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Robert Tabor's The Four Seasons formal reception

Four Seasons Painting


CEDAR FALLS, Iowa -- The University of Northern Iowa's Rod Library is the new home to four donated paintings. Edna Shain of Vinton has given four art pieces, collectively titled "The Four Seasons," to the Rod Library to be displayed on the ground floor adjacent to the UNI Museum. The paintings are by the late Iowa artist Robert Tabor and were created in 1952. Tabor was a Works Progress Administration (WPA) muralist, and one of his murals still hangs in the lobby of the U.S. Post Office in Independence.

Shain is a retired insurance company executive and previous owner of Lane Insurance Company in Independence, where the paintings were displayed. She chose to relocate the paintings to UNI because she knew they would be cared for while still remaining available to the public.

"These Depression-era artworks are important reminders of Iowa's past," said Roy Behrens, professor of art at UNI. "When I was younger, I saw these almost daily, so I couldn’t be more pleased that Edna has given them to the Rod Library, where they can be both preserved and shared with the public."

A formal reception for Robert Tabor’s paintings titled The Four Seasons will be held Saturday, October 10th from 4-5pm on the 1st floor of the Rod Library. The reception will include the unveiling of the permanent display location for The Four Seasons, the painter’s preliminary watercolor sketches for the paintings, information about the paintings, and a special Thank you to Edna Shain for the donation.  Please join us for light refreshments and a glimpse of the restored paintings on display.

That evening there is a play on campus titled “Independence," which is set in Independence, Iowa. It was written by award-winning New York playwright Lee Blessing, and will take place at 7:30 pm in the Bertha Martin Theatre located in the Strayer-Wood Theatre complex on campus. For more information about this show visit http://www.uni.edu/theatre/swt/shows/current-season/independence.

It promises to be a complimentary pair of events for the Independence community and all Iowans, given the special emphasis on the city and its history.

For more information, contact Angela Pratesi, Fine and Performing Arts Librarian and Assistant Professor  Rod Library, at angela.pratesi@uni.edu.

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