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Expanded Assistive Technology


You can use technology at Rod Library to…

Enlarge images on your computer screen. View Web pages in different colors. Hear computer screen text spoken aloud.

 Assistive Technology Area

Rod Library has expanded the assistive technologies available to you.  We now have an Assistive Technology Study Room (LIB 315) that offers a quieter space alternative to the Assistive Technology Area on the main floor.  We have also added additional assistive technology software and equipment available for your use. 

If you have questions or need assistance stop by the Library Services Desk or call 273-2838.


New Assistive Technology:


Assistive Technology Study Room 315Assistive Technology Study Room

Study room 315 is outfitted with a networked desktop computer, ZoomText Screen Magnifier/Reader with Speech, ZoomText keyboard, Transformer HD CCTV, 55” monitor, and a Webcam on a motorized, height-adjustable table. The room is available for walk-in use; those with a reservation have priority. (Reserve through RodScheduler [https://web.library.uni.edu/gateway/scheduler/Web/view-schedule.php?=&sfw=1]; room policies are stated on the RodScheduler room description).

3M Joystick Ergonomic mouse and Evoluent Ergonomic mouse 

These are available for in-Library checkout at the Library Services Desk.

ZoomText: Screen Magnifier ZoomText: Screen Magnifier 

Computer screen magnification and screen color customization software so that the Internet and other computer images may be viewed and accessed more easily. Available on all Rod Library computers.


This new technology joins our existing Assistive Technology: 


Assistive Technology Scanner


JAWS for WindowsJAWS for Windows

The JAWS screen reader reads aloud the computer screen and enables users to use keystroke commands to navigate and access Web pages and all screen content.Available on all Rod Library computers. The dedicated JAWS workstation in the second floor Assistive Technology Area is configured so that JAWS will automatically launch once the user logs onto this workstation.

 Merlin CCTV Merlin CCTV  

A camera system that magnifies text and other visual material for viewing on the monitor. Merlin CCTV is available on the second floor Assistive Technology Area.

Open Book: Text-to-Speech Scanner and Reader OpenBook Text-to-Speech Scanner and Reader

Scans and vocalizes written text. Includes low vision options for customizing document appearance on the screen. Available in the Assistive Technology Area.

Read & Write Gold 12: Literacy Support Software Read & Write Gold 12: Literacy Support Software 

The Read & Write Gold toolbar provides word prediction, advanced spell checking, and dictionary functions for use with programs such as Microsoft Word. Available on all Rod Library computers.

Zoom ZoomText: Screen Magnifier/Reader with Speech

Enables users to view their computer screen with enlarged text and/or customized colors and to hear the computer screen text read aloud. A set of headphones is attached so you may then listen to the audio output. The ZoomText workstation is also equipped with trackball and joystick mouses. Available in the Learning Commons and in Assistive Technology Study Room 315.

Individuals may inquire at the Library Services Desk or call 273-2838.

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