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Spotlight on Fine and Performing Arts Collection

Art FlowerThe Fine & Performing Arts Collection has something for everyone.  Come take advantage of the extensive collection of CDs, LPs and DVDs. Enjoy the Rod Library Art Collection, on display throughout the Library, the FPAC's unique art collection focusing on themes and artists connected to UNI, Iowa, and the Upper Midwest. 
Reed Trio





Showcase work with the Fine & Performing Arts Collection.  Visual artists and scholars can display work on the Learning Commons Exhibition Wall. Art students can show pieces in the Modest Modern display case.  Performers can schedule concerts, readings, and shows under Dichotomy. In fact, there are three upcoming concerts: April 7th & 21st at 4pm and noon on April 27th

Teaching Students

The FPAC is a medium-noise area offering specialized resources and equipment.  There are two listening rooms and a listening station with equipment for enjoying media.  The computers have high-quality monitors ideal for viewing digitized art and creating new pieces. The service desk has friendly, knowledgeable staff that can answer your questions, help you find resources, and check out materials from the collection.  If you haven't used the Fine & Performing Arts Collection yet, stop by today and see for yourself everything it has to offer.