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Tom Kessler, Rod Librarian, receives a 2015 Diversity Matters Award

Recently one of our very own librarians, Tom Kessler, received a 2015 Diversity Matters Award at the Seventh Annual Diversity Town Hall Meeting.  Tom serves as a Social Sciences Bibliographer at Rod Library.  He has demonstrated his commitment to enhancing diversity through his accomplishments at Rod Library, the University of Northern Iowa and in the Iowa community. 

Within the past year, Tom served as one of the inaugural members of the library’s Diversity Task Force, charged with developing the library’s first diversity plan.  He attended the 2014 White Privilege Conference in Madison, WI., which provided opportunity for the task force members to gain a better understanding the role race and privilege play in our society and personal interactions.  He also can be found in the library as an encouraging voice that helps create a supportive environment for everyone.  

Rod Library along with UNI’s campus community values diversity and has taken a growing interest in making UNI a welcoming place that celebrates the unique contributions of each person.  Go here for more information on diversity initiatives on campus.

Congratulations to all Diversity Matters Award recipients and thank you for your dedication to serve as in inspiration to those around you!



Back, from left:  Mike Licari, Harry Brod, Tom Kessler, Speaker Heather Hackman, Kathy Peters, President Ruud
Front, from left:  Heather Place, Walter Abrego, Deborah Gallagher, Kristi Marchesani


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