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Cedar Falls Authors Festival

UNI Museum has collaborated with the Cedar Falls Authors Festival Committee to create a display at the Cedar Falls Public Library to kick off a yearlong celebration of Cedar Falls authors.

Cedar Falls Authors Festival

Cedar Falls has produced five nationally-known and best-selling authors; Bess Streeter Aldrich, Ruth Suckow, James Hearst, Nancy Price, and James Waller. With the exception of Aldrich, all taught at the University of Northern Iowa and many were students on the UNI campus.

This year a group of interested citizens has organized a year of events to celebrate Cedar Falls’ literary heritage and create awareness of these, and other local writers, works, and publications. This event is being titled, “The Cedar Falls Author's Festival”.

The purpose of this festival is to:

  • Inspire young and old through the knowledge that Cedar Falls has produced writers from pioneer era to today. 
  • Convey that writing is a valuable and rewarding form of expression that members of the Cedar Falls community regularly engage in.
  • Enhance civic pride and our sense of community identity by recognizing that Cedar Falls can boast of five nationally known, best-selling writers.
  • Celebrate all of our Cedar Falls authors, past and present, by creating a Directory of Cedar Falls Authors online. 

Events will run from May 2017 through May 2018. Visit www.cfauthorsfestival.org for more information on our authors and events. 

Some additional information:

In addition to these five authors, the UNI Museum also has items in its collection related to Herb Hake which include recordings of his broadcasts, drawing, and books. The UNI Museum's next exhibit will focus on the life and works of Herb Hake.  

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