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Technology Updates: You Asked, We Listened

Have you ever wondered what your Student Technology Fee is used for? Just look around you! This semester, Rod Library has used funds from the Student Technology Fee to purchase and implement new technology around the library at the request of students. The insight students provided to Rod Library by giving feedback on easels throughout the Learning Commons was used to inform the purchases made by library staff. As a result, we were able to provide students with the technology most desired.Student using a Microsoft Surface Studio

What's New

In response to the high demand for use of the Microsoft Surface Studio, Rod Library purchased three more Microsoft Surface Studios for student use. These are now located around the southeast corner of the Digital Media Hub. Now four students at a time will be able to let their creative juices flow on these highly interactive devices.

New interactive wireless computer on a wheeled cartA 55-inch interactive computer has been added. The interactive computer is wireless and is attached to a wheeled cart, so it is able to be moved throughout the Learning Commons. This piece of technology will be a great addition for students who need to work collaboratively with others on research or group projects.

Another request submitted by students was to have additional computer workstations and options for dual-monitor computers. Students will now have access to more computer workstations in the Learning Commons as well as single and dual-screen workstations located in the corners of the fourth floor. Now students can have the option for single or dual-screen computer workstations in either a social or silent study environment.

New chargers for the booths in the Digital Media Hub

Finally, one improvement widely requested by students was for additional outlets and chargers. As a result, plug-in stations and cell phone charging stations on the booths along the north wall have been updated. These charging stations accommodate normal plug-ins and also have chords with an iPhone charger, USB charger, USB-C charger, and micro-USB charger. Two additional USB plugs are on the device as well. In the future, more of these charging stations will be added in other locations around the library. Portable cell phone charges and Dell laptop chargers will also soon become available for students to check out.

Looking to the Future

Recently, 15 new laptops have been purchased. In the future, these laptops will be used to pilot long-term laptop checkouts from the library. Students will be able to check laptops out for use outside of the library and for longer than the standard three hour period. Laptop bags will also be purchased for students to transport these laptops.

Additionally, two new printers were purchased to update old machines on the second floor. These printers will allow students to continue to print in high-quality for no charge at Rod Library for years to come.

As the semester goes on, Rod Library will continue to work on improvements with the help of Student Technology Fee funds. Thank you for all of your valuable feedback, and stay tuned to see how Rod Library ensures students’ success!

If you have more suggestions for improvements at Rod Library, feel free to send us your feedback through this online form.

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