.

One small book on display contains one page between the front and back covers:

  • A Sunday in Monterey: Woodcuts. By: Antonio Frasconi. Printed in 1964.

An interesting book of Psalms from the Bible was printed by the heirs and successors of Andrew Anderson in 1698:

  • The Psalms of David in metre: Newly translated, and diligently compared with the original text, and former translations…/ Allowed by the authority of the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland, and appointed to be sung in congregations and families.

This blog entry is prepared by Amy Yates with assistance from Elaine Chen.

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