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Meet Your Library Ambassadors: Libby and Mustafa

If you are not familiar with our Library Ambassadors program here at Rod Library, this is your chance to meet the students that volunteer to represent Rod Library to current and prospective students at UNI.

Library Ambassadors volunteer at events held within Rod Library and promote library resources to current and prospective students at browsing fairs and other university-related events across campus. These Library Ambassadors play an important part in helping students get the most out of Rod Library's many resources, and we can't wait to introduce them to you. This week, we would like to introduce you to Libby Smith and Mustafa Akbar.

Libby Smith

Libby is a senior elementary education major. This is her first semester as a Library Ambassador, and she has really enjoyed having the opportunity to talk to other students and share what she has found beneficial about the library's resources. Her most memorable moment so far is when she volunteered to run games at Bash in the Stacks at the beginning of the semester.

When asked about why she believes the Library Ambassadors play an important role, Libby said, "I think it's so important that prospective students see what Rod Library offers, because, in my opinion, I think our library is so unique in what we have. One thing that really drew me in when I first came was the collaborative main floor. I like that it's not a silent library, but that option is offered. I think it's important that anyone who comes to Rod Library sees the resources and benefits offered because it is always expanding to give students and the community the maximum benefit."

Julie Ann Beddow, the leader of the Library Ambassadors program, greatly enjoys having Libby as an ambassador. "Libby can talk with anyone at any time. She is a real communicator and listener and is instinctual when sharing information with others. When she was selected to be a Library Ambassador, she shared the love of Rod Library and her excitement to let other people know about the services. Libby focuses on service, sharing, and instruction through dialogue and activity. She is a total asset to the program."

Mustafa Akbar

Mustafa is a junior finance major and is in his second year of service as a Library Ambassador. One of the aspects of the role of Library Ambassador that Mustafa finds particularly important is collecting feedback from visitors to the library in order to make improvements that better serve all patrons.

Mustafa is an avid library user for many reasons. He says, "I like using the library because I know it is a trusted source, and it has a lot of great tools to help me succeed. It offers a wide array of academic material that I know is trustworthy and of academic quality." In particular, Mustafa has enjoyed being able to have access to online databases through Rod Library, especially Kanopy, which offers documentaries and international movies.

According to Julie Ann, "Mustafa is an exceptional student with a passion for knowledge. He builds ideas now for a better future. As a Library Ambassador and a student, he encourages people to use Rod Library with genuine enthusiasm. Sometimes I think he knows more about the library than I do! I've learned to expect questions and recommendations from him on ways to improve library services. He is a true ambassador."

Thank you to these two Library Ambassadors for all they do for Rod Library. Stay tuned to meet more of our awesome Library Ambassadors!

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