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The Microsoft Surface Hub at Rod Library

Posted 11/03/2015


Rod Library is actively fundraising to purchase a Microsoft Surface Hub, as a key component of the new Learning Commons collaborative workspace.    

Why the Microsoft Surface Hub?

The 55” Microsoft Surface Hub represents a new era in collaboration at Rod Library.   While we have a number of conferencing and collaboration tools (like webcams and shared screens) at Rod Library today, they exist separately and take a bit of know-how and prep time to sync up and activate.

In contrast, the Surface Hub has been designed from the ground up as an intuitive online meeting facilitator.  Specific features include:

Two webcams, mounted on each side of the device, for wide-angle video capture for online meetings (though the integrated Skype for Business software)

A ‘multi-touch’ touchscreen display, geek-speak for allowing multiple users to work on different projects/actions at the same time.

Windows 10 OS, allowing all typical business software (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) to be used on the large screen

Connectivity through Miracast®, which gives even distance users the ability to mark up the screen remotely.

‘Instant start’ capability – no login screen or password required.  And at session’s, end, users just press the “I’m Done” button in the taskbar to reset the device for the next user.

Screen recording capability, with notes e-mailed to attendees at session’s end.

What it means for Rod Library and UNI

Rod Library, through the Learning Commons initiative, has established itself as a primary campus hub for student collaboration, innovation, and creativity.  The Microsoft Surface Hub‘s many features will further expand the Rod’s collaborative capabilities for students, faculty, and staff, no doubt becoming a cornerstone of UNI’s commitment to student growth and success through advanced technology.


The Surface Hub targets the corporate world and business users; by providing this tool to UNI students now, they’ll be well-versed in advanced collaborative tech at graduation –  tools their employers may have already begin using.   So their experience with this technology today makes them better-prepared to contribute to the workforce tomorrow.

As noted by other academic institutions that have already used the prototype Surface Hub:

"The Surface Hub allows professors, students, and professionals to collaborate in new and exciting ways that will reshape how we work, teach, and research in the classroom and around the world."

Harvard Law School

Be part of Rod Library’s crowdfunding campaign to purchase a Surface Hub – make your contribution (large or small!) at https://pawprint.uni.edu/project/1243.    

For more details about the Surface Hub, visit https://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-surface-hub/en-us.


Image from https://news.microsoft.com/?attachment_id=197491 used with permission

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