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Where are They Now: Myle Duong

Posted 04/30/2018


Rod Library has so many fantastic student workers each academic year. As this year’s graduates prepare to leave UNI and move onto their next step in life, we wanted to check in with one of our former student employees and see where she has gone in the year after her graduation.Myle holding a sloth

Myle Duong graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 2017 with a degree in global marketing. She is currently employed with Davenport Parks and Recreation where she works as a marketing coordinator and Learn to Skate coordinator. She also works for the Davenport Public Libraries as a reference librarian. In addition to her work, she has recently traveled South Korea to see the Olympics as well as Taiwan and France. In the fall she will be starting an online masters program to pursue a Masters in International Higher Education. Here is what Myle had to say about how working at Rod Library made an impact on her college experience and professional life after graduation.

What department did you work for while employed at Rod Library?

"During my time at UNI, I worked at the Library Services Desk as a building monitor. I also held a spot on the student technology fees committee for one year and the public relations committee for a year.”

How long did you work for the library?

"My entire time as an undergrad student, 4 years!”

What skills did you learn during your time as a student employee of Rod Library? Do you use any of them in your current profession?

"From working at the Rod, I learned how to better manage and oversee a group as well as working with patrons to assist them to the best of my abilities. Because I often worked night shifts and was the person of contact for any issues that arise, this gave me more experience with thinking quickly and knowing how to handle special situation. These are skills that I absolutely use every day with my current jobs.”

How was Rod Library a resource for you as you prepared to graduate and search for jobs?

"The best thing about the Rod are the versatile resources they provide. It seems like anything I could possibly need to study or complete a project was available for checkout at the Rod. The librarians are also extremely helpful with research questions. For me personally, I created connections with my supervisors who played a large role in writing positive recommendations for me during my job hunt.”

What did you enjoy most about working at the library?Myle standing in front of the arc de triumph in Paris, France

"Definitely the people! The Rod definitely knows how to hire fantastic students. I was grateful to create amazing friendships with students from all over campus that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. Even though I’ve graduated, I still stay in contact with several people I worked with at the library. Rarely did I ever dread coming to work. I also enjoyed the flexible work schedule and easy access to resources since I was there all the time.”

Do you feel that your experience working at Rod Library helped to better prepare you for your life after college?

"Yes, especially with my position in the library. There is a lot of overlap between the two jobs so it was easier for me to pick up certain tasks related to my new position.”

Which programs, services, or resources that Rod Library offers do you recommend students to utilize?

"I always loved the programs that the Rod hosted, whether it be PetPals during finals week, professional headshots, or RodCon. They care about the students’ scholarly progress as well as their mental well-being. I also thought that the collection of books was abundant, and I could normally find at least one textbook or resource I needed for class. I’ve heard there is a new platform now that helps students gain more access to textbooks, which I think is great!”

Thanks for all you do for library services, Myle. We wish you all the best in your life after UNI!

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