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Exciting Additions to Rod Library's Services

Rod Library is always looking for ways to increase student success.  We’ve always provided collections that support students’ academic work. We have comfortable, collaborative, technology-enhanced workspaces. We continue to build unique collections in a variety of formats. And, of course, we provide reference services, answering research questions and connecting students to all types of information. But we also know that students need more than just research help, so we look to campus partners to enhance the services we offer to students.

Building on an ongoing collaboration with Undergraduate Studies and the academic support services associated with the Academic Learning Center (Writing Center, Reading and Learning Center, Math and Sciences Services, Course-Embedded Peer Support), Rod Library is excited to welcome a new partner to the Learning Commons on the main floor of the library: The Learning Center @ Rod Library.

The Learning Center @ Rod Library will provide students a starting point for many of their academic needs. Whether students are looking for a tutor, help with citations and editing papers, or tips on time management and study skills, they will be able to get all of that academic help in a single visit to Rod Library. So remember: whatever it is that you need to excel in college, stop by The Learning Center @ Rod Library for a little academic TLC!

For more information about The Learning Center @ Rod Library, take a look at the handout below.

The Learning Center @ Rod Library Handout

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