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The Results are in: Students Love Rod Library!

Posted 02/28/2018



In November, Rod Library conducted a survey of students to measure the impact that the library has on their experience and success as a student at UNI. The results are in, and they show that students are gaining a great deal from their experiences at Rod Library!

Out of 218 student respondents, 76.03% rated Rod Library as extremely important or very important to their ongoing success as a student. Additionally, over 50% of respondents rated several services as extremely important to their success as a student. These services include individual assistance at the Library Services desk, computer, printer, scanner, wireless, and laptop services, access to online research materials, group study space, individual or quiet study space, and interlibrary loan.

Students were also asked to provide short descriptions of how Rod Library has contributed to their success as a student.

Four main themes arose from this question:

  • Quiet study space
  • Digital and print resources as well as research assistance
  • Technology access, especially computers and printers
  • Place to meet and work productively on group projects

Here are a few student responses that show how Rod Library is contributing to student success at UNI:

"It has provided me assistance in research with the online database as well as personal assistance when looking for a credible source.”

"It provides a quiet atmosphere on campus to study and has helped me increase my grades on research through interlibrary loan, research consulting with a librarian, and through using the double screen computers within the library.”

"It’s given me time and space for me to work in quiet, something I can’t really do anywhere else on campus.”

"The library’s vast collection of books and quiet spaces have helped me immensely when writing important research essays for class.”

"I wouldn’t be passing my classes without the additional resources provided by the library.”

"It gives me quick access to a printer and becomes a default space to work when I’m in a group assignment. It also has SO MANY resources for projects and papers that I can find.”

"I have used the library as a primary study location while living on campus and have valued their resources related to research and printing.”

"[It has] provided a quiet study space for the last 3 years. Without this, I would not be where I am now scholastically. There is something about going to the library to just get yourself focused and ready to study.”

To learn more about the survey results, check out the infographic below!

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