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April Youth Giveaway Books

We are giving away two sets of books this month. To enter, visit the Youth Collection and fill out an entry slip for each giveaway. (Summaries below were written by Kyrie Borsay, Youth Collection Graduate Assistant.)

Set 1: Ball and Olu's Dream

ball_mary_sullivan.gif Olu's Dream.jpg

Ball by Mary Sullivan
This hysterically funny book follows a series of cartoon images  that involves a dog and his ball. After trying his best to get anyone to play fetch, this pup begins a relentless one-sided game. The pictures speak a thousand words and thank goodness, because the only word in the entirety of the book is Ball! By far the most humorous  children’s book I have read all year.
Olu’s Dream by Shane W. Evans
A playful and poetic story told about bedtimes and dreams. You never know the adventures you may find in your dreams and Olu’s takes us from monster’s to snacks and large whales or outer-space, where Olu is an Olunaut.  When she wakes, she wants to go back to all of her adventures.  

Set 2: Sheep in Wolf's Clothing and The Monsterator

sheep wolf.jpgmonsterator.jpg

The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing by Helen Lester

A sort of Cinderella story about a young sheep named Ewetopia, who doesn’t feel comfortable in her own wool. After many attempts to impress her fellow sheep, she thinks it might be hopeless, but then she shows up at the Woolyones’ Costume Ball dressed as a Wolf. To top it all off she ends up dancing with the most beautiful sheep...but  did he just growl??


The Monsterator by Keith Graves

This book is about a boy named Master Edgar Dreadbury and discovery of the Monsterator. This machine, the Monsterator,  changes people  into monsters. This  is one spooky Halloween adventure that will keep you trembling.

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