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Rod Library has recently created a new tagline that serves as a reminder of our commitment to students at UNI. The tagline represents three main areas Rod Library values.


With a collection of 1.2 million volumes, a wide array of online databases, electronic journals, and books, as well as unique research collections and experiences including Special Collections, University Archives, and UNI Museum, there is no limit to what you can discover at Rod Library.Librarian Chris Neuhaus

Chris Neuhaus, interim head, learning and outreach

"Discover all the powerful information that can’t be found using Google, Bing, and Facebook. Your favorite web browser only finds a tiny fraction of the world’s information. Rod Library finds much more and gives you direct access to high-quality information that search engines can’t. Impress your professors, go beyond Google, and start enjoying the Rod Library advantage”


With the unfathomable breadth of knowledge and opportunities that Rod Library offers, it is essential that students receive assistance from library faculty and staff to connect them to the resources that will best suit them. Librarians work closely with campus faculty to ensure that UNI students graduate with the skills they need to find, use, and evaluate information and be informed, critical thinkers and lifelong learners. Rod Library assists students in person, on the phone, and via chat through the new Library Services desk. Additionally, each major on campus has a liaison librarian to help students connect to resources relevant to their specific major and individual interests.

Kelly Fischer, UNI graduate student, clinical mental health counseling

"As a first-generation, non-traditional graduate student, being back in school Graduate student, Kelly Fischer(plus parenting and working) is both thrilling and incredibly hard work! Finding research and writing formal papers is brand new to me, but thanks to the Rod Library staff I am becoming much more confident in my studies. Angela Cox taught me how to use the Rod Library online search functions to more easily find relevant research articles. Anne Marie Gruber helped me when I was in a near panic unable to find specific items for an upcoming assignment, and showed me how to search reference items. I have saved so much time doing homework now that I can find what I need!  And if you have not taken a tour in Special Collections - do it! Take a brain break, make some new friends, and ask them to show you their favorite items. I totally geeked out getting to see a cuneiform clay tablet from 2500BC! Best of all, everyone at Rod Library has been incredibly patient, helpful, and kind - both online and in person.  There’s no such thing as a dumb question. So even if research isn’t your thing, or you’re freaking out about how to find sources for your next paper - just do one small thing - and reach out to the friendly folks at Rod Library.”


Underlying all of the work that Rod Library does is the desire to support student success. Through providing an extensive amount of resources and research help, top-of-the-line materials for students to use, and learning spaces for all, Rod Library works to make sure that every UNI student can achieve success with help from Rod Library.

Chris Cox, dean of library services

Dean Chris Cox"Rod Library is dedicated to student success. We pride ourselves in working with campus faculty and other University support services to steward students through every part of their research process, from interpreting the assignment, providing access to information resources, providing assistance in the interpretation of those information resources and integrating them, to providing technology and spaces to prepare the final product and share it with the world. Rod Library is also beginning to measure our impact on student success to both improve our services and also share the story of how what we do and provide encourages better grades, higher retention, and greater success in the workplace. In doing so our work is more directly intertwined with that of the University and the achievement of its overarching strategic goal."

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