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UNI Museum and Department of Art explore Cultural Understanding

Posted 08/30/2018


Thanks to the UNI Museum, two faculty members from the Department of Art have curated an exhibit highlighting certain objects and their cultural significance. Assistant Professor of Art Noah Doely and Instructor of Art Angela Waseskuk had this to say about their exhibit and their work with the UNI Museum:

"Cultural understanding is embedded in objects created and collected. Through intimate interactions with the physical world we weave facts and fictions about trajectories of life on earth, often in search of larger meaning and purpose. When able to physically hold an object and drag fingertips over the smoothness of glass, feel the warmth of wood in our palm or the rhythm of paper slipping past the thumb, a person is able to hold histories known and unknown, and insignificant moments that can never be reached or described are recognized, without name, and somehow made familiar through focused examination. The power of imagined touch should also not be underestimated.

The things people collect and the way they are valued, organized or discarded speaks to our humanity in rich and curious ways. Through this exhibition we brought together objects, natural and human-made, ranging from the very banal to the universally extraordinary, and they all hold their own stories. Many of these stories we will never know, however, by bringing them out of the collection rooms and placing them in unconventional pairs, we hope to help others see, appreciate, and consider these objects in new ways. These pairs read top to bottom in the cases, however, the viewer is encouraged to draw their own pairings and interpretations from the entire collection presented here. The nature of this curation is intuitive and collaborative.

Being afforded the opportunity to sift through and explore the UNI Museum’s collection this summer was a privilege and extremely inspiring for two people who are moved continuously by human innovation and the methods used to attempt to understand a beautifully confounding world."

This exhibit is in the hallway cases of Kamerick Art Building and will be on display until September 22nd.

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