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Melissa Curtis is an undergraduate student at UNI and a current library student assistant.  

Why did you choose UNI?

UNI was the right size, campus-wise, for me. I wanted a university education but with a small campus, and UNI gives me that. The campus was beautiful and quite inviting. It's also close, yet far enough away from my hometown which was another big plus for me. 

What inspired you to choose your area of study?

Well, I came to UNI as a Graphic Design major, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t for me. With the help of my Cornerstone professor and Career Services, I learned more about my interests and myself, and the fairly new Interactive Digital Studies (IDS) major came up in the process. The name intrigued me. The more I looked into the major, the more it just felt it was the one for me.

What achievement in your life are you most proud of?

I am proud and grateful to be here, getting an education that my parents never had the opportunity to get after they graduated high school and that there are many people who can't afford college. I know my parents made many sacrifices over the years for me and my many teachers inspired me to always keep learning, discovering new information and skills. This opportunity challenged my beliefs, values, endurance, intellect, and so much more. 

Why should someone consider donating to Rod Library?

Rod Library's main focus is the students and what they need to be successful in their studies, as well as in their time here at UNI. In order to achieve this, Rod Library puts an emphasis on collaboration and group work, and the technological and research tools needed to help. Of course, they have books, but they also have a wide variety of online journals and newspapers. 

How has Rod Library been a part of your experience as a UNI student?

When I first came to UNI, I was extremely blessed to get a job as a student library assistant. Gradually I worked my way up to building monitor and even adding a second job within the library as a public relations student assistant. A huge part of my experience as a UNI student has been in or involved with this library. The staff, faculty and my co-library workers make it a great, fun, and exciting place to work. It's not easy to run a library of this size without all the dedicated staff, faculty, and student workers, all working together to serve the UNI and Cedar Falls/Waterloo communities. I love this library and its many services it has to offer, and I don’t hesitate to tell people of them.

Do you have a message you would like shared with a potential donor?

Rod Library is dedicated to the needs of the students, faculty, administration, and staff of this university. The staff and faculty of this academic library truly care about helping the students in any way they can by providing the utmost customer service. As a potential donor, you would know your hard-earned money is going towards to helping students pursue their dreams and the people in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo community would also benefit.

If you had $1,000 to donate to the Rod Library, what would you like to see that money benefit?

I would donate the money to help with the upkeep and buy technology and software that students need most. As someone who frequents the library to use the Adobe products because I can't afford the monthly subscription, I know that there are other students are who do the same and I want to give those students the same opportunity I was given, sort of as a "pass it forward" to future generations of UNI students.

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