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Meet Your Library Ambassadors: Sasha and Hannah


As the end of the semester quickly approaches, we would like to feature two of our senior Library Ambassadors. Sasha and Hannah both do fantastic work for Rod Library through volunteering at library events and using their influence as students to represent Rod Library to current and prospective students at UNI. Read on to find out more about Sasha and Hannah’s Library Ambassador experiences.

Sasha Mahara

Sasha is a senior Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies double major and will be graduating this December. This is her first semester as a Library Ambassador, and she has greatly enjoyed volunteering at Rod Library because of its essential role at UNI and in the lives of college students. She hopes to make students feel comfortable using Rod Library if they decide to attend UNI.

When asked about the role Rod Library has played in her own experience at UNI, Sasha said, “Rod Library has been a very integral part of my academic journey at UNI. I have been a frequent visitor and have used their awesome services and help for a lot of my courses. It has helped me from printing off my class slides to linking me with a research librarian for a paper for one of my classes. Rod Library has helped me in the path for graduation, as it motivates me to achieve my academic goals.”

One tip that Sasha has for other students is to make use of Rod Library’s Keurig on the 1st floor. She says, “I love drinking coffee, but sometimes it can get expensive. Now I buy my own K-cups and brew them on the 1st floor of the library and save a lot of money!”

Sasha will be greatly missed after graduation in December. Julie Ann Bedow, the program leader, says, “Sasha is truly a stand-out person who impresses everyone she meets. She is motivated by a desire to put herself in other people’s shoes and view the issue from a new perspective. Sasha offers the unique aspect of the international student’s viewpoint for Rod Library. It is a pleasure to have shared a semester with her, and I know she will advance in her future.”

Hannah Gregor

Hannah Gregor is also a senior and will be graduating in May. She is majoring in political communications and minoring in religious studies and sexuality, women, and gender studies. Hannah has volunteered as a Library Ambassador for two years. Her favorite experience as a Library Ambassador was when she got the opportunity to attend UNI Day at the state capitol to advocate for Rod Library by talking to state representatives about all of the work that library staff is doing for students.

Hannah decided to become a Library Ambassador because of the wonderful experience she has had as a Rod Library employee. She says, “I have worked at the library for three years, and I really love all the work that the staff does for students. I joined because I want to help spread the message to students that the library is a vital resource for them to use for their success. Libraries have a stereotype of being a place full of books, and that’s it. I think it’s important that students and community members know that Rod Library has so many different and valuable resources for them to use that they probably don’t even know we have.”

In addition to the impact that Hannah has made on Rod Library, her experience as a Library Ambassador has also helped her gain some valuable skills. She says, “As a Library Ambassador, I have learned skills in strategic marketing through our work in promoting library services and events. I am hoping to go into nonprofit work, and I believe these skills will help me market the services of the agencies I work for.”

When asked about Hannah’s time as a Library Ambassador, Julie Ann said, “Hannah is one of the initial students selected for the program and plays a huge role in the leadership of the library’s services. She listens intently to discussions and surmises a response that is proactive to a result. Her enthusiasm for Rod Library demonstrates her genuine dedication for sharing the principles of academic library service. She is inspiring!”

Thank you to our senior Library Ambassadors. We appreciate all you do for Rod Library! Stay tuned to meet even more of our awesome Library Ambassadors.

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