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UNI ScholarWorks Reaches Over 400,000 Downloads

UNI ScholarWorks, UNI's Institutional Repository reaches a milestone of 12,428 works with over 400,000 downloads.

UNI ScholarWorks highlights UNI faculty, staff, and student success by collecting, preserving, and making digital research and scholarly output more accessible. The repository contains articles, journals, image galleries, theses, dissertations, conferences, and much more. 


Items can now be discovered and viewed all over the world right from a Google search! Institutional repositories provide access, visibility, stability, flexibility, and long-term preservation of content.

Student Work Highlighted

The repository showcases student work on a global scale. Graduate student work is found in the Electronic Theses and Dissertations and Graduate Research Papers collections. Undergraduate student work is found in the Honors Program Theses and Research in the Capitol Collections, which are part of the larger Digital Commons Undergraduate Research Commons. Collections of student work from course assignments include the Environmental Literature Project, Moving Words: A Service-learning Project, Running Past the Trees Project, S.T.O.R.I.E. Time, and Mastodon Tusk Analysis Project.

Open Educational Resources

UNI's Open Educational Resources collection is a part of the larger Digital Commons Teaching Commons.


Faculty and Staff

More records have been created and made visible in the Expert Gallery and Profiles feature. The SelectedWorks profiles showcase your entire body of work, including before and after your time at Northern Iowa. Any member of the Northern Iowa faculty or staff may have a SelectedWorks profile.

Other Collections

                                                                   Iowa Research Commons Logo

UNI Scholarworks is part of the Iowa Research Commons portal which is a shared repository of the three Iowa public universities, University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and the University of Northern Iowa. Visitors to the site can search the contents of all three institutions at the same time by using the search box. Content gathered to joint collections on the site highlight theses/dissertations, undergraduate research, and journals of Iowa's three public universities.

For assistance in using the UNI ScholarWorks services or to learn more about the project please content: 

Ellen Neuhaus, Digital Scholarship Librarian, at ellen.neuhaus@uni.edu or (319) 273-3739

William Maravetz, Digital Scholarship Library Assistant III, at william.maravetz@uni.edu or (319) 279-2965

To learn more about Rod Library's Digital Scholarship Services, go to the DDS website.

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